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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket, Support Assembly 53-460056-5
Angle, Seal Assembly 32-11420-11
Angle, Seal Assembly 32-32431-123
Channel, Wing Fold 32-15504-165
Bracket, Rib Assembly 32-11049-38
Clip, Door Assembly 53-42002-35
Filler, Beam Assembly 32-11015-79
Rib, Wing Tank 26-370-4726
Fairing, Rudder 16T7310-69
Fairing, Aircraft 16T7310-75
Fairing, Aircraft 16T7310-71
Fairing, Rudder 16T7310-73
Fairing, Aircraft 16T7310-79
Fairing, Aircraft 16T7310-77
Fairing, Rudder 16T7310-83
Stiffener Assembly BD0428008-101
Panel Assembly 7027-14101-1
Extrusion, Nose Beam 160D113024
Door, Aircraft 160D115008-25
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 32-32067-807
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 32-32431-104
Skin, Aircraft 53-39062-9
Rubber Strip, Skin A51B26002-15
Shear Web Assembly, Fwd Sponson A51B92960-179
Cover Assembly, Forward Module A51E13012-1
Fairing Assembly A51B23118-3
Liner, Bearing K674051-13
Cover Assembly, Converter A51F20235-1
Panel, Structural, Aircraft A51B92259-412
Panel, Structural, Aircraft A51B92259-411
Support, Structural Component, Air A51B21053-1
Skin, Aircraft A51B25067-7
Skin, Aircraft A51B25067-8
Damper Assembly, Rudder 5765017-501
Rib, Wing Tank 26-370-4725
Rib, Airfoil 32-11358-10
Bumper Assembly 4F23697-601B
Bumper Assembly 4F23697-101D
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 53-810003-3
Clip, Leading Edge Flap 32-11558-12
Fairing, Rudder 16T7310-81
Hinge Blank, Extruded 160D412039-3
Extrusion, Tee 160D414030-1
Extrusion, Angle 160D415008-1
Pan, Emmergency Door 3F11705-103
Angle, Speed Brake 53-13001-643
Clip 32-11223-756
Mask Assembly 204-60045-12
Repair Kit, Multiplex 2F1-3-40578
Channel, Bracket Assembly 32-11146-101
Angle, Door Assembly 32-32430-29
Angle, Door Assembly 32-32430-20
Channel, Bulkhead Assembly 53-310209-93
Clip, Beam Assembly 32-11019-404
Ring, Frame Assembly 32-32021-81
Shim, Photo Flash Mechanism 53-32577-21
Rib, Door Assembly 32-32430-179
Angle, Door Assembly 32-32430-27
Block, Line Support HT1040-57
Collector Assembly 7027-14120-1
Mount Assembly 675-12055-1
Spline, Nose Radome 39-25371-2
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 7732872-30
Fitting, Floor, Bulkhead To Vertic 363040-1L
Panel Assembly 3F20139-259
Insulation, Thermal, Special Purpo 32-80005-1255
Inlet Assembly Lh 8-54416-1
Bracket, Rib Assembly 32-11049-39
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 32-32430-238
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 160J414000-15
Channel, Bracket Assembly 32-11146-79
Cover, Frame 4E52097-103A
Stiffener, Panel Assembly 7531288-32
Bracket, Structural Component, Air 12E864-17
Strut, Up-lock Support 348790-1
Canopy, Rear Assembly D320649
Door, Access, Aircraft 128WS10038-5
Duct Assembly, Gas Purge A51E11041-25
Flaperon Assembly 128CS10007-7
Fitting Assembly, Mount 209-031-344-5
Flight Control Stop 70410-02514-102
Cap, Centering Lock 70410-02507-102
Retainer, Hinge Pin 4F19111-103A
Seal, Door Assembly 32-32430-221
Tee, Beam Assembly 53-31037-101
Web, Structural Component, Aircraf 32-31509-97
Cable, Storage Rack Installation 78-11678-001
Mask Assembly 204-60046-9
Mask Assembly 204-60046-10
Tip, Aircraft 65-18282-41S
Tip, Aircraft 65-18282-42S
Cap, Wing Tip Assembly 65-18287-55
Door, Access, Aircraft 65-18287-57
Fairing, Aircraft 65-26568-57
Door, Access, Aircraft 65-27309-9
Skin, Aircraft 5-96732-3073
Skin, Aircraft 5-96732-3074
Bell Crank 70400-01413-042
Channel, Extension Leg 4F19118-101A
Support, Bomb Bay Door 35-29495-1

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