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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Block Assy, Panel K686730-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 901096-119
Door Assy, Bomb Bay 901096-117
Bracket, Hose, Torque 6-43677-2
Fitting, Landing Gear Uplock 32-31143-33
Spacer Assembly, Pylon 53-73205-1
Fairing, Aircraft 32-84086-79
Bushing, Wing Pivot Joint 12W426-13
Guide, Flap Track 12W8285-25
Guide, Translating Track 12W8895-13
Guide, Translating Track 12W8895-15
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8990-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 12W8990-10
Guide, Carriage, Auxiliary Flap 12W8993-7
Guide, Carriage, Auxiliary Flap 12W8993-8
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 12W8685-25
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 12W8685-26
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 12P234-1
Housing, Valve Air 12P238-9
Bushing, Wing Pivot Joint 12W426-9
Cam, Centering 32-84013-9
Seal, Nose Door S6120-61188-14
Lever, Pitch Feel Assembly 12C1737-1
Gasket, Support Assemblies Rudder 12C272-11
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12E2127-7
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12F4091-19
Support, Structural Component, Air 12E151-83
Support, Structural Component, Air 12M4822-1
Seal Assembly, Eject 540P1088-51
Door, Aircraft 3F30105-261
Door, Aircraft 760787-159
Door, Aircraft 760787-160
Door, Aircraft 793518-9
Door, Aircraft 793518-10
Door, Access, Aircraft 765683-39
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 783991-1
Rib, Airfoil 785746-501
Rib, Airfoil 785746-502
Bracket 205-060-020-007
Panel Assembly, Wing CV15-920024-242
Spool And Sleeve, Set Matched 3227013-1
Adapter, Battery Drain 10-001-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-18626-507
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-18626-508
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-18626-509
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-18626-510
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-18626-511
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-18626-512
Prop Assy, Cover 761983-13
Retainer, Seal 765662-11
Hatch Assembly 765677-85
Door Assy, Main Gear 793432-31
Fitting Assy, Main G 797746-2
Bell Crank 33-61064-301
Support, Structural Component, Air 33-61111-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 65-25281-17
Door, Access, Aircraft 65-25281-18
Door, Access, Aircraft 5-86312-162
Door, Access, Aircraft 5-86312-115
Bracket Assembly, Drive 90-2925-5
Weight, Elevator Rudder 69-10063
Weight, Elevator Rudder 69-10063-5
Weight, Elevator Rudder 69-10063-3
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-96735-4
Housing Assembly, Latch Pin 6-84343-2
Housing, Flap Control 65-12047-5
Mount Assembly, Support 66-10724-4
Mount Assembly, Support 66-10724-2
Bracket, Hose Support 69-11966-2
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 69-16866-1
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 66-11243-1
Bracket, Engine Fuel Line 65-23859-3
Bracket, Wire Support 69-17672-2
Support, Structural Component, Air 90-5581-3001
Bracket Assembly, Support 65-19717-2
Tube Assembly, Fuel 204-060-636-021
Support, Structural Component, Air 204-060-102-9
Fitting, Lock 128WM10328-7
Fitting, Lock 128WM10328-8
Fitting, Hinge 128WM10327-1
Fitting, Hinge 128WM10527-4
Fitting, Lock 128WM10326-7
Fitting, Lock 128WM10326-8
Fitting, Hinge 128WM10525-3
Fitting, Hinge 128WM10525-4
Rod End, Dashpot 128CVM10121-5
Fitting, Dashpot 128CVM10122-1
Fitting, Dashpot 128CVM10123-3
Fitting, Dashpot 128CVM10124-1
Cylinder, Dashpot 128CVM10126-1
Liner, Dashpot 128CVM10128-1
Fitting Assembly 128BM10215-6
Fitting Assembly 128BM10215-5
Fitting, Support 128BM10114-1
Fitting Assembly 128BM11099-1
Door Assembly 128B10527-3
Fitting, Door 128BM10653-3
Fitting Assembly 128BM10808-1
Fitting, Hinge 128BM10611-4
Skin, Leading Edge 128B11600-21

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