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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer Subassy S1610-24037-1
Adapter, Damper Moun 204-010-922-7
Plate Assy, Swash 47-150-184-3
Pad, Main Rotor K611547-13
Shaft, Main Input Ge 214-040-045-1
Screen Assy, Planeta 214-040-157-1
Weight, Rotor Balance 214-010-731
Weight, Rotor Balanc 214-010-731-1
Shield, Oil Retainin 214-040-175-1
Jet Assy, Oil, Transm 214-040-719-1
Jet Assy, Oil, Transm 214-040-720-1
Liner, Tail Rotor Ge 214-040-414-3
Liner, Tail Rotor Ge 214-040-414-1
Sleeve Assy, Input, T 214-040-412-1
Sleeve Assy, Output 214-040-411-1
Plate, Cover, Input Q 214-040-174-1
Jet Assembly, Oil, Ta 214-040-435-1
Screen Assy, Oil Pum 214-040-436-1
Screen Assembly, Oil 214-040-437-1
Adapter Assembly, Dr 214-040-438-1
Shaft, Coupling Adap 214-040-631-1
Retainer, Grease Sea 214-040-633-001
Plate, Coupling, Reta 214-040-616-1
Housing, Grease Seal 214-040-634-1
Brace Assy, Main Rot 1560H13-181-1
Cap, Stabilizer Bar 47-140-142-1
Housing Assembly, Tail Rotor Driv 47-644-188-1
Spacer Set, Main Rot S1610-24009-1
Plate 47-620-617-5
Parts Kit, Tail Roto 47-1568-2
Link, Drive, Rotor 214-010-408-5
Cone Set, Rotor 214-010-163-1
Plate, Clutch Shoe 47-620-610-9
Quill Assy, Gearbox 214-040-011-5
Liner, Transmission 214-040-094-11
Cover, Viewing Port, 214-040-138-3
Liner Flanged 214-040-148-3
Kit, Main Rotor Hub 47-1510-1
Spring Retainer, Intake Valve 5517406
Guard, Sprocket Tail Rotor 209-011-725-1
Weight, Blade, Rotary 214-010-166-1
Rod Assembly, Gear B 47-641-034-7
Balance Weight A02R4058-4
Gear Assy, Transmiss 47-620-549-1
Split Ring Assy 47-120-014-15
Flap Assy S10-10-5380-1
Pump Assembly, Oil GD-318-1
Restrainer Assembly 47-120-263-3
Flap, Droop Restrain S1610-25083-3
Pin Assembly, Main R 64-0154
Bungee And Clamp 65651-11043-102
Screen Assy, Gearbox 214-040-333-1
Link, Tail Rotor, Pit HR118B
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine S1635-64000-2
Pocket Assembly, Mai S1615-20135-1
Cover, Pivot Shaft, T 1560H37-189-3
Flange, Driven Pulle S1635-61131
Retainer, Pin, Rotor 214-010-118-1
Lock, Main Rotor Rod S1610-21018
Ring, Rotor Hub, Rain 22R6047
Blade, Rotary Wing S14-10-2100-1
Bracket Assembly, Main Rotor Torq S1510-21332
Sleeve 47-641-023-3
Socket Assembly, Mai S1610-24005-1
Valve Assembly, Oil 204-040-816-3
Scissors And Sleeve 209-010-401-3
Rubber Coupling Ass S1635-61202-2
Ring Assy, Outer 30-729-592-5
Brace Assy, Tail Rot 47-640-006-5
Control Assy, Rotor 47-150-175-23
Cap, Rotor Hub Tensi 160
Grommet, Blade Fold S6165-20491-102
Blade, Rotary Wing S14-10-2000-4
Link Assembly 47-120-025-11
Shock Absorber Asse S1610-26063-2
Support Assembly S6140-65606-005
Rotor Assembly, Tail S1610-31100-20
Idler Assembly S6140-62109-005
Flag Assembly, Main HT44
Gearbox Assembly S1635-64000-7
Guide Shaft, Tail Ro S1635-63333
Shaft Assy S1635-63001-4
Retainer 61-334
Link Asembly Stabil 47-140-159-7
Plug, Main Rotor Mas 47-130-115-5
Clutch Assy, Hydro-m S14-35-2200-8
Plug And Stop Assy S1565-61528
Plate, Flutter Dampe S1565-61526-1
Plate Assy, Brake S1635-63331
Horn Subassembly, Sl S1610-23048-6
Liner, Horn Assembly S1610-23033-1
Liner, Star, Main Rotor S1610-24003-1
Star Subassembly, Ma S1610-24012-4
Liner, Upper Main Ro S1610-23043-4
Cover Assy S1635-20205
Retainer Section S1610-24037-4
Root Pocket Assembl S1615-20136-3
Jet, Spray SS4017-8
Nut, Engine Drive S6135-20713-001
Blade, Rotary Wing 47-110-250-13

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