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Aircraft Propellers And Components - FSC 1610

Aircraft Propellers; Propeller Blades, Cams, Cones, Hubs, Nuts, And Spinners; Test Clubs; Synchronizers; Power Control Units; Integral Oil Control Measures And Propeller Governors.
Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer, Seal 557806
Plate, Retaining 557807
Base, Governor, Prope 213214
Stop Assy, Low Pitch 592262
Bus Bar Assembly 6505459
Shaft, Control 322748
Cover And Bush Asse 322750
Plate, Shim, Propelle 3604-8B
Plate, Shim, Propelle 3604-8A
Plate, Shim, Propelle 3604-8C
Plate, Shim, Propelle 3604-8D
Cylinder, Propeller B806-1
Controller Assembly, Valve, Aircra 710085-3
Lever, Engine 753781-1
Support, Baffle Assembly S753367-70
Support, Baffle Assembly S753368-100
Cable And Switch Assembly 753696-1
Plunger, Valve 592274-1
Housing, Heat Exchanger 753788-1
Sleeve, Inner 548576
Lever, Solenoid 753785-1
Parts Kit, Housing 23603-1
Parts Kit, Propeller 23605-2
Housing, Connector 753684-1
Servo Assembly 599461
Gear Set, Governor 895286-9
Cover, Engine Oil 753787-1
Cover, Propeller Oil 753789
Housing And Insert, Brush Electri 713385-2
Stop Assembly, Flight Idle 582785-1
Rod 5002914
Parts Kit, Housing Valve 23604-2
Housing, Valve 751881-1
Lever, Disarm 758045-1
Pivot Arm 751892-1
Housing Assembly, Valve 714325-4
Relay Assembly, Propeller 159SB10996-1
Motor, Synchronizing Corrector SNC4B
Alternator, Propeller SN14-1
Washer, Mount Assy 85012-101
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft 4CM69
Parts Kit, Propeller 23828-1
Drive Arm, Propeller 554811-1
Cover Assembly, Propeller 753697-1
Flange, Propeller 747791-1
Ring, Propeller 69305-20
Shaft And Sleeve As 747793-1
Parts Kit, Propeller 3401835-3
Wedge AT2802
Dome, Spinner C1904-2
Bulkhead Unit, Spinn C2472
Adapter, Tow Bar 1284631-103
Propeller, Aircraft 1A101DCM6948
Ring, Governor 69306-14
Pin, Governor 69538B6-4
Cover, Valve Housing 750603-1
Valve, Beta, Propeller 717876-3
Dome C3436
Plate S8846B1P1
Plate 135541
Hvb Spider Unit A-6514
Valve Assy 838344
Pilot Tube A1891A
Retainer A3647
Spacer A4018
Pilot Tube C-1948
Plate B3029-1
Bulkhead D3437-1
Plug HP1125A81
Lubricap NO. 3
Plate S8239F9S
Extension A3401
Pilot Tube B868-4AT
Indicator-plug Assy F70600X2
Housing Assy 714325-3
Governor, Aircraft Propeller 747790-2
Cam, Propeller, Aircraft 3015994
Propeller, Aircraft HCB3TN5GT10282HDB4R
Synchronizer Actuator 213100
Channel, Propeller Assembly 740175-10
Stop, Afterbody Door 597994
Boot, Blade, Propeller SW750639-1
Shaft, Speed Adjusti 3026-846
Lever Clamp Screw 1039-789
Barrel, Propeller 758018-1
Cam, Propeller 758998-1
Synchrophaser, Elect 754970-2
Cam Assembly 751947-1
Counterweight, Inser 747815-1
Counterweight, Inser 747815-2
Nut, Esna 968.29.11.315
Cable Assembly, Elec 766618-1
Parts Kit, Pitchlock 24319-1
Parts Kit, Aircraft Propeller 24320-2
Parts Kit, Propeller 23606-2
Parts Kit, Prop Control 19428-10
Regulator, Pitchlock 767165-1
Plate, Valve 767163-1
Coupling, Housing 767167-1
Sheath, Blade 758017-1

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