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Aircraft Propellers And Components - FSC 1610

Aircraft Propellers; Propeller Blades, Cams, Cones, Hubs, Nuts, And Spinners; Test Clubs; Synchronizers; Power Control Units; Integral Oil Control Measures And Propeller Governors.
Last Modified: Sep 30, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sheath, Blade 758017-2
Cover And Seal Assembly 773964-1
Housing, Pitch Lock 767166-1
Parts Kit, Pitch Lock 24318-1
Cover, Brush Block 7135140
Cover, Rear Pump 7135136
Cover, Front Pump 7135137
Cylinder C-3274
Segment, Ring S773822-1
Cover-seal Assembly 773965-1
Ring, Matched Set 765380-1
Drive, Pilot 765386-1
Propeller, Aircraft 54H60-117
Synchrophaser Assembly 766840-1
Bracket, Speed Bias 582856
Cam, Stationary 577838
Propeller Instl 915527-101
Housing, Pitchlock-propeller 767994-1
Adapter, Housing-pitchlock 767998-1
Housing, Valve 767993-1
Coupling, Housing-pitchlock 774471-1
Regulator, Propeller A7383981
Propeller Assembly 370431-1
Ring, Propeller 774472-1
Propeller, Aircraft 43D50-7005A-31S
Foam Block, Plastic 717844-2
Mount, Resilent, Prop J-6801-30
Spinner Dome C1904-7
Bracket C2472-2
Stop Assembly, Low Pitch 774474-1
Weight Assembly, Regulator 558277
Parts Kit, Propeller 24790-2
Regulator Pitchlock 782369-1
Propeller, Governor D210472
Axle, Flyweight 686778
Synchrophaser Assembly, Aircraft 774800-1
Strip, Friction Reducing 737189-4
Guide-plunger, Regulator 557634
Pilot Tube, Featheri B868AS-4
Lever Assy 4451-090
Propeller Hub Assy HCC2YK4BF
Support Barrel, Prop 700158-3
Pad 152B8034-5
Pad 152B8034-7
Strap 152B8034-3
Adapter, Synchrophaser 768961-1
Synchrophaser Assembly, Aircraft 768960-2
Lock, Propeller 152B8034
Propeller Hub Assem HCC2YR4CFFC8475-6
Stop Assembly, Low Pitch 774473-1
Parts Kit, Stop Assembly 16743-3
Stop Assembly, Low Pitch 774474-2
Shell, Blade, Propeller 750765-20
Parts Kit, Dome Resealing 24313-2
Protector, Parachute 94757-1
Adapter, Bulkhead C-885-4
Piston C-1451-2
Pilot Tube B-3421-1
Cylinder B-854-1
Guide Collar B-834-1A
Spring Assy B-831-37
Clamp Assy C-838-80
Cam And Bearing, Torque 753316-1
Pickup, Governor, Pro 1680-628
Plug, Governor, Prope 233062
Propeller, Aircraft HC-B3TN-3CT10178B8R
Block Assembly, Prop Z00.N6036387238TBM
Pump Assembly A4033-E
Dome, Propeller, Airc 537819
Synchrophaser, Aircraft Propeller 766840-2
Support, Fastener, Mt 557675
Plate, Shim 560720
Base Switch 63673
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft 773824-1
Bulkhead Unit C3064-1
Synchronizer, Propeller, Aircraft 773170-2
Slug, Counterweight A619-2
Governor, Propeller C210688
Parts Kit, Aircraft Propeller 26212-1
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft 4700-3
Propeller System 23700
Lever, Piston Stop 779110-2
Propeller, Aircraft D2AF34C306/78CAA-0
Propeller, Aircraft D2AF34C307/L78CBA-2
Cover, Propeller 28-300-8099
Cap, Dome 726573-1
Barrel, Propeller 726552-1
Spider, Barrel 726553-1
Piston, Dome 720728-1
Dome, Propeller 726579-1
Template, Blade GS13160
Housing Assy, Pump 733872-6
Cane Assembly, Prope GS13105
Module 761227-1
Chassis, Synchrophaser 761228-1
Adapter, Synchrophaser 768951-1
Synchrophaser, Electronic 773170-3
Housing Assy 7143L5-7
Blade, Propeller, Aircraft T10282B
Case, Shell SK-P-18

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