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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cam Assembly, Entrance Door 29-8358
Cover, Access, Aircraft 34-1279-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 34-1279-4
Door, Access, Stabilizer 35-3107-501
Truck Assembly, Flap Carriage 5-69110-501
Rod, Piston, Canopy Balance 33-72109-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4P32229-101B
Hook Assembly, Door 362359-7
Door, Access, Aircraft 370125-1L
Window Panel, Aircraft 353133-601
Box, Spare Lamp 25-6553
Shield Assembly, Light 26-4123-2
Support, Structural Component, Air 50-11177
Roller, Wheel Door Lock 3-61606-1
Cowling 35-31465-1
Former, Aircraft 5-89028-3015
Former, Aircraft 5-89029-3016
Former, Aircraft 65-10608-195
Filler, Gap Cover 35-18794-8
Fitting, Door 9-64075-4
Skin, Aircraft 68A323102-2031
Panel Assembly 68A333133-1001
Skin, Aircraft 68A321082-2083
Skin, Aircraft 68A321082-2082
Skin, Aircraft 68A321082-2075
Skin, Aircraft 68A321082-2086
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 68A580643-1003
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A113050-2014
Cover, Access, Aircraft 68A113050-2011
Cover, Box Assembly 7435653-01
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 4J41193-105F
Bracket Assembly, Flap 4J41193-106F
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4F75389-209A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E13125-101C
Partition, Header 4E23204-101C
Support, Torque Tube 4F72240-101A
Support, Torque Tube 4F72240-102A
Support, Outboard Lock 4F77304-102A
Support, Outboard Lock 4F77304-101A
Panel Assembly, Console 4E14003-189B
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4J11002-208A
Door, Access, Aircraft 4J12003-146B
Fitting, Beam Hinge 4F54058-110C
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 4F54058-109B
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4W12543-111B
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4J41221-148A
Link Set, Leading Edge 4J11075-105C
Hinge Assembly, Retractable Lip 4F55256-106B
Hinge Assembly, Retractable Lip 4F55256-105B
Floor, Aircraft 389278-5
Shield Assembly, Antenna 3313788-1
Radome 5579818-1
Radome 557918-2
Sleeve Assembly 65302-12621-041
Panel Assembly 65302-12606-042
Panel Assembly 65302-12605-041
Cover, Access, Aircraft B288611
Cover, Access, Aircraft B288612
Cover, Access, Aircraft B288408
Cover, Access, Aircraft B288407
Strap Assembly B292286-8
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft E298123
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft E298124
Nut Latch, Retainer 69-58155-1
Strap, Bulkhead 50-5107-30
Spoiler, Wing, Aircraft 12W9705-83
Spoiler, Wing, Aircraft 12W9705-84
Leading Edge, Aircraft 12W6010-839
Leading Edge, Aircraft 12W6010-866
Skin, Aircraft 53G970744-9
Skin, Aircraft 53G970744-5
Skin, Aircraft 53G970744-7
Trim Strip, Wing 32-11000-99
Fitting, Drag Brace 32-30351-301-11
Support Assy, Rack 32-31842-308
Support Assy, Rack 32-31843-2
Spring, Door 53-111022-5
Fastener Block 53-310136-71
Fastener Block 53-310136-75
Door, Boom Access 53-32017-43
Tee, Beam Assy 53-32036-6
Former, Aircraft 53-42002-52
Grip, Quadrant 53-54020-23
Shield Assy, Center 53-60251-47
Shield Assy, L H 53-60251-57
Fitting, Pylon 53-73318-3C
Spacer, Panel Assy 53-81034-13
Pin, Throttle Panel 53-81035-43
Fairing, Strut, Suppressor 65302-12612-041
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65302-12622-102
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65302-12622-101
Striker, Aft, Door 209-031-552-3
Striker, Forward, Door 209-031-55
Striker, Forward, Door 209-031-553-003
Fuselage Section 372950-9
Adapter, Duct 3306559-1
Fitting, Door, Cargo 3303522-1
Tube And Plate Assembly, Drain 3304485-1
Fitting, Acutator 3303518-3
Flapper Assembly 3304500-7

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