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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Mount, Windshield Wiper 1513094-1
Frame, Aircraft 16B4232-801
Hinge, Connector Door 16B6569-9
Bracket Assembly, Door Support 16B1827-11
Cap, Bulkhead Stiffener End 16B1945-13
Cap, Bulkhead Stiffener End 16B1945-9
Cover Assembly, Strake 16B5517-811
Cover, Defuel And Refuel 16B5565-1
Conversion Kit, Pylon, Aircraft 14-28130-501
Conversion Kit, Pylon, Aircraft 14-28230-501
Former, Aircraft 32-32223-37
Skin, Aircraft 16B6530-65
Skin, Aircraft 16B6530-52
Channel, Stowage 783270-1
Jackscrew Assembly AA4920-2603-11
Bracket Assembly, Pa 767873-1
Bulkhead, Fuselage Left Hand 16B1261-45
Support, Aft Fuselage, Left Hand 3-11784-9
Support, Aft Fuselage, Right Hand 3-11784-10
Door, Access, Aircraft 209-032-124-7
Boot Assembly, Stick Stitched 8-42571
Trough, Gun 16B1837-3
Trough, Gun 16B1837-23
Support, Structural Component, Air 16B1837-71
Cover, Gun Trough 16B1837-57
Closure, Fuel Bulkhead 16B2809-10
Closure, Fuel Bulkhead 16B2809-11
Door, Connector And Throttle 16B6568-10
Leading Edge, Nacelle Diverter 16B4821-10
Door, Ground Service 16B1577-3
Handle Assembly, Shutoff A51F12627-7
Handle Assembly, Shutoff A51F12627-8
Fairing, Wing, Aircraft A51B20213-25
Support, Structural Component, Air 16K2623-14
Support, Structural Component, Air 16K2621-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 16K2623-13
Support, Structural Component, Air 16B1862-7
Longeron 16B2101-23
Pylon, Aircraft 1286080-119
Skin, Aircraft 16B2305-7
Skin, Aircraft 16B1318-21
Rack Assembly 14-51401-3
Support, Duct, Inertial Navigation 14-54258-1
Sleeve, Pin Retainer 66-3884
Door Assembly 16B6545-3
Fitting, Nacelle Support 16B1260-17
Frame, Nacelle 16B4212-1
Corner Fitting, Rear Canopy 18-13306-1
Fitting, Corner, Rear Canopy 18-13306-2
Floor Assembly, Access Panel, Forw 4F52077-129A
Crank Assembly, Alternate Release 18-40731-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 16B2520-5
Protection Block Se 63-1561
Web, Assembly 9-61735-4
Web, Assembly 9-61734-4
Web, Assembly 9-61729-5
Web, Assembly 9-61730-5
Web, Assembly 9-61731-5
Plate, Brake Spring 6-64618-1
Beam, Center 90-4024-2
Beam, Aft 90-4024-4
Beam, Forward 90-4024-6
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 204-20056-3
Ballast Weights, Fuselage 32G970112-41
Channel, Airframe 53-32035-5
Beam, Duct 16B4406-12
Strake, Leading Edge 16B1822-65
Fitting, Frame Fuselage Lower 16B6863-10
Fitting, Frame Fuselage Lower 16B6863-9
Fitting, Frame Fuselage Lower 16B6865-7
Equipment Bay Assembly, Forward 16B111-819
Bulkhead, Installation Fuselage 16B1270-33
Frame, Aircraft 16B1263-3
Cap, Bulkhead Stiffener End 16B1945-7
Cover, Strake 16B1555-825
Frame, Inlet Duct 16B4231-1
Frame Assembly, Duct 16B4250-3
Cover Assembly, Strake 16B5516-811
Cover Assembly, Strake 16B5517-812
Pylon, Aircraft 16S601-3
Strut, Vapor Barrier 4P29094-111A
Stop Lock, Gun Gas Deflector 18-54872-7
Doubler, Lower, Wing Tip 7747320-03
Doubler, Upper, Wing Tip 7747320-01
Crank Assembly, Outboard Spoiler 12H1374-801
Pin, Crank Assembly 12H1386-7
Pin, Crank Assembly 12H1386-9
Fairing, Aircraft 16B5516-25
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 7531131-01
Skin, Aircraft 5-85654-16
Skin, Aircraft 16B1311-13
Door Assembly, Gap 34-1279-507
Frame, Aircraft 53-310085-53
Track, Roller Canopy Hinge 16K2681-9
Track, Roller Canopy Hinge 16K2681-10
Bracket Assembly, Hinge Canopy 16K2682-4
Bracket Assembly, Hinge Canopy 16K2682-3
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 160D712553-5
Fairing, Aircraft 16F0285-815
Fairing, Aircraft 16F0171-31

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