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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

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Truss Assy, Elevator 370275-1L
Cover, Access, Aircraft 364080-2
Coupling, Flap Torque Shaft 348121-3
Bracket Assembly, Oxygen Regulato 376218-1
Spool Assy, Hose, O, Y 376213-1
Case Assembly, Pilots And Co-pilo 375870-1R
Door, Access, Aircraft 376212-2
Angle, Box, Regulator 376216-1R
Bracket Assy, Emerge 374489-1
Retainer, Life Vest 375701-1
Retainer, Thrust Bearing, Rudder S 370174-1
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375270-7
Case Assembly, Pilots And Co-pilo 375870-1L
Arm, Door Brace 361229-1
Seal, Bulkhead 354009-48
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375270-2
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375270-4
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 37601-1
Arm, Door Brace 361229-2
Box Assembly, Cargo Net Stowage 348075L
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375269-4
Leading Edge, Aircraft 370513-2R
Latch, Spring, Life Vest Retainer 375702-1
Holder, Coffee Cup 375871-1
Weld Assy, Door 348555
Leading Edge, Aircraft 370513-2L
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375269-5
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375270-1
Fireseal Assembly, Nacelle 376528-1L
Angle, Box, Regulator 376217-1
Fire Seal Assembly, Nacelle 376528-1R
Brush Seal, Horizontal 372643-3
Angle, Box, Regulator 376215-1L
Slide Strip, Cargo Floor 375269-3
Fitting, Chine 373838-1
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 373803-1
Brush Seal, Horizontal 372643-4
Bracket Assembly, Pulley 370145-1L
Bracket Assembly, Pulley 370145-1R
Plate, Adapter Power Control 370159-1L
Adjustor, Cable 344594
Spacer, Upper Center 345283
Tube Assy, Control B 346959-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4011236-302
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 4011328-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 4011608-301
Door, Access, Aircraft 4011642
Door, Access, Aircraft 4011786
Pad, Switch Actuator 4042114-1
Support Assembly, Forward Constan 50-3348-501
Anchor Assembly, Duct, Wing 65-10048-3
Anchor Assembly, Duct, Wing 65-10048-4
Seal Assy, Inflight 65-33095-30
Filler And Cap Assembly 8736
Elevator Assy 89T2002-7
Elevator Assy 89T2002-8
Panel Assy GSR602-21
Panel Assy GSR602-22
Outlet Assy 89F1515-5
Flap Hinge, Tail Ele 89TM1004-5
Horn Assy 89TM1539-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 89BM10233-1
Fairing, Aircraft 89F1381-2
Door Assy 89P1045-3
Panel Assy 89B1076-21
Glass Assy 253-31897-1
Glass Assy 253-31897-2
Adapter, Scoop, Carburetor S1630-80402
Pivot Assembly, Adapter 23-4281-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 24-1512-507
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 66-1747-3
Sleeve And Shaft Assembly 69-32068
Lead Assembly S14-05-5511-1
Switch Assembly, Fla 0600430-65
Mount, Engine 0600434-1
Pendant 249-56604-3
Support Assembly, Propeller Contr 89P1138-13
Bracket Assy 89A1046-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 89TM2074-1
Door Assembly 89W1157-237
Fitting Assy 89TM2062-1
Retainer Assy 89BM10234-1
Retainer Assembly, Bearing, Elevat 89BM1626-1
Leading Edge, Aircraft 5-73114-147
Leading Edge, Aircraft 5-73114-148
Door, Aircraft 25-1780
Pin, Alignment 26-7089
Cone, Engine Hanger 29-2519-502
Door, Access, Aircraft 34-1391-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 34-1391-4
Door, Access, Aircraft 34-1405-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 34-1405-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 34-1405-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 34-1405-4
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 36-2795-800
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 36-2795-801
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 36-2795-802
Manifold, Bomb Door 5-72903
Bracket, Inboard Spoiler 6-84665-3
Support, Mooring 204-030-182-001

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