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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Aug 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket, Idler Pulley 4C51945-102A
Link, Cable Fuel Shutoff 4C20036-101A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4J32009-109A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4J32009-110A
Duct, Vent, Heat 300-533320-22
Fairing, Stabilizer 305-321019-4
Rod, Tension, Canopy 3-13635-1
Cover Assembly, Dust, Forward Cock 53-80512-27
Brush Assembly, Panel 53-81035-15
Longeron 32-33050-19
Skin, Aircraft 215-20100-5
Skin, Aircraft 215-20100-6
Door, Access, Aircraft 12B13352-10
Tube Assembly, Fuel Drain 3P16066-107
Stop Assembly, Door 3P22538-101
Beam, Fuselage 3E51054-103
Fitting, Anchor, Beam 3E52437-101
Door, Access, Aircraft 32G32061-69
Radome K631502-1
Blanket Assembly, Ac 114ES023-7
Blanket, Acoustical 114ES022-32
Pipe, Exhaust 47-614-055-1
Bracket Assembly, Bulkhead 204-031-708-109B
Bracket Assembly, Bulkhead 204-031-708-109A
Skin, Aircraft 204-031-624-5G
Receptacle, Litter Stanchion 204-031-923-2A
Longeron 204-030-619-115A
Longeron 204-030-619-117A
Skin And Frame Assembly 204-030-651-53B
Bulkhead Assembly, Forward 205-030-708-3A
Floor, Aircraft 205-031-262-003A
Floor, Aircraft 205-031-262-4A
Panel, Radio Rack 205-031-331
Bulkhead Assembly, Fitting 205-031-709-8A
Cap, Beam, Fuselage 205-030-164-291
Cap, Beam, Fuselage 205-030-164-275
Cap, Beam, Fuselage 205-030-164-237
Cap, Beam, Fuselage 205-030-164-227
Frame, Windshield 204-030-654-57A
Nose Assembly, Cabin 205-030-009-43B
Door, Access, Aircraft 216-60215-47
Skin, Aircraft 216-60215-49
Skin, Aircraft 216-60215-50
Support Assy, Access 216-20485-2
Support, Structural Component, Air SRS216-20651-3
Door Assembly 218-20034-5
Skin, Aircraft 218-20034-2
Cover, Access, Aircraft 218-20042-3
Cover, Access, Aircraft 218-20042-4
Skin, Aircraft 218-20151-3
Skin, Aircraft 218-20151-5
Skin, Duct 218-20151-82
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-20151-88
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-20151-89
Fairing, Right Hand 216-20150-86
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-20150-2
Door, Access, Aircraft 218-20150-3
Fairing, Lip, Fuselag 218-20150-31
Support, Bulkhead 216-20642-2
Panel, Fuselage 215-20033-6
Skin, Aircraft 215-20033-113
Skin, Aircraft 215-20033-114
Door, Access, Aircraft 216-20074-123
Fitting, Fuselage 216-20556-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 216-20071-3
Door, Access, Aircraft 216-20071-5
Support Assembly 215-40409-5
Canopy Assy 215-20079-109
Housing, Spring, Carriage Mechanis 4F63645-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 4F75824-103A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F77250-102A
Panel Assembly, Stowage 4E76002-101B
Housing, Wing Box 4J52010-105A
Housing, Wing Box 4J52012-105A
Housing, Wing Box 4J52013-105A
Housing, Wing Box 4J52014-105A
Header, Door, Fuselage Station 4E22038-101C
Panel, Shroud, Vertical Stabilizer 4T12099-101A
Door, Access, Aircraft 305-635310-17
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank FCD53165-85-119
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank FCD53166-85-120
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank 8047083-10
Baffle Set, Tip Tank FCE53175-85-117
Baffle Set FCE53176-85-118
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank 8047084-10
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank 8047085-10
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank FCD51799-85-224
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank 8047083-20
Baffle Set, Fuel Ta 8047087-10
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank 8047084-20
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank FCD53172-85-126
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank FCD51800-85-225
Baffle Set, Fuel Tank 8047087-20
Bellcrank, Crew Entry Door 4F73457-101A
Kit, Suppression Aux 205-706-082-1
Repair Kit, Suppress 205-706-083-1
Shaft, Gear 53-140061-3
Skin, Door Sill 32-32274-113
Kit, Suppression Aux 205-706-081-1
Boot, Water Seal, Heat Exchanger 5103-1

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