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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gasket, Cover, Sponso S6180-63148-017
Channel, Carpet Trim 69-5022
Channel, Carpet Trim 69-5022-1
Channel, Carpet Trim 69-5022-2
Parts Kit, Valve Fie 216514-1
Guide Assy, Speed Br 780500-1
Bolt, Speed Brake Valve Shut Off 780502-1
Roller, Door Latch 781825-1
Cowling 8B531063-81
Cowling 8B532001-381
Door Assembly, Cowl 25-2647-515
Door Assembly, Cowl 25-2647-516
Bracket, Support, Pneumatic Water 26-6331-501
Seal, Fairing To Bod 39-7947
Housing Assembly, Battery 35-19126-507
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-59314-502
Fitting Assembly, Upper Latch 9-36496-1
Box Assembly, Throttle Control Ca 47-631-100-1
Coupling, Takeoff Sh S6135-20108-000
Spacer, Forward S6135-20112
Coupling, Splined S6135-20256
Housing, Bearing S6135-20150-000
Spacer, Oil Pump Gea S6135-20085
Spacer, Generator S6135-20081
Shaft, Tachometer S6135-20075-000
Spacerhydraulic Pum S6135-20073-000
Liner, Take Off Seal S6135-20067
Liner, Rear Cover S6135-20063
Protector, Fuse Nameplate 8-63650-21
Shield Assy, Reflect 8-94876-701
Bracket, Angle, Airframe 3-89026
Fitting, Fuel Tank L33472
Switch, Warning, Fuel 204-060-654-1
Beam Assembly, Firewall 204-060-819-003
Clamp, Cowl 3047
Clamp, Half Cowl 204-060-829-5
Cowling 204-060-830-101
Rod End, Forward Cow 204-060-847-3
Arm Assembly, Cowl 204-060-850-5
Track, Roller, Cowl 204-060-854-001
Track, Roller, Cowl 204-060-854-002
Cowling 204-060-882-007
Cowling 204-060-882-008
Bracket, Cowl Latch 204-060-934-1
Plate, Fitting, Cowl T52R3019
Strut, Engine Air In 95
Link, Compression 4013505-2
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 4033811
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 402347-13
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 402347-14
Panel Assy, Resistor 165-54128
Retainer, Door Seal 5-73140-1332
Plate, Carpet Escutcheon 66-20000
Bracket Assembly, Hose Spreader 69-1450-6
Duct, Heating And Vent CWC1907
Valve, Defroster 204-070-375-1
Strip, Canopy, Fairin S1620-65145-32
Strip, Canopy, Fairin S1620-65145-33
Skin, Fuselage Botto S1620-62103-8
Stop, Plate, Landing 47-500-017-1
Plate, Anchor, Wire Rope 47-612-806-13
Cover, Access, Aircraft 2-11873-25
Nozzle Assembly, Flame Outlet 265-484127
Piston, Adjustable 4667786
Fairing, Tail Cone 5547012-214
Flange Assy 350D8C32
Track, Emergency Hatch 29-7007-2
Plug, Jacking Bolt Hole 33-1305-502
Post Attachment, Screw Jack 36-3707
Fitting, Main Landing Gear 240-1650713-17
Fitting, Joint, Outer 338301R
Fitting, Joint, Outer 338301L
Plate Assembly, Antenna 372207-1
Bracket Assembly, Door Operating 372518-1
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 357879-12
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 8-76802-803
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 8-76802-804
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 5-97200-4
Spacer Assembly, Fulcrum Tow 205493
Curtain Assembly, Cargo Blackout 204-070-915-1
Curtain Assembly, Cargo Blackout 204-070-915-2
Trunnion 2678571
Frame, Door, Refrigerator 8-76956-13
Spacer, Bearing S6135-22053-1
Spacer, Bearing S6135-22053-3
Spacer, Bearing S6135-22054-1
Tie Bar, Vertical F638-31
Plate Assembly, Face F638-26-2
Tie Bar, Horizontal F638-30
Plate Assembly, Connector F638-41
Protector, Panel F638-27
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-74268-502
Retainer, Spring Doo 6-54809-3
Duct Assembly, Cooling 53-23513-301
Hinge Assembly, Door, Engine Acces 53-32521-1
Hinge Assembly, Door, Engine Acces 53-32521-2
Support Assembly, Transducer 50-5126-7
Rod Assembly, Aileron 69-8909-4
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 9-64838-14
Strut Assembly, Landing 9-65806-11

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