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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Link Assy, Rotor K659668-1
Connector Assy K659617-1
Crank Assy, Control K659670-5
Skin, Pocket, Rotor B K611672-3
Wedge, Pocket, Rotor K611672-37
Skin, Pocket, Blade K611672-5
Pocket, Rotor Blade K611673-1
Skin, Pocket, Blade K611673-3
Stiffener, Pocket, Ro K611673-43
Skin, Pocket, Blade K611673-5
Pocket, Rotor Blade K611674-1
Arm Assy, Rotor Blad K611664-1
Cover, Tip, Rotor Bla K611666-1
Cover, Tip, Rotor Bla K611666-5
Doubler Assy K611676-1
Doubler Assy K611677-1
Hub, Rotor K613036-5
Retention Assembly K618740-1
Link, Connecting K618714-15
Spindle Assy K618723-1
Spindle Assy K618724-1
Block, Coning And Dr K618756-11
Block Retention K611503-13
Tie Bar Assy 2606720
Cap, Lag Side Tail K616703-15
Filter Assy, Gear Box 65356-04113-101
Retainer, Dust Plate 65106-11133-101
Retainer, Pylon Assy 209-010-465-1
Shoe Assy, Centrifug 47-620-610-1
Link Assy, Blade Loc K618719-1
Extension, Pylon Ass 209-010-464-1
Balance Wheel, Rotor 206-011-716-1
Bracket Assembly 65651-11341-041
Lever, Blade Lock 65651-11285-101
Cylinder, Master, Rot 47-690-041-3
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter S6110-23310-5
Dust Plate Assy, Dam 65106-11132-042
Blade, Rotary Wing 540-015-001-5
Mast Assy 47-130-114-17
Drum And Coupling A 47-620-644-11
Shaft Assy 47-640-052-33
Race, Tail Rotor Tru 47-641-108-1
Stricker Strip, Pitch Housing, Mai 369A1249
Head, Rotary Wing S6110-20006-10
Quill Assembly 212-040-363-1
Pitch Link Assy, Rot 209-010-460-1
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Transmis 212-040-003-007
Gearbox Assy, Drive 212-040-004-005
Drive Shaft Assy 212-040-005-3
Hanger Assy, Drivesh 212-040-600-001
Drive Shaft Assy 212-040-686-001
Hub Assy, Main Rotor 540-011-101-13
Support Tube Assembly, Tail Rotor 6407-20121-044
Cover, Main Rotor Blade 540-011-016-1
Spring Assy, Oil Cap 204-040-502-003
Link, Pitch Control 204-010-777-5
Plate, Shim 205-040-125-11
Plate, Shim 205-040-256-005
Bellcrank, Controls 204-001-148-3
Lever 204-001-855-7
Retainer, Blade Ballast 204-011-043-9
Hub, Collective 204-011-405-11
Housing, Drive Link 204-011-421-3
Grip, Tail Rotor 204-011-706-11
Grip Assy, Rotor Tai 204-011-728-1
Plate, Rotor Drive 204-040-305-17
Ring Gear, Planetary 204-040-331-7
Plate, Rotor Drive 204-040-355-11
Plate, Rotor Drive 204-040-355-13
Quill Assy, Gear 204-040-362-13
Sleeve, Oil Sump, Gear Box 6435-20570-101
Housing, Rotary Wing A02R2553-35
Housing, Head, Rotary A02R2553-37
Yoke Assembly S6140-62616-9
Support Assembly, Torque S6140-62145-008
Support Assembly, Be S6140-66603-005
Support Assembly S6140-66612-005
Arm Assembly S6140-62127-9
Plate, Tail Rotor Dr 204-040-180-1
Control, Rotary Wing A02R2862-7
Spider, Transmission 206-040-080-3
Gearbox, Main 65351-11500-050
Casing, Blower 3385013-1
Bracket, Main Rotor 212-010-902-1
Adapter, Driveshaft 212-040-630-1
Valve, Oil Drain, Sel 209-040-209-1
Support, Blade Droop Compensator 206-062-722-1
Lubricator, Jet, Transmission 6435-20542-101
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-018-1
Weight, Main Rotor Blade 204-011-025-003
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019-9
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019-1
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019-5
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019-7
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019-11
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 540-011-019-15
Retainer, Weight, Bla 540-011-028-1
Cover Plate, Blade, R 540-011-017-1

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