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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Support Assy 89P1270-5
Sleeve, Induction Sy 117P10047-1
Scoop, Ram Air, Power Plant 117P10151-1
Boss, Power Plant 117PM10054-1
Duct Assy, Induction 117P10035-1
Plate Duct Closure 96P1037-1
Fitting, Wing 117WM10090-1
Horn Assy, Nacelle 117WM10089-1
Horn Assy, Nacelle 117WM10089-2
Uplock Assembly, Landing Gear 117L10030-1
Uplock Assembly, Landing Gear 117L10030-2
Striker Assy Lh 117L10033-1
Clamp Assy 117L10049-1
Link 117LM10001-1
Arm 89LM1882-1
Shank Assy 117AMM10000-5
Bracket, Flowmeter Support 29-8880
Horn And Rod Assy, W 89W1725-1
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 10-1389-38
Kit, Tail Cone Assy CV15-620047-3
Locking Assy 526780-1
Louver, Air Scoop 4011281-1
Channel Assembly, Fuel Compartmen 4011083-1
Former, Aircraft 760097-6R
Tube Assy, Hydraulic 762847-57
Cover, Plug 767262-3
Adapter, Hose, Air Duct 774693-1
Bracket Assy, Handle 775223-1
Fitting, Latch 775234-1
Adapter, Drop Tank Fuel 100517
Bolt Assembly, Plate 101260-3
Tube Assembly, Fuel Feed 101555
Fitting, Fuel Tank 101643
Swaybrace, Fuel Tank 101978
Adapter, Fuel Feed 102526
Switch Assembly, Inflight 105335-600
Fairing, Aircraft 778130-1
Fairing, Aircraft 778130-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 778133-1
Insulation, Gas Turbine Compartme 376732-1
Insulation, Gas Turbine Compartme 376733-1
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 37-015-9L
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 375015-8R
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 375015-8L
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 373513-3
Duct Assembly, Heating 373513-2
Fitting, Nose Landing Gear 357241-1L
Elbow, Engine Oil Line 66-1451
Fitting, Nose Landing Gear 357241-1R
Catch, Latch Arm 29-3203-501
Support, Cavity Vent 29-4857-502
Screen Assembly, Gas Turbine 373028-1
Lever Assembly, Door 373035-24
Stay, Gas Turbine Compressor Supp 373042-1
Duct Assembly, Turbine, Intake 373093-1
Stiffener, Wing Pivot 12W439-7
Lock Assy, Blade Int A257
Window Panel, Aircraft S1620-65106-37
Scoop, Seaplane Drai 0600342
Head Assy, Front 91436
Receiver-interlock R1247
Support Assy, Hood 0652128-9
Panel, Step, Troop Seat S1650-61370
Bracket, Extension, Fire Extinguis 0611257
Reflector, Reservoir S14-40-7043
Tube S1630-63026-3
Manifold, Drain, Water Pump 25-5790-503
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-54196-501
Bell Crank 205659
Cup, Starter Switch 0611662-2
Baffle, Engine Compartment 0650123-12
Spoiler Assembly, Inboard 12W8030-802
Chain, Safety, Bead 3519-12
Hook, Filler Cap 3511
Fitting, Flanged, Hydraulic 371396-1
Insulation, Thermal, Duct 12-21532-19
Insulation, Thermal, Duct 371054-3
Insulation, Thermal, Duct 371054-2
Insulation, Thermal, Duct 12-21532-23
Strut Assembly, Hinged Radome 372185-1
Trigger, Strut, Hinge 372285-1
Hinge, Radome 373897-1
Fitting, Jury Strut 375516-1R
Fitting, Jury Strut 375516-1L
Ripcord Assy 249-531043
Panel, Trim, Airframe 3E42281-101
Block, Outboard Treadway 3F32136-101
Skin, Aircraft 370513-5R
Skin, Inner, Edge, Wing 370513-5L
Pipe, Exhaust 212-061-202-4
Blanket, Insulation, Air Duct 371042-4
Blanket, Insulation, Air Duct 12-21532-10
Blanket, Insulation, Air Duct 12-21532-11
Blanket, Insulation, Air Duct 371041-3
Blanket, Insulation, Air Duct 371041-2
Clevis, Anchor Cable 364401-1
Adapter, Support, Anchor Line 364400-1
Stop, Ramp Hook, Bellcrank 363438-2
Stop, Ramp Hook, Bell Crank 363284-2R
Stop, Ramp Hook, Bell Crank 363284-2L

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