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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Seal, Compartment Cover 751105-1
Arm, Poppet FV511
Radome 582R756H01
Window Panel, Aircraft 8B384201-5
Pole Assembly 8B771137-191
Cap, Beam, Floor 8B311102-157
Manifold, Heater Inlet 8B783092-181
Support, Structural Component, Air 78-161708-5
Fitting Assy, Handle CV15-490572-2
Walking Beam Assy CV15-508107-6
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft CV15-505070-4
Flap Assy, Right Han 5442516-20
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft CV15-505073-2
Socket Assy, Catapul CV15-664043-5
Support, Structural Component, Air 160D611621-3
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 8-00541-63
End, Honeycomb Panel 6-74852-2
End, Honeycomb Panel 6-74852-3
Linkage, Lock Switch 66-4039
Bracket Assembly, Light 69-3463-7
Outlet Assembly, Vent, Fuel Tank 50-1583-58
Stirrup Assembly, Footrest 50-3799-5
Tip, Aircraft 65-3564
Door, Aircraft 5-88400-21
Door, Aircraft 5-88400-3016
Door, Aircraft 5-96355-11
Manifold, Aerial Refueling 5-97624-2
Support Assembly, Fuel 5-97627-5
Duct Assembly, Overhead 50-4645-4
Ball, Door Strut, Main Gear 90-10331-2
Container, Stowage, Landing Gear L 90-7347
Duct, Heating C4V1323-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft C4W1636-1
Molding, Loading Ramp Edge C4BM1685-1
Shaft Assembly, Drive C4B1667-3
Slide Assembly, Cockpit C4F1948-1
Arm Assembly, Trim Tab C4WM1163-1
Ring, Pressure, Fuel System C4P1146-1
Ring, Pressure, Fuel System C4P1146-5
Strap Subassembly, Support 1560AC1-279-1
Tab, Trim, Aircraft C4T1454-1
Tab, Trim, Aircraft C4T1454-2
Duct Assembly, Carbu C4P1529-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft C4W1526-1
Fireshield Assembly 3311764-3
Fireshield Assembly 3311767-3
Guide Assembly, Indicator 372173-3
Plate Assembly 372268-3
Bracket Assembly 375851-7
Shield Assembly, Glare 388563-3
Fairing, Aircraft 3311024-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 3311024-105
Door, Access, Aircraft 3311024-37
Door, Access, Aircraft 3311024-153
Scoop Assembly, Air Conditioner 3311042-1
Retainer, Scoop Assembly 3311042-17
Fitting, Scoop, Boot 3311042
Cap Assembly 3311799-3
Panel Assembly, Mudguard 346901-131
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 353059-4L
Fairing, Aircraft 338766R
Filler, Generator Cooling Duct 362875-1
Speed Brake, Aircraft 6-16500-501
Flap, Wing Dive Brake 6-16500-504
Plate, Bearing TB12SP10
Mechanism Assembly, Aileron 2-74188-501
Support, Structural Component, Air 25-5736-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 25-5736-4
Door, Aircraft 34-1021-3
Door, Aircraft 34-1021-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-74268-1
Cable Assembly 10C125C3750
Guide, Control, Landing Gear 7-40838-1
Rubbing Strip 37F82993-1
Strut, Aircraft 25-2302-1
Shield, Tube Coupling 25-5983-1
Torque Tube, Lateral Control 29-5366
Fitting, Water Drain 3-52520-501
Cap, Fulcrum To Wing 174967-3
Fairing, Aircraft 351076L
Fairing, Aircraft 351076R
Pawl, Control Pedals 364592-1
Tube Assembly, Boundary 644799-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 174586-16
Fairing, Aircraft 338766L
Adapter Assembly, Conveyor Tie-do 360897-1
Duct Assembly, Cooling Radar 53-83529-1
Fitting, Radome 53-39018-4
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4010414-4
Bearing Assy 2383405-501
Spoiler Assy, Left H CV15-740001-11
Spoiler Assy, Right CV15-740001-12
Insulation Assy S3441325-38-12
Bulkhead, Aircraft 4013003-1
Stop, Boom Operators 63-2251
Arm, Actuator, Footrest 63-2260
Shield, Light 9-63273-21
Shield, Light 9-63273-22
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 90-3355-33
Tube Assembly, Fuel Tank 100049

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