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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Equalizer Horn, Main 47-120-259-1
Case Assy, Transmiss 47-620-634-5
Support Assembly, Hydromechanical S14-35-2352-3
Drive Assembly, Powe 47-620-631-35
Inner Spacer, Main Rotor S1510-23008-1
Grip, Main Rotor Bla 47-120-252-7
Cable Drum 47-641-116-1
Spindle, Tail Rotor 47-641-117-1
End Cap, Rotor 47-641-121-1
Cover, Grease 47-644-220-1
Fitting Assembly, Ma S1510-25007-2
Washer, Star Assembl S1510-24425
Link Assembly, Tail 47-641-163-5
Drive Shaft, Helicopter 204-040-686-1
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 47-110-363-1
Pocket, Main Rotor B S10-10-2081-4
Arm Assy S1635-64062-2
Boot Assy S1610-21032-4
Plate End S1565-61526
Idler Assembly, Pylo S1640-64005-1
Bell Crank Assembly S1640-61301-3
Cuff Assembly, Main S1615-20128-1
Cap, Main Rotor Hub S1610-23013-5
Cap, Main Rotor Spin S1610-23016-3
Shaft Assembly, Tail S6135-64060-3
Swashplate, Controllable 206-010-450-9
Link Assembly, Instrument 114C3056-2
Star Assy, Main Roto S10-10-4401-4
Sleeve, Wear, Gearbox 214-040-834-001
Sleeve, Wear, Gearbox 214-040-832-1
Blocker Plate, Hydro S14-35-2227-1
Lock Assy, Main Roto S1610-23061-1
Transmission, Helico 114D2200-11
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 114D1200-9
Hub Assy, Tail Rotor S14-15-3500
Shaft Assembly, Tail S12-35-6012-2
Link Assembly 65652-11208-041
Servo Valve Assembl 65652-11255-048
Plate Assembly, Main S1610-23010-3
Horn Control, Rotor 47-120-126-5
Lockplate, Tail Roto 204-010-748-3-18436
Reservoir, Trunnion, Main Rotor 204-010-191-1-18608
Screen Assy, Pump Inlet 204-040-237-1
Ring, Locking, Gearsh 204-040-123-1
Gearbox, Tail Rotor 204-040-003-7
Nut, Bearing Retaine 204-010-711-1
Guard, Sprocket, Tail Rotor 204-010-747-003
Cover, Oil Reservoir 204-010-507-1
Chain Assy, Silent 205-001-721-001
Cone Set, Trunnion, Main Rotor HM44R4014
Lock, Mast Nut, Pylon Assembly 204-010-132-1
Liner, Transmission 204-040-119-3
Link Assembly, Main S1610-24049-3
Housing Assembly, Main Transmissi S14-35-4307-6
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 1560H13-065-1
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 1560H13-065-3
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 47-110-371-5
Plate Assembly, Bearing S1620-61189-4
Cylinder S1610-26001-2
Transmission Assy 47-620-600-17
Cover, Gear Box, Aircraft S6135-20017-041
Blade, Rotary Wing S10-15-2120-6
Housing, Oil Pump, Transmission S14-35-4353-3
Transmission Assemb S14-35-4500
Cover, Reservoir, Trunnion 204-010-529-001
Bolt, Pedal Adjuster, Anti Torque 204-001-717-1
Gearbox Assembly, Ta 204-040-003-13
Brake Plate, Tail Ro S1635-63318-1
Breather A814
Swashplate, Controllable 204-010-445-001
Adapter, Dip Stick, T 61-431-251-1-94
Tube Assembly, Tail Rotor 47-640-055-7
Box Assy 47-640-065-15
Case Assembly, Tail 47-645-212-15
Bracket 15600H13-428-3
Liner, Star, Main Rotor S1610-24003-2
Cap Assembly, Main R S1610-23086-2
Tube Assy 47-674-001-31
Hub, Tail Rotor Blade 47-641-104-5
Housing Assembly, Tr S14-35-4100-2
Rotor Blade Trunnion S12-10-4010-2
Pan Assy, Tail Rotor 204-001-763-43
Box Assembly 47-640-065-23
Shoe Assy, Clutch 47-620-610-15
Main Gearbox S1635-20000-19
Cap Assembly, Main Rotor Blade S1515-20643-1
Pocket Assy S1515-20631-5
Plate Assembly, Supp 6435-60060-041
Lock, Strap Retainer Nut 204-010-526-001
Sight Glass, Hub 204-010-506-001
Gearbox Assembly, In S1635-64100-3
Eyebolt And Bearing Assembly S1610-24020-001
Fan, Transmission Cooling, Helicop S1635-91102-5
Sleeve 47-620-633-3
Boot, Rotor Blade, Helicopter S10-10-1420-3
Rotor, Main S10-10-1400-9
Rotor, Main S10-10-1400-3
Control Assembly, Ta 47-641-114-3
Stop, Rotor Installa AK3075
Hub And Blade Assem 47-641-074-9

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