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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tab Assembly, Fuel C 35486
Cover, Transmitter, Angle 3K14086-103
Retainer, Ladder 3E52312-103
Door, Access, Aircraft 3F20119-101
Fitting Assembly, Door 3F41623-101
Fitting Assembly, Door 3F41623-102
Clamp, Pressure Door 3F41651-101
Door, Access, Aircraft 3H20532-101
Leading Edge, Aircraft 3T02900-103
Leading Edge, Aircraft 3T10001-101
Leading Edge, Aircraft 3T10038-101
Seal Assembly, Inboa 3T31027-101
Seal Assembly, Inboa 3T31027-102
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31028-101
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31028-102
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31029-101
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31029-102
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31030-101
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31030-102
Seal Assembly, Horizontal 3T31031-101
Shaft, Main, Pivot 3T33090-103
Tube Assembly, Rain Removal L7107-107
Duct Assembly, Rain Removal L7108-107
Duct Assembly, Rain L7109-107
Slide Assembly, Main 3E12120-101
Compartment, Stowage 3E32312-103
Seal Assembly, Pressure 3F41696-101
Seal Assembly, Pressure 3F41696-102
Seal Assembly, Pressure 3F41697-101
Rod Assembly, Cowling Support 3P21549-113
Ejector Assembly, Cooling 3P21644-101
Ejector Assembly, Cooling 3P21644-102
Duct Assembly, Anti-icing 3P33502-115
Support, Structural Component, Air 3P61556-101
Connector Assembly, Pylon 3P61563-101
Pan Assembly, Fireseal, Pylon 3P61570-105
Latch Fitting, Eyebolt 3P96002-105
Disconnect, Conduit Expansion 21467
Fairing, Skirt, Assembly 3T60013-102
Plenum Assembly, Nozzle L7101-104
Probe Assembly, Antenna 3K17029-133
Door, Aft Bullet 3T63062-101
Duct Assembly, Heat Exchanger 3A97203-105
Tube, Valve Outlet, Air Conditioni L7206-103
Tube, By-pass, Airconditioning 3A97207-107
Duct Assembly, Rain Removal 3A97211-105
Tube, By-pass, Air Conditioning 3A97214-107
Duct Assembly, Rain L7215-105
Panel, Shroud, Vertical 3T10055-105
Panel, Shroud, Vertical 43T10055-107
Bracket Assembly, Air Conditionin 3A30210-109
Guide, Control Cable 3C02002-101
Quadrant, Aileron 3C12028-105
Quadrant, Aileron 3C12028-106
Pulley Assembly, Aileron 3C12294-101
Fitting, Hinge Suppo 3F11666-101
Fitting, Track, Troop 3F11701-101
Fitting, Track, Troop 3F11701-103
Fitting, Troop 3F11701-104
Splice, Door Track 3F11703-101
Splice, Door Track 3F11703-102
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 3F11760-101
Housing, Bellcrank Bracket 3F31013-101
Housing, Bayonet, Entrance Door 3F31015-101
Bayonet, Latch, Entrance Door 3F31022-101
Housing, Bellcrank 3F31024-101
Frame, Window, Entrance Door 3F31091-101
Retainer Assembly, Window, Door 3F31092-101
Bracket, Bayonet, Door 3F31099-103
Plate, Entrance Door 3F31100-103
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 3F31768-101
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 3F31768-102
Plate, Troop Door, Adjusting 3F31769-101
Plate, Troop Door, Adjusting 3F31769-102
Fairing, Aircraft 3T10030-103
Panel Assembly, Shroud 3T10050-105
Panel Assembly, Shroud 3T10050-107
Fitting Assembly S6130-80224-4
Fitting Assembly S6130-80223-4
Brace, Uplatch Missile Gear 8-57184-3
Brace, Uplatch, Aft Missile Gear 8-57184-4
Cap, Rear Beam 265-210402-1
Cap, Rear Beam 265-210402-2
Horn, Rudder Torque Tube 265-240407
Torque Tube, Rudder 265-240408
Support, Structural Component, Air 265-210417-3
Bracket, Engine, Fuel Strainer Lin 36-5653
Bracket, Fuel Strainer Line 36-5653-1
Bracket Assembly, Engine 39-11706-501
Ring Assembly 32-50239-5
Aileron 32-17002-303
Limiter, Pitch Line 107R3604-2
Fuselage Frame And 12208-2
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 32-35286-311
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-84026-301
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-84028-10
Support, Boost 5-84031-8
Former, Aircraft 5-85637-60
Longeron 5-85638-46
Well, Center Floor 354560-2

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