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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Latch Assembly, Cockpit H339-1
Tube Assembly, Anti-icing 352114-16
Tube Assembly, Anti-icing 370917-11
Tube Assembly, Anti-icing 370917-12
Diffuser Assembly 353792-9
Diffuser Assembly 353792-10
Adapter, Conveyor A, 360898-1
Tube Assembly, Anti-icing 352113-9
Tube Assembly, Anti-icing 352113-10
Tube Assembly, Anti-icing 352114-15
Plate Assembly 22522
Bracket Support 22521
Interlock, Tiedown Rope IL97-2
Fitting Assembly, Ro 114S1871-1
Clevis Pin 114S1869-3
Shaft, Roller, Upper 114S1849-1
Plate, Aircraft Floor 114S1551-7
Fitting Assembly, Ro 114S1873-1
Fitting Assembly, Up 114S1872-1
Latch, Upper Cabin 114S1612-25
Floor, Aircraft 114S1552-3
Aluminum Bar, Latch 114S1632-35
Piston 114C1246-1
Cap And Adapter 204-060-540-7
Panel Assembly 12314-00
Valve Assembly, Butterfly C4P1746-3
Cup Assy, Drip Pan 114S1618-40
Shell Assembly, Fairing 114P5003-106
Fairing, Aircraft 114P5003-105
Support, Structural Component, Air 65-10689-4
Parts Kit, Aircraft Engine Build- 65-18891-1
Parts Kit, Aircraft Engine Build- 65-18891-3
Arm, Follow Up Linkage 69-51380-1
Ratchet, Forward Thrust Brake 66-1817
Balance Weight, Aileron 66-9900-1
Track, Thrust Reverser 69-10317
Fin, Horizontal, Fuel Tank 785396-2
Wing Assembly, Aircraft 792822-502
Arm Assy, Aileron 792973-1
Door, Aircraft 792985-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 793253-1
Bracket, Door Hatch 793426-1
Bracket, Door Latch 793426-2
Lever, Door Latch 793469-1
Terminal, Door Latch 793473-1
Terminal Door Latch 793473-3
Door, Step Assembly 114S5602-17
Door, Access, Aircraft 114S3904-5
Support, Hydraulic Lines 6775
Door, Access, Aircraft 114S4603-7
Strut Assembly, Pylon Fairing 114S4901-9
Splice Assembly, Pylon 114S4905-5
Adapter, Control Stick 114C1183-1
Fitting Assembly, Bell Crank 32-32460-1
Former Assembly, Engine 340-6220115-7
Track Assembly, Flap 265-180051-21
Tip, Aircraft 265-150002-11
Filler, Radius 66-10240-1
Bracket, Relief Valve 66-10856-807
Bracket, Oil Filter, Generator Dri 66-13178-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-17522-501
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-17522-502
Cover Assy, Electron 784086-35
Link, Rudder Servo 768208-5
Rack Assy, Underdeck 389261-1
Control Assy, Flap D 371522-5
Track, Main Landing 388997-9
Shield Assy, Nacelle 906206-101
Control Assembly, Flexible C4SC1016-3
Lever, Collective Control 204-001-603-1
Support Assembly 204-060-681-5
Bell Crank Assembly 204-060-791-9
Bell Crank 32-19751-302
Link Assembly, Wing 32-19752-303
Exhaust Assembly, Cooling 25-9666-3
Arm, Actuator Switch 39-17413-1
Lock Installation 6119956
Pad, Thrust Pin, Flap 4J33187-103A
Bell Crank 305-522266-11
Bell Crank 305-522266-12
Plenum, Engine Bay Cooling 3-55317-502
Bracket, Pulley, Wing 4C17989-105A
Bracket, Throttle Pulley 4C17990-105A
Panel, Underwing, Fillet 4W14761-143A
Panel, Underwing, Fillet 4W14761-106A
Panel, Underwing Fillet 4W14761-107A
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 32-18555-65
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-66
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-45
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-46
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-63
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-61
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-62
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-47
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-18555-48
Door, Access, Aircraft 32-31130-285
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 32-72304-3
Retainer, Release, Door 4E77032-101A
Bracket, Pulley, Cable 4C51979-102A
Panel Assembly, Fairing 4F53005-241A

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