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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 4822424-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 4822742-1
Enclosure Assy 5444909-601
Pan, Valve 5822390-7
Track, Ejection Seat MIL-STD-130F
Track, Ejection Seat 5824686-2
Well, Fuselage Mecha 5824751-1
Stub Assembly, Trailing Edge 5822957-1
Stub Assembly, Trailing Edge 5822957-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 5825144-3
Panel, Fireshield 936337-103
Panel, Fireshield 936337-101
Panel, Nacelle 907154-101
Panel Assy, Side 107S8307-219
Strap Assy, Cabin 107S8503-32
Panel Assy, Side 107S8307-217
Link Assy, Hinge 107S8425-46
Arm And Link Assemb 107S8425-38
Yoke Assembly, Clamshell 107S8425-57
Elevator Assy 205-030-856-37
Link Assy, Hinge 107S8425-64
Link Assy, Hinge 107S8425-48
Fitting 288-420017
Plate 288-480018-3
Elevator Assy 205-030-856-35
Link Assy, Hinge 107S8425-47
Link Assy, Hinge 107S8425-62
Yoke Assembly, Clamshell 107S8425-56
Duct, Cooling 32-83517-3
Flame Arrestor, E, Ha 934238-101
Parts Kit, Valve 626499
Support, Structural Component, Air 32-41110-5
Support Assembly, Be 114S1880-13
Well, Handle, Emergency Exit C4B1806-11
Former C4B1166-14
Former, Aircraft C4B1166-13
Fitting, Upper Fuselage 205-030-767-3
Former, Aircraft C4B1169-2
Former, Aircraft C4B1172-12
Panel, Structural, Aircraft C4B1181-2
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4B1174-15
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4B1174-16
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4B1174-14
Bracket, Structural Component, Air C4B1174-13
Bracket Assembly, Dr C4B1183S3
Duct Assembly, Nacel 922413-117
Duct Assy, Nacelle 922413-119
Shroud Assy, Nacelle 905238-101
Shroud Assy, Nacelle 905238-103
Shroud Assy, Nacelle 905237-103
Shroud Assy, Nacelle 905237-101
Duct Assembly 32-83114-29
Tube Assembly, Engine, Air Bleed 32-83114-30
Door Assy 32SB24304-7
Bell Crank 209-001-514-1
Guard, Fuel Probe 391348-1
Housing, Torque Shaft 391243-1
Former, Aircraft C4B1168-1
Former, Aircraft C4B1168-2
Counterweight A02S7103-37
Spring Seat A02S7103-11
Counterweight A02S7130-2
Bumper, Spring A02S7128-7
Case Assembly A02S7123-6
Coupling, Absorber A02S7128-4
Harness Assembly K683025-101
Skin, Aircraft 8-18163-8
Radome Assembly, Antenna 450A3400001-002
Fairing, Aircraft 3W10032-140
Door, Access, Aircraft 3P21682-135
Cover Assembly, Frame 3E42196-111
Cover Assembly, Frame 3E42196-112
Bumper, Latch, Main Landing Gear D 3F11807-103
Bumper, Latch, Main Landing Gear D 3F11807-104
Fitting, Frame, Aft Cowl 3P21512-104
Fitting, Frame, Aft Cowl 3P21512-103
Lever, Elevator, Aft 209-001-905-1
Fitting, Structural Component, Air C4B1402-1
Fitting, Shear Pin BD0757021-1
Fitting, Shear Pin BD0757021-10
Skin, Aircraft C4B1150-16
Stringer, Aircraft C4B1150-94
Stringer, Aircraft C4B1150-120
Leading Edge, Aircraft 3W32002-127
Leading Edge, Aircraft 3W32003-130
Leading Edge, Aircraft 3W32004-128
Fitting, Latch, Cargo Ramp 3F42302-101
Fitting, Latch, Cargo Ramp 3F42302-102
Rod Assembly, Nlg 762393-7
Wiring Chart 798797-101
Plate, Aircraft RB12582
Shroud, Inlet, Aircraft RD12405-1
Tube Assembly, Torque C4C1615-15
Cover Assy 121AVP10134-1
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 612466-1
Cable Assembly, Para C4B10115-1
Tank Assembly, Hub, R 114R2053-6
Fitting, Hinge, Door 204-030-763-3
Duct Assembly, Lower 205-070-434-3
Bracket Assembly, Aileron 205-070-236-1

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