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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 209-704-104-11
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 209-704-104-7
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 209-704-104-13
Yoke Assy, Pitch Con 47-150-175-9
Gear, Ring, Main Gear S535306-2
Tip Cap, Tail Rotor Blade S1615-30007
Housing Assembly K671803-9
Indicator, Mount Support A02R1571-5
Sleeve, Shaft, Tail Gearbox S12-35-6043
Cable Assembly, Main 47-120-168-1
Shaft Assy, Tail Rot S1635-63001
Blade, Rotary Rudder S6117-30101-043
Blade, Rotary Wing S14-10-2100
Gearbox, Main Transm S14-35-4300-9
Hub, Transmission Hy S1635-91028
Cap, Main Rotor S1510-23082
Cap, Sleeve And Spindle Assembly S1510-23086
Cover, Liner Assy S1635-20163-2
Shaft Assy, Tail Rot S1635-64302-1
Shaft Assy S1635-61229-4
Plate S14-35-4062-1
Shaft Assy S1635-64301-1
Transmission Assy, M S14-35-4300-13
Star Assy, Main Roto S10-10-4400
Retainer, Main Rotor S1510-23047
Plate, Backing, Bulkhead A02R1563-2
Pin Assembly, Adapte 47-612-152-1
Support, Engine Left 47-612-807-1
Support, Engine Righ 47-612-807-2
Tail Rotor 47-641-057-9
Crosshead, Tail Roto 47-641-102-1
Shaft Assembly, Tail 47-644-187-5
Housing, Bearing 47-644-213-3
Shaft Assy, Main Tai 47-644-214-1
Cap Assembly, Tail R 47-645-094-1
Cap Assembly, Tail R 47-645-095-1
Transmission Assemb 47-620-600-13
Housing Assembly, Support Bearing S1635-61206-2
Retainer Assembly, Tail Rotor Con 212-010-773-001
Crosshead Assembly, Tail Rotor Co 212-010-775-1
Lock, Crosshead Retainer Tail Rot 212-010-772
Breather 21C2201-154
Blade Assembly, Main S14-10-2000-3
Gear Box Assy, Inter S14-35-7000
Oil Line 517956-3
Slider, Rotary Rudder 204-010-720-7
Droop Stop Assembly K619040-3
Bumper, Droop Stop K619059-11
Retainer, Bumper K619060-11
Retainer K674248-11
Yoke Assy, Tail Rotor 212-010-744-005
Seal Assy, Diaphragm S6112-23097-042
Pitch Horn Assembly 206-011-104-5
Adapter, Mount, Transmission 206-032-509-5
Weight, Rotor Blade 206-010-214-3
Weight, Tip Support Assembly 206-011-251-1
Link Assembly 6410-30401-043
Duct, Transmission S14-35-5062
Blade, Rotary Wing 540-015-001-1
Mast Assembly, Main 47-130-114-9
Drive Assembly, Tach 47-620-287-1
Drive Assembly, Tran 47-620-539-1
Shaft Assembly, Tail 47-644-172-1
Shaft, Tail Rotor Dr 47-645-202-1
Guard, Tail Rotor Shaft 3045
Plug, Main Rotor Hin SWM35
Pivot, Main Rotor Hinge S10-10-5340
Plunger, Main Rotor S10-10-5341
Hub Assembly, Tail R S14-15-3500
Stop, Actuator, Trans S14-35-2237
Coning Stop Assembly, Main Rotor K619041-3
Parts Kit, Quick Rotor Build Up 65074-35001-011
Plug, Gear Box S6135-20725
Cam Assembly, Wheel S6137-23075-2
Plug Assy, Actuator A02R2897-4
Shaft, Blower, Gear B 1385085
Heatshield, Drive Sh 205-060-922-33
Block, Shipping 1385026
Droop Stop Assy, Rot 114R2012-3
Arm Assy, Droop Stop 114R2065-5
Spindle Assembly 65102-11064-044
Strainer Assy, Main S1610-26075-5
Plate Assy, Gear Box 65351-11535-041
Pinion, Shaft, Gear, Set 65351-11531-101
Oil Plug, Gear Box 65351-11539-101
Oil Plug, Gear Box 65351-11518-101
Ring, Collector, Gear 65351-11525-101
Plate Set, Main Gear 65351-11515-041
Shaft, Main Gear Box 65351-11512-101
Ring Gear, Main Gear 65351-11545-101
Tube Assy, Sump, Main 65351-11542-041
Jet, Main Gear Box 65351-11547-101
Gear Shaft, Gear Box 65357-07004-103
Pinion Shaft, Nose G 65355-12033-104
Rib Tip Assembly, Rotary Rudder 65160-00016-082
Liner, Bearing, Gearbox 65356-04075-101
Housing And Liner A 65358-07002-043
Gear Shaft, Tail 65358-07004-103
Fitting, Right And Bearing Assy 65356-04085-041
Screen Assy, Gearbox-accessory 65356-04076-081

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