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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 3A30115-107
Cover Assembly, Duct 3A30293-105
Cover Assembly, Duct 3A30293-109
Support, Slider Half 3A61005-125
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 3A99019-105
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 86A24298-3
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 3A99020-103
Panel, Kick Trim 3E32306-101
Panel, Kick Trim 3E32306-102
Latch Housing Mechanism 3P96002-107
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-030-614-29
Handle, Drag Chute Control 6-40738-1
Housing, Cap 3503
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 3A30214-113
Harness Assembly 783345-1
Tube Assembly 785677-43
Tube Assembly 788369-119
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F61013-105A
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4T12100-101A
Cover, Access, Aircraft FTW1406-101A
Duct, Air, Floor Heat 12631-103A
Duct, Air, Floor Heat 12630-103A
Duct, Engine Bleed A 4A92009-105A
Duct, Bleed Air 1509933-101
Duct, Bleed Air 4A92013-105A
Duct, Bleed Air 1509934-101
Duct, Bleed Air 4A92015-103A
Duct Assembly, Bleed Air 12617-101A
Duct, Bleed Air 12621-103A
Receptacle, Cargo Door Latch 4F61862-101A
Cover, Access, Aircraft 40475-101
Hook Assembly, Crew Door 4F73148-102A
Duct, Bleed Air Manifold 4A95010-101A
Duct, Bleed Air Manifold 4A95010-102A
Duct, Bleed Air Manifold 4A95011-101A
Duct, Bleed Air Manifold 4A95011-102A
Filter Assembly GB2019
Fitting, Rail 4F55325-117A
Fitting, Seat Suppor A02E4071-13
Fitting, Seat Suppor A02E4071-11
Fitting, Seat Suppor A02E4071-12
Fitting, Seat, Left H A02E4071-15
Fitting, Seat, Right 102E4071-28
Fitting, Seat, Left H A02E4071-32
Fitting, Seat, Right A02E4071-19
Fitting, Seat A02E4071-17
Fitting, Seat A02E4071-18
Duct, Auxiliary Power Plant 4A92038-101A
Duct, Air, Auxiliary Power Plant 4A92036-101A
Window Panel, Aircraft 8-10605-1
Hub Assembly, Engine Control 305-437085-3
Housing Assembly GB2350
Bushing, Shaft Suppo 128CSM12109-1
Panel Assembly 367784-1
Fitting Assembly 32-30142-1
Rib, Airfoil 32-19264-10
Cap, Structural, Aircraft 32-31045-784
Lock Assembly, Radom 53-39142-1
Beam, Airframe 32-32110-28
Beam, Airframe 32-32109-24
Fitting, Contour Support 53-39256-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 53-73202-251
Door, Access, Aircraft 53-73202-252
Wire Bundle Assembl 53-79701-274
Former, Aircraft 32-32430-280
Duct Assembly, Air 32SB25908-1
Angle, Cover Access 53SB3905-3
Doubler, Door 32-32430-62
Support Assembly, Switch 39-23713-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 12K3001-4
Guide, Carriage, Auxiliary Flap 12W8993-12
Latch, Solenoid Torque 12M2668-10
Latch, Solenoid Torq 12M2668-9
Cover Assembly, Auto Pitch Contro 847923-111
Strap, Escape Rope, Fuselage 3E52159-101
Bracket Assembly, Duct 3P35021-101
Strap, Stow, Fuselage 3E22108-113
Radome 367767-1
Leading Edge, Aircraft 12W6310-827
Tube, Special LD271-0921-0002
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 123HM40125-1
Stiffener, Web Assy 32-32047-1607
Window, Optical, Aircraft 8-75312-5
Window, Optical, Aircraft 8-75312-7
Window, Optical, Aircraft 8-75312-9
Window, Optical, Aircraft 8-75312-11
Support, Structural Component, Air 6-12399-1
Duct, Engine Air Bleed 12658-101A
Duct, Engine Air Bleed 4A92048-102A
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 4P94305-101B
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 4P94305-102B
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 86H24854-307A
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 86H24854-308A
Lever, Pressure Door 4F54125-101A
Bellcrank And Bracket Assembly 4F61015-101A
Support, Structural Component, Air 305-318117-3
Skin, Aircraft 53G320051-5
Support, Guide Pin 12F2016-3
Handle Assembly, Control 12M5560-801
Support, Tubing C3175-18C

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