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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Floor, Aircraft S6120-63131-25
Shield, Wiring S6155-61064-002
Shield, Wiring S6155-61064-1
Cover, Fuel Vent S6120-62312-018
Pan, Fuel Vent S6120-62312-10
Cover, Fuel Cell Ven S6120-62312-19
Arresting Assy, Land CV15-664002-12
Door, Aircraft K633015-1
Fitting, Wheel, Lower K634026-1
Housing Assy, Antenn K383465-3
Liner, Bearing K674042-11
Housing And Liner A K671405-1
Housing And Liner A K671404-1
Liner, Bearing K674047-13
Panel Assy, Center K631025-9
Door, Aircraft K633010-1
Interconnect, Fuel C K679021-3
Yoke, Cyclic Torque K651011-1
Shaft Assy, Support K653042-1
Support Assembly Cylinder K653028-1
Crank Assy, Adjustment K653035-1
Bar Assy K660014-5
Damper Body, Stabilator Actuator 37F38595-1
Plug SK37-32211-11
Lug 59C90315-12
Antenna Assy, Tacon 5679629
Probe, Refueling CV15-405051-4
Door, Aircraft K633020-1
Fitting, Bulkhead S6120-62405-003
Fitting, Bulkhead S6120-62405-4
Collar, Tube CV15-405575-5
Pin Assy-locking CV21-405519-1
Door, Aircraft 5445207-521
Flap Hinge, Wing 2811061-1
Flap Hinge, Wing 2811061-2
Console Assy 3675440-501
Parts Kit, Blade K607020-3
Panel Assy, Advisory F638-1A
Retainer 2444670-505
Duct Assy 5810453
Handle, Control 253-52602-3
Handle, Control 253-52602-5
Shaft, Control, Flap 253-52607
Fitting CV15-905562-2
Fitting CV21-410549-3
Bracket 3541965-2
Latch Assy CV15-908050-9
Latch Assy CV15-908050-10
Latch Assy CV15-908050-11
Latch Assy CV15-908050-12
Rudder Assy 249-240913-11
Fitting 89PM10903-1
Spacer S1635-91086-1
Seal Assembly 2678168
Bumper 253-56375
Fitting Assy 502169-4
Bungee Assy 4439577-507
Fitting Assembly 249-31889-41
Hood 249-51424-3
Fitting 249-48095
Bracket 249-56346-7
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft S6130-80203-1
Hook Assembly 4434928-503
Fitting 5383634-501
Parts Kit, Cell CV15-505071-702
Parts Kit, Cell CV15-505072-702
Parts Kit, Cell CV21-405025-701
Parts Kit, Cell CV15-505069-703
Parts Kit, Wing CV21-910023-75
Parts Kit, Probe CV15-405051-704
Bracket 3677757
Leading Edge Assemb 89W1681-19
Leading Edge Assemb 89W1681-20
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 114S2914-82
Plate Assembly, Fairing 114S2914-84
Cap Assembly 121W10016-3
Fairing Assembly, Fu 114S2914-86
Fairing Assembly, Fu 114S2914-88
Fitting, Air Inlet 209-060-885-5
Support, Structural Component, Air 114H3017-3
Door Assy CV15-420105-6
Body, Adapter 4-1057-3
Duct Assembly, Cargo Compartment 4A12184-101A
Duct Assembly, Cargo Compartment 4A12181-101B
Duct Assembly, Cargo Compartment 4A11553-101B
Buffer, Door 4127000-68
Dorsal, Vertical Stabilizer 2-31407-20
Support C100051
Skin, Aircraft 4J11012-102A
Cover, Swivel Release 124Q009-1
Horn Assembly, Elevator 204-001-937-5
Clip, Fire Detection 114E8131-3
Clip, Fire Detection 114E8131-9
Suspension Assembly, Cargo 204-070-030-1
Lever, Remote Control 204-060-742-1
Lever, Cargo Suspension 204-070-028-1
Spacer, Mounting Base 204-060-797-1
Adapter 416-3S58-Z
Fitting, Horizontal 3660061-503
Duct, Assembly 5445053-51

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