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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fitting Support 107C2124-1
Handle, Pedal Adjust 249-52489-7
Platform Assy S6130-80051-1
Fairing Assy, Wing 128W20302-3
Hook And Lever Assembly C4B1145-1
Housing, Pylon 107S8326-303
Stiffener, Cabin Cro 114S2710-23
Panel, Aircraft 205-031-423-4
Panel, Aircraft 205-031-423-3
Cap Assembly, Tank PC3500-30
Bushing, Rear Cover S6135-20242-1
Seal, Shaft 3240
Sprocket 65303-03012-101
Bushing, Cable Tension 65301-03015-101
Panel, Overhead Cons 114E2042-8
Shaft 65404-03151-101
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 123HM40066-3
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 123HM40063-1
Seal, Engine Fairing 65302-12117-101
Cap Attachment, Former 114S3825-13
Beam, Pylon Support 501808
Fitting Assembly 501813
Support, Structural Component, Air 501814
Support, Tank Assemb 501817
Support, Structural Component, Air 501818
Fitting 501834
Adapter, Filler Cap 457-20-1
Hinge, Aircraft 69-33850-1
Panel, Nose Radar 3K10100-109
Panel Assembly 3E21011-301
Panel, Nose Radar 3K10099-109
Retainer, Cable, Anchor 3E52272-102
Retainer, Cable, Anchor 3E52272-101
Support, Structural Component, Air 3F32150-101
Cone Assembly, Nozzle 3P22507-141
Angle Assembly, Wing, Outer 7635343-5
Angle Assembly, Wing, Outer 7635343-9
Angle, Attachment, Outer 5115200-1404
Pylon, Aircraft 11699306
Pylon, Aircraft 11699307
Door, Access, Aircraft S6122-82456-5
Platform Assembly, Engine S6130-80051-3
Fitting Assy, Spon S6180-63151-005
Fitting Assy, Sponso S6180-63151-006
Fitting, Support S6180-63162-2
Floor, Aircraft S6120-63367-5
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft S6130-63075-001
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft S6130-63076-001
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft S6130-63077-001
Sponson Assembly S6180-63002-11
Sponson Assembly S6180-63002-10
Clamp Assembly, Firewall S6130-80166-001
Clamp Assembly, Firewall S6130-80166-002
Tailpipe Assy S6130-80169-001
Support, Throttle S6130-80095-002
Fitting, Flange 2F1-3-32343
Fitting, Flange 2F1-3-32341
Fitting, Flange 2F1-3-32340
Flange, Attachment, Molded Tank 2F1-3-32335
Link, Platform, Service S6130-80080-2
Fitting, Support S6180-63162-6
Drip Pan Assy A02S5003-34
Pylon Assembly, Tail Rotor S1620-64100-29
Drip Pan Assy 107S5311-13
Drip Pan Assy 107S5313-22
Floor, Aircraft S6107-20199-12
Fitting, Tail Cone S1607-2169-2
Tube Assy, Ejector S6134-62100-001
Chine, Sponson S6180-63139-001
Chine, Sponson S6180-63139-3
Cable Connector S6125-50241-010
Ring Assy S6120-63240-5
Flange, Attachment, Molded Tank 2F1-4-32336
Bracket, Control Engine S6130-80117-001
Deflector, Bleed Air S6130-80172-1
Ring, Seal, Engine Firewall S6130-80168-1
Nozzle Assy, Windshi 204-072-499-1
Insulation, Duct, Aircraft 32-11402-101
Plate, Structural, Aircraft FC102-301-3
Hinge Half, Inboard 32-11566-15
Hinge Half, Inboard 32-11566-12
Swivel Assy, Flap 32-69736-5
Swivel Assembly, Flap 32-69736-7
Support Assembly, Rudder 20-34250-301
Hinge, Aircraft 69-33850-2
Hinge, Aircraft 69-33850-3
Flap Hinge, Aileron 69-33850-10
Torque Tube, Door 12B9680-3
Arm Assyxbell Crank 12C105-3
Support, Structural Component, Air 12C593-3
Shield Assy, Glare, I 368883-9
Seal, Rain Removal N 638390
Stop, Handle, Spoiler 3C26234-101
Leading Edge, Aircraft 338329-25
Leading Edge, Aircraft 338329-26
Collar, Strut 65302-12049-101
Latch, Strut 65302-12050-001
Nacelle Panel Assembly 65302-12012-041
Catch, Engine Nacelle 65302-12030-081
Catch, Engine Nacelle 65302-12031-081

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