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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket, Emergency L 762682
Tube Assy, Landing G 762846-22
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 763330
Cable Assembly, Heaters 110-744007-11
Seat, Pitch Stick Re S12-40-3042
Section Assembly, Fire Shield S1630-80368-1
Section Assy, Fire S S1630-80368-2
Cap Assembly, Filler 220-01-1
Cap, Fire Detector Installation 5394347-39
Cap 5394347-41
Cover Assy, Cowling 272E5052004-39
Cover Assembly, Latc 272E5052003-69
Cover, Blast Tube 205153-17
Cover, Blast Tube 205153-18
Flange, Control Tunn 762470
Bulkhead, Aircraft 4013550-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 4013552-4
Bulkhead, Aircraft 4013001-1
Bulkhead, Aircraft 4013002-1
Plug, Hinge, Wing Hub S6110-23033-1
Spacer, Bearing, Hing S6110-23004
Spacer, Damper, Lower S6110-23037
Cylinder, Accumulato S6110-21133-000
Fitting Assy, Lock S6110-23046-10
Fitting Assy, Lock S6110-23046-11
Fitting Assy, Lock S6110-23046-12
Horn And Liner Assembly, Trunnion S6110-23047-4
Trunnion, Swashplate S6110-24020-000
Trunnion, Swashplate S6110-24020-001
Cap, Trunnion Bearin S6110-24032-000
Bracket Assy, Swashp S6110-24061-000
Spacer Set, Matched S6110-24009-1
Shaft, Antiflapping S6110-25043
Housing, Flap Extension S6110-25103-000
Link Assy, Lower S6110-24051-000
Link Assembly, Scissors, Main Roto S6110-24049-000
Link Assembly, Upper Scissor S6110-24047-000
Trunnion, Swashplate S6110-24075
Socket, Swashplate S6110-24006
Liner, Swashplate, Main Rotor S6110-24015
Bracket Assembly S6135-20249-001
Plugstat L2005-501
Seal, Manifold, Main S6165-20543
Hub, Rotary Rudder S6110-33003-000
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20107-001
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20107-002
Latch, Door Handle S6120-62143-001
Windshield Panel, Aircraft S6120-61229-001
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-61245-1
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-61245-002
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-61246-1
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-61246-2
Windshield Panel, Aircraft S6120-61227-1
Windshield Panel, Aircraft S6120-61227-2
Track Assembly, Cockpit Window S6120-61226-1
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-61235-3
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-61235-4
Seal, Jettison Windo S6120-61219-11
Seal, Jettison Windo S6120-61219-12
Door Assy, Battery A S6120-61280-2
Mount Assy, Resilent S6145-61040-000
Tube, Control S1645-65133-4
Fairing Assembly, Fuel Cell Vent S6130-62106-1
Fairing Assembly, Fuel Cell Vent S6130-62106-2
Fitting, Lower, Lh S6120-62274-7
Fitting, Upper, Lh S6120-62274-8
Fitting, Upper, Lh S6120-62275-005
Fitting, Upper, Lh S6120-62275-006
Fitting Assy, Suppor S6120-62113-041
Fitting Assy, Suppor S6120-62113-042
Support, Transmission, Aft S6120-62114-1
Support, Transmission, Aft S6120-62114-042
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-62511-3
Angle, Gutter S6120-62410-003
Angle, Gutter S6120-62410-4
Sump Assy, Compartme S6120-62413-1
Element, Strainer S6120-62413-5
Fairing Assy S6120-62700-8
Fairing, Tail Drive S6120-64131-004
Fairing, Tail Drive S6120-64131-003
Bearing Assy, Lever S6130-62001
Shaft, Mixer Unit S6140-62140
Support Assy S6140-62105
Support, Structural Component, Air S6140-62113
Cover, Drain Hole S6120-62255-001
Quadrant, Control, Brake S6140-62604
Adapter Assy, Heater S6150-62401-000
Cover, Fuel Drain S6150-62409-1
Duct, Airtake S6150-62415
Duct, Air Conditioning System, Air S1650-61899
Duct Assy, Heater S6150-6245-001
Duct Assy, Heater S6150-62451-002
Duct Assy, Transitio S6150-62453-000
Fairing Assy S6120-62641-3
Fairing Assy S6120-62641-4
Ring, Mounting S6130-80011
Window Panel, Aircraft S6120-62157-001
Shaft Assy, Torque S6120-62149-001
Bell Crank S6120-62149-2
Stop Idler, Cargo Door S6120-62277-003

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