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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Tuning S6120-61014-2
Pipe, Exhaust S6132-80122-1
Control Assembly, Flap 2-73849-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 6-12400-9
Plate 6-10715-109
Fairing Strip 6-23514-1
Fairing Strip, Wing Tank 6-23514-2
Fairing Strip, Wing Tank 6-23511-3
Skin, Aircraft 32-24049-7
Skin, Aircraft 32-24049-10
Duct Assembly 53-83506-63
Duct Assembly BD0728007
Bracket, Window Frame S6120-61221-12
Indicator, Bim, Blade 1201-406-2011
Pan, Air Vent Drain 204-030-620-003
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 32-31142-301
Rod Assembly 107P2528-1
Stop, Actuator, Engine Condition 107P2526-1
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft S6132-80203-001
Door, Access, Aircraft 205-030-029-5
Guide, Gun Gas Deflector 6-54857-1
Panel, Instructors, Removable 2-70506-31
Door, Access, Aircraft 6-24213-1
Seal Assembly 7-17005-601
Door, Access, Aircraft 6-11450-1023
Door, Access, Aircraft 6-11450-1024
Cable Assy 10C326C1370
Cable Assy 6-50730-9
Cable Assy 10C224C1790
Cable Assy 10C224C2360
Cable Assy 10C225C4460
Angle, Segment Retainer, Pylon 6-28125-1
Tube Assembly, Air Distribution 6-54151-1
Panel, Cowl, Interior 6-70016-1
Lever, Tail Interconnect 6-73503-1
Lever, Horizontal Tail Flap 6-73504-1
Cam Follower, Sleeve 6-73505-3
Lever, Mixer 6-73510-1
Lever, Mixer 6-73511-1
Adapter, Hose, Air Duct 7-54205-501
Cable Assy 7-74001-15
Repair Kit RK0286
Adapter, Fuel Cap 6-52465-1
Insert, Fuel Tank Cap 6-52465-2
Retainer, Fuel Indicator Tank 6-52649-1
Tail Cone Assembly 6-52420-28
Visor, Lh 6-64210-1
Visor, Rh 6-64211-1
Latch Screw Assembly 294121
Skin, Aircraft 6-10752-5
Fairing Strip, Wing Tank 6-23511-4
Fairing Strip, Wing Tank 6-23511-5
Fairing Strip, Wing Tank 6-23511-6
Retainer, Torsion Bar 6-40467-2
Cable Assy 10C128C1300
Cable Assy 10C128C5210
Rod, Instrument Panel 82R404-456
Skin, Aircraft 6-10752-7
Cable Assembly, Door 762636-3
Panel Assembly 783328-505
Panel Assembly 786126-505
Cap, Mlg Aft 797839-1
Cap, Filler Opening 0721305-10
Cable Assembly, Wind 205-075-431-3
Probe, Valve 45-6200
Cable Assy 10C128C5187
Rod, Instrument Panel 82R414-1080
Duct Assembly, Air Cooling, Aft 6-54446-1
Cover, Pylon 6-28102-7
Window, Light 53-46523-3
Block, Radius, Pylon 204-030-919-39
Door, Access, Aircraft C4B1396-3
Fairing, Aircraft C4B1471-1
Connection Rod, Carg C4B1368-1
Fairing, Aircraft C4W1800-1
Fairing Assembly, Hi C4W1077-1
Stabilizer Assembly 204-071-610-1
Fitting Assembly, Sway Brace 204-071-605-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 204-030-104-001
Pin, Arm Stabilizing 204-062-877-1
Cowl Assembly, Aft E 204-060-882-121
Drip Pan And Blanket 114S1618-37
Window Panel, Aircraft 114S1723-18
Window Panel, Aircraft 114S1723-17
Cover, Latch Assembl 114S1632-53
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4P10066-3
Brace, Pylon 204-030-092-1
Hatch Assembly 916373-101
Fitting Assembly 128PM10810-13
Door, Access, Nose 918905-1
Door, Access, Nose 918905-2
Bundle, Wire 32-77032K233
Support, Entry Ladde 933633-102
Support, Entry Ladde 933633-101
Pan, Clearance, Floor 935096-101
Cam Follower, Sleeve 6-73505-1
Tail Cone Assembly 6-52420-27
Bracket, Stop 3F11754-103
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 32-012802-4
Duct Assembly 32-52032-35

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