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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bag, Stowage, Tools 363124-1
Tube Assembly, Support, Aileron Co 346131-93
Plate Assembly, Stanchion 373755-1R
Plate Assembly, Stanchion 373757-1R
Plug, Side Wall Seat 374923-1
Support, Lower Bunk 374970-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 374982-1
Plate Assembly, Stanchion 373757-1L
Cover, Container, Cargo Net 374965-1
Support, Tab, Aileron 375494-1
Flap Hinge 375492-1
Fitting, Sidewall Litter 375719-1
Weight, Balance, El 272-4700180-3
Shield, Engine Exhaust 370669-1R
Shield, Engine Exhaust 370669-1L
Ring Assembly, Shower Curtain 345318
Tube Assy, Wing Aile 346131-21
Support, Structural Component, Air 375136-1
Rung, Ladder, Litter And Seat 375845-1
Rung, Ladder, Aircraft 375847-1
Channel Assembly, Lower Panel Sup 375884-1
Pan Assembly, Single Point Refuel 344713-501
Plate, Adapter, Power Control 370159-1R
Truss Assy, Elevator 370275-1R
Bracket Assembly, Rudder 374438-1
Support Assy, Pulley 374467-2
Box Assembly, Aft Cargo 375770-1L
Cover, Access, Aircraft 371156-1
Strap, Piping, Fuselage 370852-1
Retainer, Pedal Retu 374582-1
Bushing, Rudder Pedal 374521-3
Bracket Assembly, Troop Seat 375096-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 346443
Container, Litter Strap 346214
Fitting, Track Bracket 375761-1
Bracket Assembly, Axe Support 375749-1
Bracket, Pulley, Power Plant Contr 370144-1R
Panel Assembly, Box, Oxygen Regula 376212-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 370806-1
Coupling, Refueling, Wing 371355-1
Retainer, Pedal Return 374582-3
Box Assembly, Aft Cargo 375770-1R
Support Assy, Pulley 374467-1
Panel Assembly, Mud Guard 346901-70
Base, Portable Toile 363255-3
Slide Strip, Cargo Ramp 375917-1
Slide Strip, Cargo Ramp 375917-2
Slide Strip, Cargo Ramp 375917-3
Slide Strip, Cargo Ramp 375917-4
Slide Strip, Cargo Ramp 375917-5
Base, Portable Toilet 363255-2
Panel Assembly, Mud Guard 346901-35
Fitting, Paratroop Anchor Cable S 364170-1L
Bracket Assembly, Plug 346453-4
Fitting, Paratroop Anchor Cable S 364170-1R
Channel Assembly, Lower Panel Sup 375885-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 403257-2
Rudder Assy 5380037-279
Windshield Panel, Aircraft S1620-65223-25
Flag Assembly S1620-63142-6
Step Assembly, Main 25-8717-10
Step Assembly, Aircraft 25-8717-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 29-3048-502
Step Assembly, Ladder 35-6932-501
Cover, Access, Aircraft 191-48261-103
Cap Assembly, Filler 634086-1
Hook Assembly, Support, Cowling 9-41207-800
Mechanism Assy, Nose 175210-500
Door Assy 174586-2R
Bracket Assy, Flap C C3CF99-7
Fitting, Jack And Mooring 204-030-182-002
Sight Glass Assembly 204-030-341-1
Cap Assy 4675096
Cover, Access, Aircraft 204-030-321-45
Cap Strip, Canopy Fairing S1620-65145-31
Skin, Aircraft 4012295-3
Retainer, Seal, Windshield Canopy 4011748-2
Door, Cockpit Step 4011194-310
Door, Cockpit Step 4011194-309
Door, Access, Aircraft 4011010-300
Arm, Rudder Pedal 4015012-6
Support Assy 253-52083
Door, Access, Aircraft 4B350-23
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 225-48000-73
Brush, Fairing Seal 5-86023-26
Door, Access, Aircraft 4-3929-514
Door, Access, Aircraft 4-3929-515
Tip, Aircraft 5-68073-805
Seal Assembly, Door 5-86312-102
Fairing, Aircraft 5-86389-137
Brush, Fairing Seal 5-86023-25
Cap And Adapter Ass 6265
Bracket, Pulley, Power Plant Contr 370144-1L
Bracket Assembly, Engine 370139-1R
Bracket Assembly, Engine 370139-1L
Fitting Assembly, Nose Landing Ge 370031-1R
Fitting Assembly, Nose Landing Ge 370031-1L
Attachment Angle, Lo 375808-3
Shim, Bar Attach, Handle Lock 372575-1
Panel, Mud Guard 347631-37

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