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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shroud Assembly 128P10518-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10522-2
Shroud Assembly 128P10523-2
Shroud Assy 128P10523-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10522-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10531-2
Shroud Assembly 128P10530-2
Shroud Assembly 128P10530-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10531-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10519-2
Shroud Assembly 128P10518-2
Shroud Assembly 128P10520-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10521-1
Shroud Assembly 128P10521-2
Shroud Assembly 128P10520-2
Hinge Half, Flap 32-19421-7
Guide, Canopy Jettison 413014-101
Tube Assembly, Air Duct 25-2691-507
Air Scoop Assembly, Engine Cowl 209-060-809-10
Air Scoop Assembly, Engine Cowl 209-060-809-9
Stiffner, Right Hand 204-060-965-2
Slat Assembly 128CS10009-7
Slat Assembly 128CS10009-8
Panel, Outer 121W10003-201
Tube Assembly, Fuel Transfer 10377-33
Latch Assembly 128B11692-3
Latch Assembly 128B11692-4
Lever Assembly 128B11765-5
Lever Assembly 128B11765-6
Retainer Assembly, Aircraft 128B11826-1
Retainer Assembly, Aircraft 128B11826-3
Scoop Assembly 128P10491-2
Scoop Assembly 128P10491-1
Scoop Assembly 128P10492-1
Scoop Assembly 128P10492-2
Parts Kit, Installation, Pylon 1139-301
Support, Panel 32-60090-5
Housing 925094-1
Shaft, Idler 925096-1
Arm Assembly, Aircraft 4384638-501
Arm Assembly, Aircraft 4384638-502
Guide Assembly, Personnel Door S6122-82423-1
Drip Pan Assy S6122-82310-2
Cover, Drip Pan, Main Gear Box S6122-82310-5
Handle S6122-82324-15
Slide Assembly, Doo S6122-82427-1
Fork, Door Lock S6122-82432-7
Handle, Personnel Door S6122-82432-20
Stop Assembly, Pers S6122-82447-1
Floor, Aircraft S6122-83152-103
Strip, Skid S6122-83152-118
Cover, Drip Pan S6121-62845-000
Pan, Cavity Vent S6122-83129-4
Window Panel, Aircraft S6122-82420-4
Slide, Door S6122-82432-5
Lever, Latch, Personnel Door S6122-82424-9
Lever, Latch, Personnel Door S6122-82424-11
Bushing, Latch S6122-82424-13
Bushing, Latch S6122-82424-12
Lever, Latch Actuator S6122-82424-10
Guide, Cable S6122-82432-18
Fairing, Aircraft S6122-82429-3
Cap, Oil Pump S6135-20821-001
Support, Valve S6165-20010-1
Plate, Aircraft S6165-20010-3
Plate, Aircraft S6165-20010-004
Channel, Bracket Ass 780406-3
Bracket Assy, Nose W 767143-15
Sleeve-duct-cooling 750698-3
Lead Assembly, Aircraft 905618-43
Housing Assembly, Aircraft 128CSP12404-1
Floor, Aircraft S6122-83153-103
Floor, Aircraft 56122-83153-104
Strip, Skid S6122-83153-119
Strip, Skid S6122-83154-116
Strip, Skid S6122-83154-115
Panel Assembly S6122-83155-103
Support, Latch Assem S6120-60907-14
Latch, Service Platform S6120-60905-10
Support, Latch Assem S6120-60907-15
Screen S6132-80138-1
Support, Structural Component, Air S6132-80166-1
Housing, Idler Pulley S6122-82416-17
Clamp, Mount A15P9120-1
Clamp, Mount A15P9120-23-2
Adapter, Alignment A15P9121-1
Retainer S6235-20208-3
Plate S6125-50536
Duct, Heat And Vent 114E4070-9
Adapter, Quadrant 205-001-719-001
Insulation Muff 12H23968-3
Insulation Muff 12H23968-1
Fairing, Aircraft 128CSM10966-3
Fairing, Slat 128CSM10966-4
Arm Assembly CV15-664060-6
Fitting Assembly 2F1-3-36046-1
Tip, Aircraft S6120-76116-2
Door, Access, Aircraft S6122-84152-2
Bracket, Pylon Strut 56122-86301-7
Guide, Shock Strut S6127-61803-1

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