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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Flap Assembly, Wing 26-910087-1
Flap Assembly, Wing 26-910087-2
Fairing, Flap 26-910087-48
Trailing Edge Assy 26-910090-1
Trailing Edge Assy 26-910090-2
Duct Assembly, Flap 26-910178-3
Duct Assembly, Flap 26-910178-4
Support Assy, Wing 26-910505-4
Link Assy, Flap 26-910547-1
Door, Aircraft 30-520028-18
Duct Assy, Aileron 30-710003-3
Duct Assy, Aileron 30-710003-4
Duct Assy, Aileron 30-710003-6
Duct Assy, Aileron 30-710003-8
Panel Assy, Aircraft 29-920024-35
Duct Assy, Aileron 26-710003-75
Rib, Drag Chute 32-33256-3
Rib, Drag Chute Compartment 32-33255-3
Support, Rudder Pedal 32-64043-9
Bracket, Dragchute Frame 32-33254-6
Bracket, Dragchute Frame 32-33254-5
Angle, Frame Drag Chute 32-33257-7
Rib, Drag Chute 32-33257-11
Rib, Drag Chute 32-33257-64
Rib, Drag Chute 32-33257-15
Skin, Aircraft 32-33145-3
Skin, Aircraft 32-33145-4
Skin, Aircraft 32-33253-69
Skin, Aircraft 32-33253-70
Rib, Tail Cone 32-33253-71
Rib, Tail Cone 32-33253-72
Rib, Tail Cone 32-33253-611
Angle, Floor Tail Cone 32-33261-79
Angle, Floor Tail Cone 32-33261-49
Angle, Floor Tail Cone 32-33261-51
Angle, Floor Tail Co 32-33261-50
Angle, Floor Tail Cone 32-33261-52
Support, Floor Tail 32-33261-67
Guide, Translating Track 12W8885-19
Guide, Translating Track 12W8885-20
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 12L217-3
Fitting Assy, Hinge 12W2758-1
Cover, Side Seal 12W2749-7
Bracket, Service Platform S6120-62291-007
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 204-075-266-5
Support Assembly, Collective Cont 205-001-303-1
Yoke Assembly, Cargo 204-072-902-5
Bumper, Cargo Suspension 204-072-901-001
Stop, Collective Cylinder 205-001-103-001
Panel Assembly, Bott S1620-62146-3
Ring, Aircraft S11053-18
Housing Assembly, Antenna 4012158-2
Panel Assembly, Canopy 2-13201-53
Cap, Panel 9-64064-5
Cap, Panel 9-64064-6
Seal, Door 240-8210036-0
Support Assembly, Mixing Lever 204-001-343-1
Fairlead, Cable, Control 204-001-856-1
Pin Assembly, Elevator 265-220424
Nut, Jam CSC550
Bushing CSC553
Elevator, Aircraft 205-030-856-21
Elevator, Aircraft 205-030-856-19
Tube, Nozzle Erection 9-31483-1
Bracket Assembly, Cable 69-11167-5
Stop, Valve Arm Land 796910-1
Track, Main Landing 388997-1
Track, Main Landing 388997-2
Manifold Assembly, Outlet 389154-5
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft 123P10103-9
Cowl Assembly 123P10370-1
Truss Assembly 123CVM10004-1
Door, Aircraft 123W10480-1
Fin, Inboard 123CS10009-1
Rudder, Outboard 123CS10012-2
Rudder, Inboard 123CS10014-3
Seal, Window C4B1160-23
Strut 134P10103-13
Track, Pilot And Co-pilot Seat 204-070-098-003
Oil Cooler Body, The 205-060-537-1
Bracket Assembly, Stowage, Cargo 204-072-084-001
Bracket Assembly, Upper Switch 204-070-582-1
Bracket Assembly, Lower Switch 204-070-584-001
Hardware Kit, Honeyc 0926-1
Hinge, Platform S6120-60918-6
Idler, Forward Door 8-448661
Support, Structural Component, Air 8-44874-1
Outlet Assembly, Wing 5334370-500
Strip, Trailing Edge 341310-1
Seal Assembly, Air D 114E2158-10
Duct Assembly, Air S 114E2158-5
Door Assy A02S8001-59
Door, Access, Aircraft 128B11443-283
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 65307-03081-081
Panel Assy A02P4007-2
Skid, Pellet A02P4007-12
Clamp, Pellet A02P4007-17
Lock Assy TL153C
Fitting, Level Contr A02P4012-1
Cap Assy 436-19

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