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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Table Top Assembly 338889-3
Seal, Corner Surge Box 340331-41L
Seal, Corner Surge Box 340331-41R
Seal, Corner Surge Box 340331-42L
Seal, Corner Surge Box 340331-42R
Seal, Corner Surge Box 340332-10R
Retainer, Wing Air Duct 353856-4
Floor Assy, Ramp Pla 354104-3L
Cover, Fin Attaching Rib 356814-1L
Cover, Fin Attaching Rib 356814-1R
Flange, Rudder Servo 768213-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 768572-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 768573-1
Piston, Spring 768806-1
Cylinder, Spring, Door Mechanism 768805-1
Blanket, Insulation 12-22131-9
Screw, Latch Locking 727103-1
Ring, Latch 727196-1
Cover, Housing, Ammo Booster 764380
Shaft, E, Ternal Hand 765552-1
Sear, Ratchet Lever 766542-1
Fitting, Rescue Hoist S14-05-5023-7
Fitting, Rescue Hoist S14-05-5023-3
Support Assembly, Rescue Hoist S14-05-5024-2
Brace Assembly, Rescue Hook S14-05-5026-1
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 60856-7
Spacer, Hinge Bearing 3-95951
Spacer, Hinge Bearing 3-95951-1
Spacer, Hinge Bearing 3-95951-2
Spacer, Hinge Bearing 3-95951-3
Tube, Swivel, Air Duct AT1170
Spacer Assembly 764452-1
Truss Assy, Left Han 89WM1362-9
Door Assy, Escape 96B1175-5
Hatch Assy And Inst 117B10152-1
Panel, Plastic 89F1459-15
Seal Assembly, Vapor Fill Valve 39-3134-1
Seal Assembly, Vapor Fill Valve 39-3134-2
Bracket Assy, Wheel Door 39-3255-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 8-7036-18
Yoke, Drag Chute Ri 37F17495-11
Hinge Assy, Automati 30F85514-1
Quadrant And Horn A SP007026-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air SK38-22027-11
Seal, Surge Box 340332-9L
Seal, Surge Box 340332-9R
Seal, Surge Box 340332-11L
Seal, Surge Box 340332-11R
Bracket, Toilet Platform Roller 340438-3
Bracket, Toilet Platform Roller 340438-4
Bracket Assy, Panel 340447-22
Support, Structural Component, Air 357640-2
Panel Assembly, Fuselage 357640-3
Guard, Engine Starter Switch 358221-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 359083-1
Seal, Toilet Vent Line 359960-1
Panel, Flight Station 342733-12
Retainer, Flap Drive 6-73136-1
Ring Assembly, Air Collector, Alte 5-96148-21
Pedal Assembly 0660150-4
Wheel And Sprocket 0660327
Wheel Assy, Trim Tab 0660329
Bar Assembly, Rudder Pedal 1060160-2
Flap, Wing Landing 0625100-16
Stabilizer Assy, Hor 0632000-20
Leading Edge, Aircraft 0632128-3
Leading Edge, Stabil 0632128-4
Pedal Assembly 0660150-3
Wing Structure Assy 0620007-110
Frame, Wing 0620008-110
Flap Assy, Wing 0625100-15
Support Assy, Instru 0613124
Tailcone Assembly, Fuselage 0612300-10
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 0610450
Fuselage Section 0611001-10
Tube Assembly, Throttle 0611190
Panel Assy, Upholste 0610050-90
Window Panel, Aircraft 0610379
Pedal Assembly, Tail 47-722-215-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 9-39140-22
Leading Edge, Aircraft 25-3022-3
Insert, Inspection Fitting 23004
Rod, Ramp Support 355995-1
Rod, Ramp Support 355996-2
Arm, Actuator, Door Lock 364163-1
Driver Assy, Handle 765555-1
Latch Assy, Door 768307-1
Link, Door Mechanism 768570-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 765729-2
Guard, Drag Chute Quadrant 766944-1
Block, Armament Door 768336-1
Web Assy, Fuel Tank 770870-1
Blanket Assy, Insula 652344-11
Blanket Assy, Insula 652344-3
Hinge, Aircraft 768250-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 356673-4
Cover, Access, Aircraft 356673-5
Adapter Assembly, Duct 356742-1
Fitting, Cable Tension Regulator 357048-1
Sleeve, Control Guard Pin 357084-1

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