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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Guide, Alternate Rel 3-40751-1
Plug, Slack Compensator 3-40752-1
Bracket, Support, Sta 3-50329-1
Shroud, Insulation 3-55302-1
Fitting, External St 906048-2
Fitting, External St 906049-1
Fitting, External St 906049-2
Fitting, External St 906050-1
Fitting, External St 906050-2
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 5-71762-27
Windshield Panel, Aircraft 5-71762-28
Tube Assembly, Air Bleed 353487-11
Panel, Console 6-70506-3
Panel Assembly, Console 6-70528-1
Panel Assembly, Console 6-70528-5
Panel Assembly, Console 6-70528-3
Panel Assembly, Console 6-70528-7
Link, Spring, Slipway 66B40510-1
Link, Spring, Slipway 66B40510-3
Link, Door, Slipway 66C40459-1
Nose Assembly 5546517-35
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-50162-41
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-50162-43
Panel Assembly, Cargo 4F33401-122A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F53166-101A
Shroud, Upper, Alternator 4P42021-101A
Latch Assembly, Emergency Exit 4F61179-101A
Bolt Assembly, Carriage 4J33827-103A
Bolt Assembly, Carriage 4J33827-105A
Bolt Assy, Carriage 4J33828-105A
Valve, Flapper Surge 4P11282-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 300-312357-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 300-312357-2
Skin, Aircraft 305-312225-3
Strut Assembly, Idler Arm Support 4F23686-105A
Ring Assembly, Clamp, Access Door 35-18187-1
Stop, Wing Flap 377061-2
Spacer, Keel Attachm C4B1269-1
Hook, Actuator Pick C4B1375-3
Drum Assembly 134C10169-7
Pedal Assembly, Flig 134C10016-401
Pedal Assembly, Flig 134C10016-402
Gusset, Door, Access 32-32053-1012
Angle, Door, Access 32-32053-1041
Doubler, Door, Access 32-32053-1135
Angle, Door, Access 32-32053-1043
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-1151
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-1152
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-226
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-227
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-228
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-611
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-631
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-632
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-641
Former, Aircraft 32-32053-642
Rib, Closure, Leading Edge 12W7045-2
Rib, Closure, Leading Edge 12W7045-1
Rib, Closure, Leading Edge 12W7145-1
Rib, Closure, Leading Edge 12W7145-2
Fairing, Slat Track 12W1206-11
Fairing, Slat Track 12W1206-12
Fairing, Slat Track 12W1206-13
Fairing, Slat Track 12W1206-14
Fitting 32-11135-7
Fitting 32-11135-8
Guard Assembly 89F1165-11
Panel Assembly 117P10066-9
Door Assembly 117P10066-51
Spar, Aircraft 32-21131-12
Skin, Aircraft 32-21103-181
Skin, Aircraft 32-21103-182
Spar, Aircraft 32-21114-11
Spar, Aircraft 32-21114-12
Spar, Aircraft 32-21131-11
Spar, Aircraft 32-21134-5
Spar, Aircraft 32-21134-6
Rib, Horizontal Stabilizer 32-21163-3
Rib, Airfoil 32-21163-4
Weight, Lock Balance 3-13493-1
Liner Assembly, Pylon 32-650-4615
Retainer, Fuel And Air Filter 32-650-0707-3
Retainer, Fuel And Air Filter 32-650-0707-1
Cam-hook 32-650-4608
Cap And Adapter Ass 416-427-3
Plug Assembly 32-650-4642
Chamber 32-650-4601
Fin, Fuel Tank 32-650-3354
Fitting 32-650-4604
Ejector Assembly, Pylon 32-650-4614
Pin, Latch 36-5970-506
Radome 39-13153
Radome 39-13154-501
Door, Access, Aircraft 39-15889-502
Panel, Trailing Edge, Wing 39-16539-1
Panel, Trailing Edge, Wing 39-16539-2
Support, Aux Fuel Ta 65209-08000-041
Door, Access, Aircraft 65209-01011-042
Seal 134B10400-29
Seal 134B10316-27

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