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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stud Assembly, Seat Rail Hinge 16K2334-1
Stud Assembly, Seat Rail Hinge 16K2334-2
Latch Assembly, Stop Engine Mount 16P1116-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 160D317004-23
Support, Structural Component, Air 160D145103-3
Track, Mission Crew 204-40856-21
Pad, Insulation 132H27196-15L
Door Assembly, Starter Cartridge 53-11046-50
Seal, Rib Trailing Edge 53-11029-11
Hinge, Flap Trailing Edge, Center 68A113150-2004
Hinge, Wing Section 68A113151-2008
Striker, Canopy Sequence 68A351077-2001
Striker, Canopy Sequence 68A351077-2003
Skin, Antenna 3475-8000
Skin, Antenna 3475-8001
Door, Access, Aircraft 962964-101
Hinge Assembly, Forward 962829-101
Hinge Assembly, Forward 962829-102
Hinge Assembly, Aft 962830-101
Hinge Assembly, Aft 962830-102
Panel, Main Beam, Right Hand 209-032-202-3
Skin, Aircraft A51B49024-21
Skin, Aircraft 53G970672-8
Skin, Aircraft 53G970678-11
Manifold, Fluid, Aircraft 128HM10299-1
Former, Door Assembly 53-39243-71
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 160J611011-1
Truss Assembly, Arresting Hook 128CVM30002-7
Ring-duct Support 65-10606-204
Trailing Edge Assembly 160D891508-3
Fairing, Aircraft 160D611521-R87
Funnel, Drain, Hydraulic Overboard 68A690762-2011
Fairing, Aircraft 160D410000-19
Skin, Aircraft 68A324702-2017
Skin, Aircraft 68A324702-2018
Door, Access, Aircraft 215-70376-7
Cap Strip 64-8327-113
Cap Strip 64-8327-117
Cap Strip 64-8327-118
Frame, Aircraft 64-8327-13
Latch Frame 64-8327-3802
Manifold, Refuel 68A581168-1001
Leading Edge, Wing 68A118002-2003
Leading Edge, Aircraft 68A118002-2004
Container, Airraft E 14-06905-1
Skin, Side, Water Tank 12B3676-19
Beam, Radome 921028-7
Beam, Radome 921028-9
Beam, Radome 921108-1
Beam, Radome 921028-3
Fairing, Aircraft 12B10917-10
Fairing, Aircraft 12B10917-11
Bell Crank 50-20359-15
Stiffener, Rh, Bulkhe 50-440028-70
Stiffener, Lh, Bulkhe 50-440028-77
Stiffener, Lh, Bulkhe 50-440028-69
Insulation Half 128EC51033-17
Panel, Access Lh 128B11443-313
Speed Brake, Aircraft 128CS10011-24
Seal, Aft Edge, Inlet A51B86012-411
Fitting, Fin Tip A51B96560-11
Tip Assembly, Fin A51B96262-1
Fairing Assembly, Wing-hinge 128W10575-2
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 61200-63048-045
Track-lower 65-1200-10
Rib, Center Stabilizer 32-21065-27
Zee, Access Door 53-39295-37
Stiffener, Door Assembly 53-11025-15
Angle, Seal Assembly 32-32431-13
Skin, Aircraft 53-310165-8
Fitting Assembly 9080860
Strap, Fatigue 53G970773-13
Skin, Aircraft 53G970880-5
Doubler, Bulkhead 50-440028-79
Modification Kit, Airframe 1560UH1-897
Modification Kit, Airframe 1560UH1-864
Leading Edge And Antenna Assembl 209-077-202-3
Guide Ring 64-8327-1077
Latch Frame 64-8327-53
Latch Frame 64-8327-54
Latch Frame 64-8327-647
Latch Frame 64-8327-648
Channel-fire Seal 64-8327-674
Cap Strip 64-8327-827
Track, Mission Crew 204-40856-22
Splice, Transparent Canopy Sectio 68A350800-2003
Guide, Inboard Pylon 68A112325-2001
Support, Hinge 68A360121-2019
Support, Structural Component, Air 16P1113-9
Frame, Aircraft 64-8327-56
Angle, Fuel Tank Floor 7531292-42
Stiffener, Aircraft 32-31217-91
Fairing, Aircraft 68A327001-1014
Fairing, Aircraft 68A327001-1013
Hinge, Flap, Trailing Edge, Center 68A113150-2003
Hinge, Wing Section, Inner 68A113151-2007
Hinge, Wing Section, Inner Trailin 68A113151-2006
Hinge, Wing Section, Inner Trailin 68A113151-2005
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 160D514106-47
Panel, Structural, Aircraft 160D514106-49

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