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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 359933-10
Pan, Flap Link 360349-1L
Pan, Flap Link 360349-1R
Plate, Aft Urinal Platform 360372-3
Retainer, Fairlead, Air Duct 361359-1L
Retainerfairlead, Bl 361359-1R
Retainer, Fairlead, Air Duct 361360-1L
Retainer, Fairlead, Air Duct 361360-1R
Fitting, Lower Longeron 337426-5
Fitting, Lower Longeron 337426-6
Tube, Spoiler Door 338745-35
Bracket, Release, Cargo Door 363721-4
Bracket, Power Section 364085-1
Base, Bus Bar Current Limiter 371892-1
Bus Bar And Clip Assembly 371896-3
Bus Bar And Clip Assembly 367711-31
Bracket, Bus Bar Clip 371896-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 370785-1
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 343243R
Support Angle, Ramp 370850-1
Retainer, Seal, Emergency Door 361944-1
Spacer, Anti-icing 351633
Locker Assembly, Tie Down Stowage 362032-1
Cable Assy, Emergenc 362088-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 354710-1
Strap Assembly, Locking Pin 356062-1
Shield Assembly, Aft Urinal 360319-1L
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 343244R
Head Assy 226-56202-7
Support 249-523137
Support, Aileron Arr 253-52309-3
Shaft Assembly, Tail Drive S14-05-3514-9
Bungee Assy 249-33366
Support Assy 249-33362-11
Pushrod Assy 89C2042-1
Cover Assembly, Oil Cell S1630-63007-14
Antenna Assy 5663681
Mast Assembly, Drain 10-60304-2
Rib Assembly, Flap 35-7136-2
Window Assy, Rh CV15-420256-14
Bracket Assembly, Window Shield 3-93423
Enclosure, Drag Chute 8-74881-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 8-94893-5
Guide, Cable Counter Balance Mech 373946-1
Weld Assy, Navigatio 371077-4
Facing, Nose Section 376602-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 376582-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 375753-1
Bumper, Urinal Platform 360998-1
Duct Assy, Cargo Com 376674-2
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 376674-5
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 376674-6
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 376674-7
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 376674-8
Duct Assembly, Air 376903-2
Fitting, Side Bulkhe 376974-2
Fitting, Side Bulkhead 376974-1
Platform Assembly, Urinal 360372-1
Strut Assembly, Aft 360375-1L
Bracket, Parachute E 360560-1L
Bracket, Pulley, Manual Release Ca 360572-1
Support, Aft Side Pa 363230-1L
Support, Aft Side Pa 363230-1R
Insulation Blanket, Refrigerator 376223-1
Shield, Ice, Left Han 372307-1
Pin Stop Mount, Indicator 372269-1
Manifold, Outlet, Radome 354158-21
Retainer, Seat Back Strap 353317
Ring Fitting, Trailing Edge 373329-1L
Cover, Access, Aircraft 373344-1
Block, Stanchion Stowage Bracket 373786-1
Strap, Sidewall Tied 364839-1
Skin, Aircraft 342326-11L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-11R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-12L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-12R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-31L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-32L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-32R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-4L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-4R
Skin Assy, Aileron, R 342326-5L
Seal, Power Plant St 360160-3
Skin, Aircraft 342326-6R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-7L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-7R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-8L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-8R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-9L
Skin, Aircraft 342326-9R
Support Angle, Ramp 370841-1
Skin, Aircraft 342326-5R
Skin, Aircraft 342326-6L
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 695801-14
Fitting, Door, Cargo 352818R
Hinge Half, Lower Bu 375800-13
Connector, Flared Tube 756007-1
Clamp, Tube 363372-1L
Fitting, Cross Tie End 364248-1L
Clamp, Tube 363372-1R

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