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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Curtain Assembly 9015023-4
Bushing Assembly 9015150-3
Bracket 903117
Hose Assembly 903626-7
Panel Assembly 905005-1
Tank Assembly 905405-87
Leading Edge, Aircraft 8-14228
Seal Assembly, Stabilizer 9-60459-17
Flap Hinge, Cove Lip 5-96356-141
Flap Hinge, Cove Lip 5-96356-142
Flap Hinge, Cove Lip 5-96356-143
Flap Hinge, Cove Lip 5-96356-144
Seal Assembly, Lower Fairing 50-2628-42
Valve Support, Outboard Spoiler 50-6293-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 50-6293-2
Ring, Air Conditioning 63-1129
Fitting, Universal, Tube End 66-1471
Retainer, Seal, Access Door 90-8827-1
Cover, Fuel Tank Vent 90-8849
Plate, Mounting Controls ARC0035-17
Blanket, Tailcone Insulation 53-21219-19
Latch Assembly, Aircraft 170-74083
Band, Wear, Exhaust Manifold 8B615011-3
Band, Wear, Exhaust Manifold 8B615011-5
Band, Wear, Exhaust Manifold 8B615011-7
Band, Wear, Exhaust Manifold 8B615012-3
Sleeve, Exhaust Manifold 8B615013-3
Sleeve, Exhaust Manifold 8B615013-5
Collar, Exhaust Manifold 8B615014-3
Lever Assembly, Pulley Control S1630-80802
Canopy Assembly CV21-490022-2
Insulation, Flap, Training Edge 27-22592-15
Insulation, Flap, Trailing Edge 32-18555-16
Fitting, Seal Suppor 32-11551-24
Skin, Aircraft 32-21117-10
Skin, Aircraft 32-21117-9
Wire Bundle Assembl 32-75030F236
Parts Kit, Gear Box S6107-35208-006
Parts Kit, Gear Box S6107-35209-8
Skin, Elevator, Taper 5547903-503
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-31217-89
Fitting, Lower Male 32-30070-12
Parts Kit, Gear Box S6107-35208-005
Part Kit, Gear Box S6107-35209-007
Pulley, Horizontal S AM4B
Cone Assy 89B10293-5
Fairing Assy 22224
Door Assy 22286
Fitting 32814
Fuselage, Aft Sectio 32821
Panel Assy 32835-3
Panel Assy 32835-4
Aileron Assy 32836-1
Aileron Assy 32836-2
Pod Assy, Reflector 32902-1
Pod Assy, Reflector 32902-2
Tank Assy 37765
Adapter, Drop Tank 275-02-1
Support Assembly, Aileron Mechani 2-74153-2
Support, Aileron Mechanism 2-74190-1
Shield, Oil, Gearbox 3-51203-1
Adapter, Lightning Diverter 265-313116
Skin, Aircraft 66J39841-1
Strike, Locking Hook 8-10665-2
Strike, Locking Hook 8-10665-1
Lever, Control, Manual 8-10682-1
Lever, Control, Manual 8-10682-2
Hook, Locking, Photoreconnaissance 8-10685-1
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 8-10695-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-18797-501
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-18188-504
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-10868-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-10868-508
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft 189-470003
Counterweight Assembly 377084-1
Hanger, Tank 272-7054228
Pin, Aligning, Radome 53-310264-3
Support, Tubing HT1040-207
Support, Tubing HT1040-213
Insulation, Fuel Cell Floor 32-321612-1
Insulation, Fuel Cell Floor 32-321612-13
Insulation, Fuel Cell Floor 32-321612-3
Fitting FCC20074
Bearing Assembly 113X27R
Hinge, Leading Edge 14-27209-5
Hinge, Leading Edge 14-27209-6
Hinge, Support, Canopy 4111363-1
Fairing, Aircraft 12F1027-57
Seal, Stabilizer, Body 9-60459-16
Seal Assy, Stabilize 9-60459-18
Seal Assembly, Lower Fairing 50-2628-41
Bracket And Bearing 272-4762060
Strip, Diverter 3K10000-125
Duct 272E3073087
Clampblock Assembly, Fuel Line 3P16019-101
Zee, Panel Walkway 3F31944-101
Cover Assembly, Oxygen System 3H30169-103
Support, Structural Component, Air 3F10327-103
Hose Assy, Gear Case 205624-2
Cover, Parachute Extraction Winch 3F32104-101

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