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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cap, Leading Edge 4052102-21
Cap, Leading Edge 4052102-22
Link Assy, Male End 47-267-142-1
Link Assy, Female En 47-267-143-1
Support, Carburetor 47-706-063-3
Rod Assy, Flight Con 47-724-149-3
Bracket Assembly, Lateral S14-40-1038
Arm Assembly, Servo Pivot S14-40-1049
Shaft, Emergency Ser S14-40-1052
Tube Assembly, Flight S14-40-8353
Stabilizer, Horizontal S14-40-8370
Cap And Adapter Ass FV400-4
Pin, Alighting Gear 95047
Rib Assy, Left Wing 10653
Block, Aileron Hinge 10921-00
Cover Assy, Drag Bra 11034
Tube Assy, Complete 11987-25
Fitting Assy, Landin 12184-2
Tank Assy, Fuel 168-48002-1
Fitting Assy, Landin 12184-3
Ring, Tail Gear Box S535133
Window Panel, Aircraft 12254
Window Assy, Sliding 12255
Door Assy, Enclosure 12256-10
Cover Assy, Seat Bot 12286
Cover Assy, Seat Bac 12287
Cover Assy, Seat Fro 12290
Half Ring, Clamping, 764878-1
Half Ring, Clamping 764878-2
Disconnect Terminal, Wing Tip Tan 272B3080421-10
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 32-19427-25
Clip, Door Landing Gear 53-42002-48
Gusset, Rib Assembly 32-18520-6
Angle, Left End Flap 32-19435-49
Arm Assembly 272B6061130
Link Assembly 272B6061172
Boot Assembly, Control Column 272S2000336-009
Adapter, Gun Jacks 53D150334-5
Fitting Assy, Jacks 53D150334-9
Block, Gun Jacks 53D150334-11
Ball, Gun Jacks 53D150334-13
Door, Aircraft 53G970558-13
Door, Aircraft 53G970558-14
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53G970564-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 32-32048-771
Gusset, Web Assembly 32-32048-799
Stiffener 32-32151-22
Fitting, Bulkhead 32-321582-15
Fitting, Bulkhead 32-321582-5
Fitting, Floor 32-321587-3
Fitting, Floor 32-321587-4
Skin, Closure Flap 53-11043-5
Rib Assy, Canted 53-11055-306
Plate, Leading Edge 53-11073-3
Radome 2A790-141
Flap, Wing Landing A51B52003-407
Flap, Wing Landing A51B52003-408
Parts Kit, Fitting, Pylon, Rear, Out 4U00014-102A
Support, Switch Mechanism, Landing 7-40756-3
Shield Assembly, Glare Center 53G60251-41
Stop, Wing Flap 32-15111-3
Stop, Wing Flap 32-15111-4
Gusset, Rib Assembly 32-18520-5
Former, Aircraft 32-32080-121
Rib, Airfoil 32-18507-11
Block, Center Fuselage HT1040-193
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 32-33267-7
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53G970833-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53G970833-4
Bell Crank 53-650034-4
Reflector Assembly, Directional 90-7924-2
Reflector Assembly, Directional 90-7924-3
Reflector Assembly, Directional 7225553-05
Former, Aircraft 5-85655-15
Sleeve, Plug S6157-80201-30
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 340033-3L
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 340033-3R
Support, Canopy Control 68A810800-2005
Handle, Canopy 68A810801-2003
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4WM1279-2
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3P30302-101
Support, Structural Component, Air 68A323152-2009
Support, Structural Component, Air 68A323151-2003
Support, Structural Component, Air 68A323151-2001
Strap, Auxiliary Flo S6182-80303-22
Rod Assy 32-46006-23
Retainer, Drain 32-32210-5
Support Assy, Shelf 32-87160-302
Bracket, Connector 32-87384-3
Fitting, Jury Strut 53-310067-5
Fitting Assy, Door 53-310200-1
Stiffener 53G970786-17
Fitting, Pad Support 53G970889-7
Support, Structural Component, Air 12B2814-11
Flange, Attachment, Molded Tank FCB25020
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 354387-169
Block, Door 123BM10620-519
Former, Aircraft 35-10701-122
Former, Aircraft 35-10701-124
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 35-10701-2024

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