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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lever, Engine Control 3P34508-107
Former 19X21 1-2WIRE
Firewall, Fuselage 3-12331-22
Firewall, Fuselage 3-12331-43
Fireseal, Aircraft 3-12331-51
Firewall, Fuselage 3-12331-55
Firewall, Fuselage 3-11233-17
Firewall, Fuselage 3-11233-18
Blanket Assembly, Firewall 2-12376-503
Grommet, Wire Rope 63-10188
Bracket, Spoiler Actuator 3C24792-101
Fitting, Spoiler Actuator 3C24815-105
Bracket, Roller Support 3C24818-101
Fitting, Spoiler Actuator 3C24820-101
Bracket, Roller Support 3C24839-101
Panel, Outboard Flap 3W34282-143
Panel, Lower, Outboard 3W34284-145
Panel, Lower, Outboard 3W34284-146
Panel, Lower Center 3W34287-101
Panel, Lower Center 3W34287-117
Panel, Outboard Flap 3W34288-101
Support Assembly 3W34322-105
Support Assembly 3W34322-106
Support Assembly, Roller 3W34323-102
Spacer, Support, Fair 3W34386-111
Spacer, Support, Fair 3W34386-113
Lever, Detent, Throttle Quadrant 3C26052-105
Panel, Trim, Book Shelf 3E41028-103
Support, Release Mec 3W13020-101
Lever, Release Mechanism, Liferaft 3W13027-101
Lever, Release Mechanism, Liferaft 3W13027-102
Door, Access, Aircraft 3W13043-101
Cap And Adapter Ass 11-657-151
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55311-103A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55311-109A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55311-113A
Support, Rail 4F55315-101A
Rail Assembly, Floor 4F55316-101A
Rail Assembly, Floor 4F55316-106B
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55689-103A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55689-105A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55689-107A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F55689-109A
Control, Telescopic 7438-20
Liner, Sealing, Fuel C4P10672-7
Liner, Self Sealing Cell C4W1942-35
Spar, Aircraft 32-21130-51
Spar, Aircraft 32-21130-57
Skin, Aircraft 32-32065-160
Skin, Aircraft 32-32065-172
Cover, Access, Aircraft 32-32169-12
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-73202-226
Support, Rib Cap 32-010436-5
Bracket, Aft Rudder Stop 12C816-3
Bolt, Valve Uplatch 53-41105-7
Weight, Elevator Panel 50-6237-2014
Tube Assy, Hydraulic 786344-93
Clamp, Control Lock 797396-101
Plate, Pylon Wing 785839-1
Cam, Aileron 766801-101
Tube Assy, Defogger 796699-1
Fitting, Wing Tie Down Ring Retai 3W21104-105
Support Assy, Track 3W33023-102
Support, Light, Cargo Compartment 3B00122-115
Support, Light, Cargo Compartment 3B00122-117
Support, Light, Cargo Compartment 3B00136-101
Cam, Door Latch 3W22942-101
Strut, Flap Track 3W23058-105
Bracket Assembly, Cam Roller, Supp 3W24030-105
Bracket Assembly, Cam Roller, Supp 3W24030-106
Support Assy 3W24068-106
Support, Roller, Flap 3W24074-105
Support Assembly, Aft Roller, Oute 3W24074-106
Support Assy, Flap C 3W24075-105
Support, Roller, Flap 3W24075-106
Lock, Flap, Support 3W24477-101
Stop, Track, Flap Carriage 3W24081-101
Collar, Serrated 3W24117-103
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W24924-101
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W24924-102
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W24924-103
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W24924-104
Collar, Serrated 3W24963-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3W31279-101
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3W31279-102
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3W1347-101
Door, Access, Aircraft 3W32155-102
Latch, Guide, Blowout Door 3W32184-103
Fairing, Aircraft 3W33781-109
Fairing, Aircraft 3W33781-102
Fairing, Aircraft 3W33782-110
Fairing, Aircraft 3W33785-102
Counterweight, Aileron 3W34138-102
Fitting Assy, Carria 3W34187-105
Support Assy, Flap C 3W34211-105
Support Assembly 3W34211-106
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W34243-111
Trailing Edge, Aircraft 3W34243-112
Trailing Edge, Flap 3W34244-101
Panel Assembly, Flap, Lower 3W34281-145

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