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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tip Cap, Blade, Rotar 540-011-025-1
Weight, Main Rotor Blade 540-011-027-1
Retainer, Weight, Blade 540-011-020-7
Retainer, Weight, Blade 540-011-020-5
Fairing Assembly, Rotary Wing Hea 65101-11021-053
Seal Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 65103-11078-081
Plate, Lower, Hub 65103-11076-102
Cap, Upper, Hub 65103-11076-101
Retainer, Blade Ballast 204-011-043-7
Retainer, Blade Ballast 204-011-043-3
Inboard Cover, Blade 204-012-023-005
Inboard Cover, Blade 204-012-023-1
Tip Cap, Blade, Rotar 204-011-205-1
Cover Plate, Blade E 204-011-016-7
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-001
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-3
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-5
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-007
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-9
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-11
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-19
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-012-027-21
Fairing Assy, Rotary 65101-11021-052
Arm, Stop, Rotor Blad K619049-1
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter S6112-33503-1
Bracket, Main Gearbox S6137-23095-1
Rod End Assy 64107-11006-041
Sleeve Assy 47-645-204-5
Screw, Retaining, Oil S6135-20072-4
Race, Tail Rotor Hub 47-641-077-1
Cone Set, Tail Rotor 47-641-098-1
Case Assembly, Tail 47-645-212-9
Gearbox, Tail Rotor 47-640-044-17
Coupling, Tail Rotor 47-644-130-11
Joint Assembly, Tail 47-644-033-3
Stop, Tail Rotor Spi S1610-33111
Torque Tube, Subassembly, Main Rot S1510-21336
Support Assembly, Swash Plate 204-011-404-013
Block, Pillow, Main R 47-120-163-5
Coupling, Engine To 47-620-801-3
Bracket, Gear Box 65355-12099-101
Plate, Outboard 65106-11132-101
Main Rotor, Helicopter S10-10-1400-8
Retainer Bearing, Sc 214-010-427-1
Cap, Oil Reservoir 214-010-156-1
Spindle, Main Rotor 214-010-103-1
Filter Element, Tran 225247
Weight, Blade, Rotary 214-015-021-1
Weight, Blade, Rotary 214-015-019-3
Weight, Blade, Rotary 214-015-019-1
Stop Assembly, Rotor 214-010-155-1
Bracket Assembly, Ma S1610-24080
Blade, Rotary Wing S1615-20100
Screen Assembly, Mai S1535-20179-1
Ring Clamp, Collecti 214-010-414-1
Lock, Seal, Spindle R 214-010-165-1
Fitting Assy, Strap 214-010-115-1
Lock, Blade Bolt Nut 214-010-139-1
Housing, Oil Reservo 214-010-122-1
Washer Assy, Yoke To 214-010-131-1
Drive Assy, Transmis 47-620-631-3
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 212-040-003-011
Gear Box Assy, Tail 212-040-003-9
Quill, Gearbox, Helicopter 212-040-004-3
Plate, Cover 47-110-254-1
Key, Drive Assembly, 47-640-026-5
Bracket, Counterweig 47-641-063-3
Block, Pitch Control, Tail Rotor S14-15-4427
Plug, Main Shaft, Transmission S14-35-4440
Arm, Main Rotor Cam, S1610-25081-2
Horn, Pitch Control, Main Rotor S10-10-3441
Fixture, Pre-track 65700-10023-055
Support, Blade Lock 65651-11009-104
Bungee And Clamp 65651-11043-101
Sleeve And Spindle 65112-07000-047
Plate, Caution, Hub 65103-11067-101
Cap, Tip, Blade Assy 65160-00009-084
Manifold Assy, Oil, G 214-040-433-1
Jet Assy, Oil, Tail R 214-040-434-1
Retainer, Seal 214-040-477-1
Retainer, Seal 214-040-476-1
Retainer, Splined 214-040-474-1
Retainer, Splined 214-040-470-1
Sleeve, Wear, Seal 214-040-417-1
Crosshead, Tail Roto 214-010-706-1
Retainer, Seal 214-040-609-1
Shaft, Bearing Hange 214-040-613-1
Plate, Coupling 214-040-615-3
Plate, Coupling 214-040-615-1
Nut Assy, Bearing Re 214-010-725-1
Transmission Assemb S14-35-4300-16
Spherical Drive Shaft, Tail Rotor 204-040-603-9
Collet Set, Matched, KMS1046
Weight, Blade, Rotary 214-015-021-3
Closure, Spindle, Mai 214-010-127-1
Sleeve Assy, Bevel G 214-040-311-1
Sleeve Assy, Bevel G 214-040-311-3
Retainer, Boot, Main Rotor S10-10-4430
Star Assembly, Main S10-10-4412-1
Spacer Assy S10-10-3345-1

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