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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rubbing Block, Fairing A51B20114-25
Panel Assembly, Flap 962167-103
Panel Assembly, Flap 962165-103
Skin Assy, Bonded 962166-103
Panel Assembly, Flap 962167-104
Panel Assembly, Aileron 962168-104
Fitting Assembly A51B86501-1
Duct Assembly, Fuselage A51B24003-7
Fairing, Fin Tip A51F96010-411
Panel Assembly, Flap 962165-104
Fitting, Ramp A51B86507-1
Fitting, Ramp A51B86507-2
Closure, Inlet Duct A51B86009-1
Rod Assembly, Cover, Aircraft A51B92039-13
Rod Assembly, Door A51B92039-11
Door, Access, Aircraft A51GSR60-200
Panel Assembly, Aileron 962164-104
Fitting, Ramp A51B86505-1
Tray Assembly 53G87582-3
Chin Dome Assembly 53G970475-1
Pylon, Aircraft 65307-08189-041
Pylon, Aircraft 65307-08191-041
Rib, Airfoil 1281664-105
Retainer, Door Assy 65207-04001-121
Access Panel, Pylon 65207-09001-043
Former, Aircraft 5-96183-2110
Mount Assembly, Pitot Tube 209-070-186-3
Rib, Airfoil 1280663-113
Adapter Assembly, Main Fuel Tank 5113727-2
Coupling Assembly, Cowl 1119089-1
Plug Assembly AC37B4095&2
Stiffener, Duct, Right Hand 3P22537-228
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33076-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33076-4
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33076-7
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33076-8
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33251-6
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33251-7
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33251-8
Lock Assembly, Brake And Rudder P 160D123160-1
Rack, Adjustment, Rudder 160D123162-11
Rocker Assembly, Rudder 160D123110-1
Rocker Assembly, Rudder 160D123110-2
Support Assembly, Skid Block, Ramp 3F32213-101
Rack Assembly, Intra-formation Se 7132106-10
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-33087-5
Panel Assembly, Aileron 802771-101
Panel Assembly, Aileron 802771-102
Panel Assembly, Aileron 802772-101
Panel Assembly, Aileron 962164-103
Panel Assembly, Aileron 916714-101
Panel Assembly, Aileron 802772-102
Panel Assembly, Aileron 962168-103
Fitting Assembly, Sidewinder, Laun A51B25624-1
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B86002-1
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B86003-1
Rib, Airfoil 1280664-105
Window Panel, Aircraft 7425100-10
Window Panel, Aircraft 7425097-10
Louver, Lower Door A51B18532-11
Fitting, Actuator-inlet Duct A51B86512-1
Fitting, Actuator-inlet Duct A51B86500-1
Fitting Assembly, Inlet Duct A51B86513-1
Door Assembly 1206200-101
Fitting, Forward Hinge-inlet Duct A51B86502-1
Fairing Assembly, Sidewinder Adap A51B25168-3
Fitting, Forward Hinge-inlet Duct A51B86506-1
Adapter, Pylon, Aircraft A51B25015-3
Adapter, Pylon, Aircraft A51B25015-4
Flap, Leading Edge 1289252-111
Flap, Leading Edge 1289252-112
Door, Access, Aircraft 1205391-109
Retainer, Wingfold Fairing 1280671-101
Flap, Wing Landing 1281170-103
Pressure Pad, Air Induction 7144697-01
Arm, A1ler0n 4199202-7
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 500056-13
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F73751-105A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F73135-109A
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 35-33092-4
Latch Assembly, Aircraft 39-27049-1
Lock, Indicator 39-25956-501
Support, Structural Component, Air 39-27041-1
Frame Assembly, Light 9-64387
Drum, Control 5-67923
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 64-8327-374
Former, Aircraft 64-8327-145
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 64-8327-11
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 64-8327-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 5-84456-21
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33091-50
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33091-52
Stay Assembly, Door 215-30327-4
Bracket, Litter Track 376377-2R
Bracket, Litter Track 376377-2L
Cover, Sump Assembly 160D145112-13
Bracket, Mike Switch 206-031-215-11
Post, Windshield 206-031-160-25
Support Assy, Antenn 206-032-453-15
Bracket, Support 206-032-453-31

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