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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing Assy, Gear Box 65356-04077-041
Tube Assy, Gear Box 65351-11549-041
Shaft, Main Gear Box 65351-11532-101
Cam Shaft Assy, Gear 65351-11141-042
Housing Assy, Bearin 65351-11228-042
Retainer, Main Rotor 65351-11550-101
Support, Roller Bearing 65351-11017-042
Housing Assy, Gear B 65351-11129-043
Clip, Gear Bearing 65351-11506-101
Buffer Plate, Gear B 65351-11054-102
Tube Assy, Rotor Bra 205-076-151-1
Deicing Kit, Rotar B S6107-15115-1
Fitting, Spacer 204-040-422-5
Sleeve, Transmission 205-040-302-001
Liner, Bearing, Sleeve 205-040-306-001
Sleeve, Transmission 205-040-302-003
Funnel, Transmission 212-040-155-003
Quill Assy, Transmission 212-040-208-1
Quill Assy, Pinion 204-040-204-1
Liner, Rotor 204-040-205-1
Cap, Blade Tip 204-012-017-1
Weight, Tip End 206-010-202-1
Plate, Rotor Blade 204-012-016-001
Retainer, Weight, Rotor 204-012-022-3
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-021-1
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-011-025-001
Retainer, Driveshaft 204-040-607-7
Retainer, Flange Fitting 205-040-305-001
Sleeve Assy, Rotary 65112-07003-043
Bearing Frame Assy AL1018-25-00
Cover Support Assy 204-070-527-15
Servo Valve Assy, Ro 65652-11255-041
Cover Assy, Sprag Cl K674735-3
Slip Ring Assy K1-14612-3
Shaft, Drive Aft Rot A02D3147-4
Support, Tail Rotor 212-010-739
Lever, Pitch Adjusti 212-010-716-5
Yoke, Rotor Control 212-010-744-001
Housing, Output, Line 65358-07019-041
Housing Assy, Center 65358-07053-043
Houaing Assy, Center 65357-07029-043
Housing Assy, Output 65357-07016-041
Sleeve, Housing, Head 078525
Cover And Slide 65205-09010-044
Mast Assembly, Main Rotor 206-010-332-13
Chip Detector, Electronic B3225C
Tank Assy S6110-23386-7
Weight, Tail Rotor 209-010-723-11
Weight, Tail Rotor 209-010-723-9
Weight, Tail Rotor 209-010-723-15
Weight, Tail Rotor 209-010-723-13
Pillow Block 204-011-108-003
Jet Assembly, Drive 212-040-221-1
Housing, Pitch Control 369A1304-3
Housing Assy A07D2220-8
Rod Assembly K659027-13
Gearbox, Transmissio S6135-21000-17
Gearbox, Transmissio S6135-21000-18
Retainer, Head, Rotar 65102-11054-109
Fitting, Retention Strap, Main Rot 204-012-103-3
Hub Assy, Main Rotor 204-012-101-13
Trunnion, Damper, Rotary Wing Head S6110-26045-7
Coupling Assembly, D S6137-64363-2
Deicing Kit, Rotary Wing And Rudd S6107-15115-2
Chafing Strip, Yoke, 540-011-102-13
Pitch Lock 65102-11151-101
Sleeve And Bushing 65102-11049-141
Sleeve And Bushing 65102-11051-119
Sleeve And Bushing 65102-11049-144
Sleeve And Bushing 65102-11051-113
Spline, Pitch Lock 65102-11005-108
Pin, Spindle, Rotary 65102-11046-105
Cylinder Stop, Rotar 65102-11054-106
Counterweight, Rotar 65102-11110-101
Counterweight, Rotar 65102-11110-102
Tank, Oil, Rotary Wing Head S6110-23386-8
Cover, Bifilar, Rotary Wing Head S6112-23047-042
Cover, Bifilar, Rotary Wing Head S6112-23047-041
Cover Assembly S6135-20020-1
Shaft, Varying A02R2554-26
Housing, Head, Rotary A02R2553-38
Socket Assembly A02R2544-44
Socket Assembly A02R2544-48
Trunnion Assembly, Swashplate KSP9001-3
Planetary Assy 204-040-360-3
Drive And Sump Assy 204-040-365-25
Case Assy 107D2553-5
Gearbox Assy 65356-04000-050
Gearbox Assy 65356-04000-051
Eyebolt Assy S6112-23071-042
Tip, Rotary Wing Blade S6115-20422-16
Plate, Chafing, Rotary Wing Blade S6115-20159-2
Pocket Assembly, Blade 61170-20206-041
Pocket Assembly, Blade 61170-20205-041
Bracket, Rotary Wing Blade 61170-20216-101
Support, Bifilar, Rot S6112-23040-045
Bifilar Assy, Rotary S6112-23039-017
Yoke Assy, Main Roto 540-011-102-9
Reflector, Oil Sight 114D2181-3
Hub Assy, Rotary Win 204-012-101-015

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