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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 14, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shaft Assy, Section S6135-66001-000
Gear Box, Intermedia S6135-66200
Shaft Assy, Tail Dri S6135-64001-000
Shaft Assy, Tail Dri S6135-64003
Shaft Assy, Housing S6135-64002-000
Indicator, Sight Gage 204-040-508-005
Indicator, Sight Gage 204-040-508-007
Drum, Tail Rotor Dri 1560H13-068
Ring Assembly, Hub 47-120-184-23
Hub Assembly, Main R 47-120-184-25
Cylinder And Head A S6110-26003
Adapter, Fitting, Cap S6110-23087
Nut, Shaft, Wing Head S6110-21082
Pressure Plate, Rotary Engine S6110-21073-000
Shaft Assembly, Sect S1635-61229-2
Spindle, Blade S6110-23069-000
Plug, Input Bevel, Main Gear Box S6136-20153-000
Plug, Input Shaft, Main Gear Box S6135-20210
Jet, Oil, Gear Box S6135-20275-1
Sleeve, Oil Pump, Main Gearbox S6135-20144
Plug, Oil Pump Cover, Main Gear Bo S6135-20274
Clutch Assembly, Tra S14-35-2500-1
Nut Assembly, Tail R 47-641-149-1
Swashplate Assembly 47-150-184-5
Bumper, Transmission 204-060-830-29
Tube Assembly, Contr 204-010-348-13
Shaft Assy, Tail Rot 204-040-620-3
Filter Assembly, Tra 204-040-760-1
Gear Sector Set, Spu 65102-11053-045
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 540-011-300-9
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 204-011-326-7
Support, Retaining Plate 209-040-306-5
Slip Ring Assembly DA1209C008-1
Cap, Transmission-gearbox, Aircraf 204-040-502-009
Support Assembly, Transmission 204-001-945-1
Adapter Assembly, Fi FC3662
Cap Assy 204-040-502-011
Control Nut Assy 204-010-765-001
Liner, Transmission 204-040-257-001
Tail Rotor Assembly 47-641-058-5
Valve, Check, Oil Pre 2C6244
Coupling Assy, Trans 47-620-569-5
Liner, Airotor Wheel S14-35-4348
Shield, Control Plat 47-150-206-3
Star Assy, Main Roto S10-10-4401-3
Blade Set, Tail Roto 47-642-102-19
Tube Assy, Tail Roto 47-640-055-1
Coupling, Female Spl S14-35-5081-1
Coupling, Female Spl S14-35-5081-2
Transmission Assemb 47-620-600-7
Bearing Ring, Half S14-35-5026
Hub, Brake Flanged, T S1635-61220
Retainer, Seal, Hinge S6110-23056-000
Bracket, Lower, Damper, Rotary Wing S6110-23035
Plug, Damper Rotary Wing Head S6110-26036-000
Adapter, Microswitch S6165-20551-000
Adapter, Microswitch S6165-20552-000
Adapter, Microswitch S6165-20553-000
Adapter, Microswitch S6165-20554-000
Cylinder, Control Lo S6165-20562-000
Cylinder, Blade Lock S6165-20591-002
Cylinder, Blade Lock S6165-20591-001
Valve Assy, Sequence S6165-20506-000
Valve Assy, Sequence S6165-20510
Ring, Bearing, Swashplate S6110-24017
Arm, Cam, Droop Restr S6110-25081-002
Arm, Cam S6110-25081-001
Plunger, Antiflapping Rotary Wing S6110-25001-1
Retainer, Bearing, Ho S6135-20050-003
Retainer, Bearing, Ho S6135-20050-005
Retainer, Pin, Main Gearbox S6135-20129
Weight, Balancing, Tail S6110-31004-001
Weight Balancing, Tail S6110-31004-002
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20106-001
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20106-002
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20106-003
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20108-001
Pocket Assembly, Blade S6115-20108-002
Cap Assy, Root S6115-20125-000
Support, Actuator S6140-61611
Shaft Assy, Tail Dri S6135-66001-001
Disc, Special S6135-64210-101
Housing Subassembly, Input Tail G S6135-66606
Gearshaft Assy, Hous S6135-66664-000
Plug, Seal, Gearshaft, Tail Gear Bo S6135-66663
Support Fitting, Gea S6135-66270
Cover, Housing, Gearb S6135-66231-000
Shaft Assy, Tail Dri S6135-64001-001
Guide, Shaft, Couplin S6135-66252-000
Support Assy, Radiat S6135-64034-000
Shaft, Tail Drive S6135-64018-000
Weight, Rotary Wing Blade 204-010-088-1
Coupling Driveshaft 204-040-604-005
Plate Assembly, Tail Rotor Drive 032056
Cap Assembly, Tail R 47-641-103-1
Plug, Oil, Transmission 204-040-234-001
Ring, Centering, Transmission 204-040-308-001
Tip Cap Assy, Main R 204-010-090-1
Cap Assembly FC3731
Support, Transmission 204-040-321-001

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