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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Angle 32-18510-8
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 66-1038
Clip Assembly, Oxygen 204-40835-2
Plug, Control Rod 69-39702-1
Tee, Door Access 32-32046-1377
Support Tube, Gun Bay Door 18-10818-3
Guard Assembly 160D960343-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 160D637182-1
Door Assembly 160D313009-21
Door Assembly 160D315001-23
Door, Access, Aircraft 160D315001-25
Collar, Elevator 160D521122-15
Fitting Support 160D950238-11
Fitting Assembly 160D950512-1
Gusset, Leading Edge 32-18521-14
Skin, Aircraft 32-32049-96
Ring, Tie-down 18457-00
Rib Assembly, Wing 40530-08
Cell, Reticulated Fo FCD57914-1
Cell, Reticulated Fo FCD58869-1
Link Assembly, Nonal 160D136110-1
Skin, Aircraft 42027-08
Door, Access, Aircraft 18-10803-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 18-10848-603
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 65-3409-19
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 204-30363-1
Strap Assembly, Tie 66-24757-6
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 65-20697-6
Striker, Leading Edg 66-12678-12
Rod Assembly, Trim T 69-11426-2
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-70052-8
Raceway Assembly, Lo 204-70257-2
Raceway Assembly, Up 204-70257-3
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-70259-1
Cam Follower Assembly, Crash Reco 204-83117-1
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 66-10725-2
Pivot, Rudder Torque Tube 32-64042-3
Stiffener, Door 32-11009-22
Rail, Seat Aircraft 32-31937-6
Cap Assembly, Leading Edge 32-31044-816
Seal, Wing Root, Fairing To Strake 16W289-13
Regulator, Tension, Horizontal Sta 2-73112-507
Cover, Protector 18-54867-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 18-70027-5
Rod Assembly 2-10221-9
Housing, Forward Ramp 4F51663-101A
Hook And Switch Assembly 160D136100-11
Crank Assembly 160D136100-13
Support Assembly, Door Actuation 160D136115-1
Strip, Flap Carriage 69-29106-2
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-96732-3054
Canopy, Movable 2-13300-519
Bell Crank 18-54870-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 18-10813-602
Cover Assembly, Forward Wing 32-30360-305
Bracket Assembly, Throttle 5-96133-1
Bracket Assembly, Throttle 5-96133-2
Cover, Radar Beacon, Communication 18-61303-1
Housing, Lock Cargo Ramp 4F53819-101B
Housing, Aft Ramp Lock 4F53820-101B
Seal Assembly, Aircondition Syste 11349-7-13
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 90-2894-1
Manifold, Air 204-40496-1
Manifold, Air 204-40496-2
Collar, Escape Slide 65-52702-1AW
Cover, Door Corner F 66-35017-4
Cover, Door Corner Forward Aircra 66-35017-6
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-96734-3006
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 65-3680-32
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-89341-3009
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 5-89344-42
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 6-65209-2000
Seal Strip, Fixed Pa 60-3011-2002
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 65-29337-12
Angle 3P21786-110
Angle 3P21786-108
Door Subassembly, Aft Cowl 3P21786-106
Strap Assembly, Tie 66-24757-5
Fitting, Drag Brace 18-10454-2
Fitting Assembly, Launch 94400-9
Repair Kit, Nose Gear SKA44472
Cleat, Aircraft F276810
Cleat, Aircraft F276811
Rod Assembly, Door A51B18036-59
Cover, Shelf Assembly A51B16059-3
Diverter Assembly A51P30148-1
Screen, Engine Cowl 206-061-804-59
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-70050-9
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-70219-7
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-70225-1
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-70266-20
Retainer, Seal, Door 204-30359-8
Track Grip, Balance 90-2472-1
Retainer, Seal, Balan 5-97218-24
Modification Kit, Airframe 205-704-061-1
Channel, Right Hand, Fuel Access 53-11025-46
Ring, Electric, Compa 762447
Housing, Dummy Modul 123D5113P7
Door, Air Inlet-gun Gas Purging 18-54804-1
Shaft, Deflector 18-54879-1

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