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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Skin, Aircraft 5-87422-60
Rod, Tension SP103C
Wire Bundle Assembly 32G77032-B10
Cam, Actuator Bomb B 1213021-102
Cam, Actuator Bomb Bay Door 1212897-103
Panel Assembly, Floor S6120-67229-3
Panel Assembly, Floor S6120-87014-041
Fitting Assembly 32-30142-11
Stop, Catapult Mechanism 32-32575-3
Fitting Assembly, Hinge Support 32-311554-1
Fitting Assembly 32-311573-1-9
Cover Assembly, Radome 963017-103
Stringer, Aircraft 32-32116-188
Stringer, Aircraft 32-321588-5
Wing Assembly, Dress C297290
Bellcrank Assembly 32-30283-5
Fitting Assembly S6120-62113-32
Fitting Assembly S6120-62113-031
Sill Assembly, Ifr Probe Illum 32-30189-305
Fitting Assembly, Seat Catapult S 32-31942-5
Parts Kit, Canopy 220-20202-267
Panel Assembly 128GSR7-1
Panel Assembly 128GSR7-3
Panel Assembly 128GSR7-5
Panel Assembly 128GSR8-1
Panel Assembly 128GSR8-3
Panel, Structural, Aircraft S6124-63011-080
Pylon, Aircraft 925533-103
Lever, Door Latch 209-033-518-101
Seal, Exhaust Duct, Precooler 204-70228-1
Latch Frame Installation 25-2384-7
Stiffener, Aircraft 7025089-01
Strap, Nacelle Strut 7727545-03
Stiffener, Aircraft 25-2307-17
Doubler, Door Assembly 32-32430-61
Support, Structural Component, Air 32-32061-34
Bracket, Bulkhead Assembly 32-32023-151
Zee Angle 389878-7
Zee Angle 389878-8
Tube Assembly, Fuel Tank 2-300-208-01
Cap And Adapter Assembly 457-1275
Web, Fuel Shelf 16B5141-44
Block, Line Support HT1040-55
Lug, Suspension, Fuel Tank 32-600-01298
Shell, Nose Section 32-600-1435
Shell, Center Section 32-600-20720
Intercostal, Tank 32-600-20723
Ring Assembly, Backup, Tank 32-600-20724-7
Ring Assembly, Backup, Tank 32-600-20724-4
Support, Tank 32-600-20725
Frame, Tank 32-600-20726-1
Rod, Tie, Fuel Tank 32-600-20727
Frame, Aircraft 32-600-20728
Housing, Electrical Fitting 32-600-20818
Bracket, Pivot Support 32-600-3571
Frame, Pivot Support 32-600-3572
Shaft Assembly, Jettison Pivot 32-600-3582
Shaft, Jettison Pivot 32-600-3582-1
Plate, Serrated Face 32-600-3584
Support, Aft Hook 32-600-3586
Shell, Tail Section 32-600-3545
Pylon, Aircraft 12S2010-41
Channel, Aircraft 39-22316-1
Fitting, Latch 39-7689-2
Fitting Assembly 26-2595
Doubler, Cowl Panel 25-2329-820
Zee, Structural Assembly 53-13001-641
Retainer, Radome 53-39017-71
Splice Plate, Door Assembly 32-32067-774
Cable Assembly, Asymmetry Brake MAG25537-1
Cable Assembly, Swaged LS5972C17-1452
Side, Upper, Right 124K469-3MOLD
Side, Left, Upper 124K469-7MOLD
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3W34904-103
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3W34905-101
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 3W4906-101
Platform, Pylon 3P61626-103
Channel, Aircraft 3P61626-105
Beam, Aircraft 3P61626-107
Support, Structural Component, Air 3P61626-109
Support, Structural Component, Air 3P61626-111
Stiffener, Aircraft 3P61626-119
Stiffener, Aircraft 6P61626-120
Fitting, Structural Component, Air 160D511405-13
Latch Assembly, Canp 5819569-509
Spacer, Firewall 3-69424
Stiffener, Firewall 25-2307-11
Stiffener, Firewall 25-2307-20
Door, Access, Aircraft 50-7945-219S
Channel, Aircraft 35-8220-23
Channel, Cowl, Lower 35-10702-342
Drum Assembly, Release Actuator 29-6024-1
Leg, Crew Ladder 25-5837-12
Frame Angle, Duct 35-8272-501
Bulkhead, Cowl 35-15237-7
Filler, Cowl 35-15237-801
Tube Assembly, Torque 32-62006-1
Stiffener, Rib Assembly 32-19415-43
Block Assembly, Line Support HT1040-227
Seal, Air And Fume, Fuselage 53-79603-61

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