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Aircraft Propellers And Components - FSC 1610

Aircraft Propellers; Propeller Blades, Cams, Cones, Hubs, Nuts, And Spinners; Test Clubs; Synchronizers; Power Control Units; Integral Oil Control Measures And Propeller Governors.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cover, Shell SK-P-19
Bulkhead Unit D3472
Regulator Kit, Pitchlock 24351
Dome, Propeller C3436P
Mast Assy 412-040-366-105
Parts Kit, Propeller Balance, Weig 73909
Positioner Control GS20402-1
Control, Propeller 739000-2
Housing And Insert 554805-2
Pitchlock Assembly 767999-2
Bracket And Connector Assembly 568156-1
Afterbody Assembly 557700-1
Cone, Front, Adapter Assembly 519AS145
Retainer Assembly, Piston Plug 4820469
Parts Kit, Aircraft Propeller 7HEL087
Housing Assembly 752088-2
Support, Teflon Ring 583728-1
Baffle Assy, Air 597940
Propeller, Aircraft 54460C2/E2TC
Balance Char 9270
Filter Assembly Sup 785426-1
Valve, Bypass 782747-1
Filter Supply, Cartr 785422-1
Filter Standby Cart HE14014C40B-HS
Blade, Propeller, Aircraft 4FB14A3-6AC2/E2TC
Seal, Channel Groove S13077-124
Propeller, Aircraft HCC3YF5FFC84756
Hub, Propeller, Aircraft D-2201-2
Cover, Compensator 624-3744-001
Modular Brush Assy 3E2062-2
Cone, Rear, Adapter Assembly 519AS146-1
Axle, Flyweight 699219
Parts Kit, Dome Resealing 26686-1
Propellre, Control A 784790-1
Propeller, Control A 784790A1
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft 790185-1
Housing Assembly, Valve 714325-7
Pump Housing, Propeller 765445-2
Control, Propeller, Aircraft 714326-8
Test Club 54H60-91-TC
Ring 782535-1
Blade, Propeller, Aircraft RFC11P1-0C
Filter Disk 328841
Indicator RD958UL091Y1
Propeller, Aircraft 782750-8
Hub, Propeller, Aircraft GS20403-1
Brush, Guide Spring 792229-1
Remover Installer GS21026-1
Parts Kit 16788-3
Heater Blade 538876SW
Block, Pitch Change A-2217-3
Bushing, Guide A-2249
Spacer, High Stop A-2420
Button, Pitch Block A-3212-1
Screw, Pitch Adjustm A4257
Plate Unit, Preload B-2256
Fork, Pitch Change B-2457-3
Propeller, Aircraft HCB4TN3CT9212B
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft 3072867-6
Shank Assembly, Blade, Propeller 549798
Cam, Propeller, Aircraft 535370
Ring Holder Assembly 557033
Dome Assy, Propeller 737199-1
Pulley L6290590-041
Blade, Propeller, Aircraft A7111A-2
Lever, Valve Housing 546360
Shaft, Ring Assembly 104245
Housing, Oil Pump 73831
Sleeve, Valve Assembly 514311
Cam, Bracket, Torque 753316-10
Blade, Propeller, Aircraft RFC11R1-0C
Housing, Servo 582856-1
Housing, Backup Valve 538251
Plug, Blade Assembly 557624
Housing, Propeller Control Valve 546333
Propeller, Aircraft HC-B3TN-3D/T10282NB
Support, Lever Assembly 548195
Hub-blade Assembly, Propeller, Air 582730
Balanceweight 8657-8
Cam, Propeller, Aircraft FDC1152H
Housing, Propeller, A 733872-5
Propeller, Aircraft 76EM8-0-58
Retainer Assembly, Piston Plug HP1476104-1
Retainer Assembly, Piston Plug HP1476204-1
Propeller, Aircraft 802269-1
Hub, Propeller, Aircraft D-2201-3
Housing Assembly, Blade Lock 65651-11422-045
Housing Assembly, Blade 65651-11422-105
Housing, Servo 65651-11352-105
Housing, Servo 65651-11352-106
Housing 65652-11203-101
Housing Assembly, Pitch Lock 65651-11354-043
Housing, Helicopter 65651-11354-105
Propeller, Aircraft 76EM8-0-60
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft C2513-5
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft C845-3
Spinner, Propeller, Aircraft C3003-1
Propeller, Aircraft HC-C2YK-1BF/F8477-8R
Cover And Seal Assembly 73382
Transducer, Lif C77207

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