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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 9900072-4
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD48553
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD48554
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD48555
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD48556
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD48557
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD43558
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft FCD48559
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 9900072-12
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 9900072-13
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 9900072-14
Rib, Airfoil 2-23225-503
Rib, Airfoil 2-23225-508
Support, End Fitting 12M5568-1
Cam, Airflow Deflector 12W9540-10
Door, Access, Aircraft 934316-101
Cap, Main Beam, Upper 209-030-157-3
Cap, Main Beam Lower 209-030-161-15
Bell Crank 209-001-903-1
Retainer, Windshield 50-420051-47
Retainer, Windshield 50-420051-49
Retainer, Windshield 50-420051-50
Intake Assembly, Power Plant 47-615-119-19
Bracket, Cap, Beam 204-030-162-12B
Window Panel, Aircraft 50-420051-141
Fitting, Aircraft 209-030-196-4
Fitting, Aircraft 209-030-196-3
Brace Assembly, Engi 209-030-209-5
Fitting, Engine Deck 209-060-129-1
Fitting, Engine Deck 209-060-129-2
Support, Floor, Pilot 209-030-156-3
Cap, Main Beam, Lower 209-030-158-3
Cap, Main Beam, Upper 209-030-157-1
Cap, Main Beam Lower 209-030-158-4
Cap, Main Beam, Upper 209-030-160-5
Cap, Main Beam 209-030-161-13
Support, Hanger 209-030-164-3
Channel, Main Beam 209-030-182-1
Duct, Air Outlet 50-554286
Hook, Latching Mechanism 65302-12145-001
Handle, Latch, Gearbox 65302-12163-041
Strip, Seal 53-87413-5
Probe, Air Refueling 5667486-501
Leading Edge Assembly 128CS12154-11
Leading Edge Assy 128CS12206-12
Seal, Nose Cowl 839502-101
Seal, Nose Cowl 839502-103
Support Assy 5824481-27
Control Assembly, Cockpit 5824489-7
Door Assy 32SB32409-1
Lever, Switch 1071123-2
Arm, Shut Off Valve 1071121-1
Arm, Shut Off Valve 1071121-2
Cap, Upper Bearing 1071117-2
Cap, Bearing, Lower Machine 1071119
Seal, Butterfly 581118-3
Parts Kit, Valve Overhaul 1071130
Door, Aircraft 6-24301-522
Door, Aircraft 6-24301-516
Pylon, Aircraft 6-28134-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 397128-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 382862-81
Cover, Pylon Pod 382862-79
Fitting, Pylon, Wing 382255-2
Fitting, Pylon, Wing 382255-1
Fitting, Pylon, Wing 397145-1
Seal, Refueling Pylon 382862-87
Cover, Ramp, Protective 3F40275-130
Cover, Ramp, Protective 7331056-01
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 3F32076-133
Panel, Horizontal Stabilizer 4T31324-101A
Panel, Horizontal Stabilizer 4T31324-102A
Panel, Fillet Fairing 4F12360-115B
Panel, Shroud, Horizontal Stabiliz 4T31334-102A
Panel, Shroud, Horizontal Stabiliz 4T31337-101A
Panel, Shroud, Horizontal Stabiliz 4T31337-102A
Door, Access, Aircraft 204-030-287-085
Support, Engine Cont 65301-01043-001
Fairing, Aircraft 65205-06001-046
Fairing, Aircraft 65205-06001-045
Cover, Tail Rotor Drive Shaft 65205-06004-041
Cover, Tail Rotor Drive Shaft 65205-06004-042
Cover, Tail Rotor Drive Shaft 65205-06004-043
Floor, Aircraft 205-031-332-67
Cowling 205-060-807-009
Cover, Fuel Cell 209-030-264-25
Cover, Fuel Cell 209-030-264-27
Door, Aircraft 114S6002-200
Lever, Mixing Contro 114C3351-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 205-030-028-33
Standoff Assembly, C 209-060-896-1
Lever, Power Control 134PM10016-5
Fitting, Retainer Su 209-030-668-1
Doubler, Fairing Assembly 114S4904-121
Absorber, Fin Cap 32-05312-209
Absorber, Fin Cap MIL-STD-130
Canopy, Movable 5819551-503
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E13131-101A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 4E13099-101A
Strut, Chine To Fairing 4F23613-101A

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