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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rib, Airfoil 53G970808-32
Frame, Shroud Assembly 117&00521&5
Frame, Shroud Assembly 117&00521&11
Door, Aircraft 65-19137-122S
Door, Aircraft 65-19137-123S
Door, Aircraft 65-19137-125S
Door, Aircraft 65-19137-126S
Drum, Control 69-1919-2
Shaft, Imput 65-11841-1
Flap, Wing Landing 65-18441-68
Shaft 65207-01017-102
Support Assy 65207-01011-041
Support Assy 65207-01011-042
Former, Fin Tip A51B96176-411
Support, Fairing A51B20238-15
Shim, Wing Cover A51B47000-23
Support, Fairing A51B20238-19
Support, Upper Roll 123BM10412-2
Pad, Fairing A51B20270-30
Pad, Fairing A51B20270-29
Strip Assembly, Canopy A51B15020-1
Door Assembly, Nose K633065-401
Retainer, Mud Guard Assembly 346901-74
Fitting End 3F11796&101
Bracket, Shaft 65-2389-5
Door, Aircraft 65-19137-124S
Ring Assembly 53-012897-20
Flap, Wing Landing 65-19198-16S
Door, Aircraft 65-1060-28
Flap, Wing Landing 5-87851-3127
Flap, Wing Landing 5-87851-3128
Door, Aircraft 65-1057-37
Grip, Pilot Windshiedl Bow A51F14600-13
Bracket, Switch And Tubing Suppor 396122-1
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft A51B20239-28
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft A51B20239-27
Manifold Assembly, Rain Removal 6-56650-1
Ejector, Louver, Fuselage 7347260-03
Retainer, Pressure Door, Fuselage 4F54316-101C
Support, Ladder, Crew Entry 4F73135-111A
Support, Ladder, Crew Entry 4F73135-106A
Bracket, Pulley 50-1455
Fairing, Aircraft 7347260-30
Tip, Aircraft 4J20000-101A
Tip, Aircraft 4J20000-102A
Door, Aircraft 65-1057-38
Support, Loop 206-032-453-21
Panel Assembly, Flap 40-1300-2
Doubler Assembly, Skin 5-96330-216
Flap, Wing Landing 65-18441-67S
Door, Aircraft 65-1058-53
Door, Aircraft 65-1058-54
Modification Kit, Airframe 204-704-068-1
Guard, Heel Rest Assembly 134FP82000-27
Pad, Cradle Engine 3S30009-253
Clamp, Tube Support A51L92059-23
Doubler Assembly A51L30100-12
Doubler Assembly A51L30100-11
Door, Access, Aircraft 160D115004-27
Support Assembly, Torque Shaft 371523-2
Holder Assembly 372132-1
Support, Sidewall Seat Back 374918-1
Support, Seat Back 374919-2
Beam, Outboard Flap 32-19713-23
Block, Ramp Positive Lock 7435227-01
Streamer Assembly 7533523-10
Flap, Wing Landing 65-19198-15S
Door, Aircraft 65-19137-121S
Cartridge Assembly 69-23010-1
Frame, Aircraft 204-70111-1
Frame, Aircraft 204-70112-1
Aileron 5-88190-3173
Aileron 5-88190-3192
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-5346-17
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-5346-18
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-5347-13
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-5347-14
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33091-48
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-33091-49
Door, Access, Aircraft 5-84456-25
Panel Assembly, Trailing Edge 35-33092-3
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-87140-3024
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 5-87421-3056
Torque Tube Assembly 3F40459-104
Torque Tube Assembly 3F40459-103
Fairing, Aircraft 3T0035-179
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 64-8327-160
Elevator, Aircraft 65-48584-10
Aileron 5-86072-3104
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3020
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3003
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3004
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3005
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3006
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3007
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3008
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3011
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3012
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3015
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 65-30007-3016

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