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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Skin, Leading Edge 128B11600-23
Skin, Leading Edge 128B11600-25
Skin, Leading Edge 128B11600-27
Skin, Leading Edge 128B11600-31
Skin, Leading Edge 128B11600-33
Blanket Assembly, Firewall 2-12330-105
Fairing, Aircraft C4W1808-1
Tank, Lubrication Oil, Wing Center C4P1050-7
Guard, Chain, Cargo Door C4BM10270-1
Guard, Chain, Cargo Door C4BM10269-1
Tube Assembly, Urinal Drain 388974-13
Tube Assembly, Urinal 388974-17
Tube Assembly, Urinal 388974-19
Panel, Cargo Floor Curb 389139-1
Panel, Cargo Floor Curb 389140-1
Cap And Adapter Assembly 416-187
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 370885-5
Door, Access, Aircraft 364274-501
Clampblock 728506-1
Canopy, Fixed 787679-5
Repair Kit, Structural 114SK914-1
Parts Kit, Structural 114SK915-1
Stabilizer, Horizontal 5-72326-5
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 5-87157-222
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 5-87157-221
Stabilizer, Vertical 65-13328-11
Stabilizer, Horizontal 50-8287-22
Stabilizer, Horizontal 50-8287-21
Stabilizer, Horizontal 5-72326-6
Bracket Assy, Contro 765345-3
Gasket, Air Duct 769907-3
Louver Assy, E, Haust 779454-501
Louver Assy, E, Haust 779454-502
Cover, Access, Aircraft 787461-35
Cover, Control Cable 787721-1
Duct Assy, Air 788359-3
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 788517-501
Cap Assembly, Fuel T FC3500-256
Enclosure Assembly 5444909-593
Skin, Aircraft 128W10202-3
Cover Assembly 128BH10017-1
Bracket, Inner Chamber 32-15410-301
Bracket, Inner Chamber 32-15410-302
Spring, Torsion 32-31757-5
Parts Kit, Radiation 2818211
Arm, Dump Valve 98PM1841-1
Roller 128CSM10660-1
Window Assembly, Win CV21-480022-118
Window Assembly, Win CV21-480022-117
Fitting Assembly 128BM10033-1
Ball 128WM10149-1
Line, Fuel System 4016115-1
Plate, Door 2-11801-17
Plate, Door 2-11801-19
Plate, Door 2-11801-56
Shield, Combination Valve 2-72015-505
Cover Bo, Xcontrol P 789288-1
Pad, Striker Control 114H3038-2
Tee, Shear Access Do 786583-1
Clampblock-plumbing 789823-1
Clamp, Tube Support 789984-1
Guide, Roller, Canopy 793231-1
Pin, Door 794609-1
Link, Stabilizer 794646-1
Bracket Assy, Fusela 794647-1
Swivel, Spring 794650-1
Cover, Box Control 795614-101
Panel Assy, E, Haust 795706-3
Pin, Support Hatch 795751-1
Tube Assembly, Air, Cockpit 796148-1
Elbow Assembly, Air, Cockpit 796154-7
Cover, Dust, Aft Cockpit 796173-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 796176-7
Outlet Assembly, Cockpit 796277-1
Structure Assembly 769170-71
Seal, Surge Box 358084-3
Seal, Surge Box 358085-3
Pin, Sliding Window S6120-61329-7
Retainer, Spring S6120-61403-5
Push Rod, Canopy Window S6120-61255-7
Retainer, Door Handl S6120-62142-4
Ring Assembly, Oil Tank Mounting 5524
Leaf, Hinge, Access D 128BM20028-4
Leaf, Hinge, Access D 128BM20028-8
Sway Brace Assembly, External Sto 204-071-527-7
Bracket, Aft Firewall 204-060-944-1
Sway Brace Assembly, External Sto 204-071-527-1
Duct Assembly, Cockpit 114E4055-7
Duct Assembly, Cockpit 114E4055-9
Stabilizer, Vertical 775788-505
Cable Assembly 67362-1
Valve, Latching 57888
Cover, Weapons Syste 121WSP10005-15
Duct Assembly 2502273-101
Cap, Flap Closure 32-18504-52
Cap, Flap Closure 32-18504-51
Bolt Assembly 3679510-501
Glass Assembly, Cano 249-318906-3
Glass Assembly, Cano 249-318906-5
Shroud Assembly, Duct 3-54356-503

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