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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Access Door 32-321095-3
Door Assy, Access 32-321055-3
Door Assy, Access 32-321055-4
Window, Rear Horn 32-321114-3
Fairing-trolley, Inboard, Flap 4J41363-105B
Arm, Access Door 32-85015-4
Fairing-trolley, Inboard, Flap 4J41363-104C
Fairing Assembly, Inboard, Flap 4J41463-103C
Fairing Assembly, Inboard, Flap 4J41463-104C
Fairing, Link-inboard Flap 4J41367-701B
Fairing, Link-inboard Flap 4J41367-702B
Fairing, Link-outboard Flap 4J41268-103C
Fairing, Link-outboard Flap 4J41268-104C
Fairing, Link-inboard Flap 4J41267-701B
Fairing, Link-inboard Flap 4J41267-702B
Fairing-trolley, Outboard Flap 4J41264-106C
Fairing-trolley, Outboard Flap 4J41264-105C
Fairing-trolley, Outboard Flap 4J41464-103C
Fairing-trolley, Outboard Flap 4J41464-104C
Fairing-trolley, Outboard Flap 4J41364-104B
Flap, Wing Landing 4J40202-101B
Flap, Wing Landing 4J40202-102B
Flap, Wing Landing 4J40102-101B
Flap, Wing Landing 4J40102-102B
Flap, Wing Landing 4J40302-101B
Flap, Wing Landing 4J40302-102A
Floor, Aircraft 204-031-204-19
Cowling 204-060-881-35
Bracket, Pylon 4129004-1
Fitting, Pylon Forward 4129003-2
Bracket, Pylon 4129000-19
Bracket, Pylon 4129000-20
Bracket, Pylon 4129000-21
Bracket, Pylon 4129000-22
Support, Inlet Scree 4152320-5
Support, Inlet Scree 4152320-6
Door, Access, Aircraft 53G970104-15
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53-110115-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 53G970745-1
Skin, Aircraft 32-421551-7
Skin, Aircraft 32-421551-8
Control Assembly, Pylon 4129020-2
Control Assembly, Pylon 4129020-1
Rod, Pylon Jettison 4129008-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4129007-1
Bracket, Main Gear Uplock Roller 4027096-1
Cover, Roller Bracket 4027093-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4152610-27
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4152610-28
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4052026-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4152620-7
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4152620-8
Retainer, Jack Pad 4F23381-101B
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F23596-111A
Lug, Rail 4F33832-101A
Hook, Support, Visor Door 4F73323-101B
Strut, Chine To Fairing 4F75704-101A
Strut, Chine To Fairing 4F75704-103A
Retainer, Torque Tube 4F77009-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 4152362-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 4152362-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 4152362-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 4152362-4
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4112086-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 4122143-1
Ring, Retainer Sliding 4A52037-101A
Ring, Retainer Sliding Bracket 4A52040-101A
Ring, Retainer Sliding Bracket 4A52041-101A
Ring, Retainer Bleed Air Duct 4A52102-101A
Seal, Bleed Air Duct 4A52103-101A
Duct, Engine Bleed Air 4A92012-101A
Duct, Floor Heat Bleed 12635-103A
Duct, Floor Heat Bleed 4A92037-101A
Duct Assembly, Bleed Air 4A92041-103A
Tube, Bleed Air 4A92041-104A
Cover, Dust 4746
Fitting, Door Actuator 4F53117-103B
Fitting, Door Actuator 4F53117-104B
Arm, Actuator Hinge 4F54100-125A
Duct, Engine Bleed Air 4A92012-102A
Support, Nacelle To 305-321021-4
Support, Nacelle To 305-321021-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 305-318117-4
Support, Door Pin 305-318120-3
Former, Aircraft 32-32067-887
Former, Aircraft 32-32067-408
Plug, Restraint 53-310306-5
Fitting, Rudder, Torq 32-24025-5
Duct Assembly, Air 39-25255-1
Lanyard, Cable, Radar 9M59-2-305L8
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12B8252-5
Strut, Support, Main Landing Gear 3F31379-103
Rod, Handle, Spoiler 3C29021-111
Hinge, Aircraft C4TM1255-1
Arm, Hinge, Aileron C4WM1128-2
Arm, Hinge, Aileron C4WM1128-1
Arm, Hinge, Aileron C4WM1130-2
Arm, Hinge, Aileron C4WM1130-1
Pad, Door Lower 3W23339-105
Hinge, Spoiler 3W21659-102

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