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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jul 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Door Assembly, Aircr 78-14112
Door Assembly, Aircr 78-14112-1
Door Assembly, Aircr 88-31084
Cable Assy, Swaged T 2074410CG47904
Cowling, Aircraft 88-31002
Cowling, Aircraft 88-31002-17
Cowling, Aircraft 88-31002-18
Cowling, Aircraft 88-31002-19
Panel Assembly 72475-3
Housing, Camera Door E10-7872-4
Stabilizer Tip, Airc 177250
Tip, Aircraft 175881-2
Cable Assembly, Engine 1137240
Cable Assy, Deicer 2119151-3
Cover Assembly, Wing 88-10023-1
Door, Access, Aircraft 2116625
Pipe, Exhaust 5115365
Tubex Uel, Engine Se 77-51801
Line Assy, Hydraulic 77-58503
Tubex Ydraulic, Suct 77-58506
Tubex Ydraulic, Pres 77-58514
Stop, Control Column 4C21039-101A
Arm, Support, Cargo Door 4F61660-102A
Support, Track 4F11864-101A
Housing, Bushing 4F11878-101A
Arm, Support, Cam Follower 4F11889-101A
Lever, Cam, Windshield 4F11889-102A
Arm, Support, Cargo Door 4F61660-101A
Fitting Assembly, Slot Door 4F75882-101B
Bracket, Cover Support 4E54031-101A
Duct, Air, Aircraft V 179710
Bracket, Hinge Ailer 88-16035
Frame, Aircraft 12P8360-813
Cover Assembly, Pylon, Rotor 65205-09011-042
Cable Assembly, Control 65301-01013-043
Cable Assembly, Control 65301-01013-044
Cable Assembly, Control 65301-01013-045
Rod Assembly, Cowling Support 3P21525-101
Strut, Armor, Servo, Tail Rotor 65752-07004-081
Strut, Armor, Servo, Tail Rotor 65752-07004-082
Bracket, Restraint Rail, Ramp 3F31710-103
Sponson Assembly, F 65200-08027-041
Sponson Assembly, F 65200-08027-042
Sponson Assy, Aft 65200-08001-045
Sponson Assy, Aft 65200-08001-046
Tube Assy, Battery V 88-54840
Cable Assy, Left Han 4114029-33
Cable Assy, Left Han 4114029-5
Cable Assy, Left Han 4114029-7
Table Assy Tilt S6290-62050-1
Key And Ring 16585-1
Key And Ring 16584-1
Lever, Cam, Windshield 4F11890-101A
Lever, Cam, Windshield 4F11890-102A
Plate, Cover, Latching 4F11892-102A
Skin, Aircraft 4J22068-102B
Housing, Bushing 4F11879-102A
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 10-2455-32
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 10-2455-31
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 10-2455-33
Tank, Fuel, Aircraft 10-2455-34
Bracket, Block Tubing 215-72414-97
Pocket Assembly, Door 3E42316-101
Retainer, Duct, Cowl 3P21555-133
Swivel Assembly, Cowl 3P21747-101
Bracket, Oil Tank Support 8048-02115-1
Fairing, Aircraft 3W24298-113
Seal, Pressure, Engin 3C00082-105
Cover, Access, Aircraft 65205-08039-103
Cover Assembly, Sponson Fuel Cell 65207-08005-047
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65207-08005-162
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65207-08005-163
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 65207-08005-164
Door, Access, Aircraft 65207-08005-051
Cover, Access, Aircraft 65205-08039-104
Cover Assembly, Sponson Fuel Cell 65207-08005-048
Retainer, Tube, Door, Sliding Windo 114S1752-2
Retainer, Tube, Door, Sliding Windo 114S1752-1
Fairing, Aircraft 114S3906-89
Tube, Tailwheel Spri 0742100-5
Fitting, Tail Coom 205-030-848-3
Receiver Assembly RI245
Door, Access, Aircraft 4013510-12
Fuselage Section 3-11861-1
Plate, Cover, Latching 4F11892-101A
Guide, Roller 4F75982-102A
Bracket, Seat 4011210-9
Duct, Windshield, Defrost 4011703-19
Fairing, Aircraft 4J32470-104A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J32470-109A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J30602-106A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J32470-113A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J32470-114A
Skin, Aircraft 216-20101-10
Trunnion, Thrust Mount, Engine Sup 216-55464-4
Block, Insulation, Th 216-16401-9
Mount, Forward Engine 216-40451-4
Disc, Rotor, Damper 305-522282-5
Disc, Rotor, Damper 305-522282-11
Strip, Faying, Service 65207-08008-141

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