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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 13, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gear Set, Sector S6110-21102-000
Shaft, Damper Assembly S6110-23020
Link, Main Rotor Sci S1610-24052-1
Boot Assembly, Main S1510-21428-4
Gear Box Assembly, T 47-640-065-31
Seal Kit, Tail Rotor 204-307-4
Seal 47-620-256-2
Blade Set, Tail Roto 47-642-102-45
Jumper Assembly S1610-21086
Strainer Assy, Trans 47-620-673-1
Clutch Drum, Centrif 47-620-636-1
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20630-002
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20630-001
Fitting, Drag Brace 204-011-141-1
Pivot, Driveshaft Assembly 204-040-717-1
Blade Set, Rotary Wing 47-642-102-43
Adapter, Brake Disk K674123-11
Yoke, Azimuth K660027-11
Bar Assy K660014-7
Shaft Rotor Drive 47-645-216-5
Adapter, Rotary Wing Head S6110-25014-1
Parts Kit, Blade S6107-10225-2
Cap Assembly S6110-23013-003
Gear Box Assembly 47-640-065-27
Cover Subassembly, Main Gearbox S6135-20017-1
Link, Rotating Scissors S6110-24055-1
Nut, Coupling S6135-20031-1
Cover Assy, Slip Rin S6165-20496-002
Bracket Assembly, Transmission 209-001-348-1
Installation Kit, Un 204-040-018-1
Ring, Collector, Main Gear Box S6135-20126-1
Plate S6135-20351-000
Cylinder, Blade Fold S6110-21135-000
Clutch Assembly, Centrifugal, Airc B3604
Cover, Tip, Rotary Wi 114R1572-17
Coupling, Main Drive 204-040-688-9
Adapter, Curvic Coupling 204-040-630-005
Transmission Assemb 204-040-009-7
Bushing Set 204-076-162-1-10000
Adapter, Tail Gear B S1635-64075
Case Assembly, Tail 204-040-513-001
Crosshead Assembly, 204-010-773-5
Sleeve S6135-20399-000
Shaft Assembly, Sync 114D3046-1
Case Assembly, Gear 204-040-418-013
Sleeve, Insert, Ported 01W716-114
Manifold Tube Assem 114R2190-1
Cap, Trailing, Hinge Pin 114R2205-1
Cap, Leading, Horizon 114R2206-1
Pin Assembly, Attach 114R2168-3
Tie Bar Assembly, La 114R2155-1
Cover, Tank, Lube Oil 114R2054-1
Retainer, Hub Nut Cover 114R2059-1
Cup, Pin Retainer K671034-11
Blade, Rotary Rudder S6115-30001-047
Hub And Blade Assembly 204-011-701-9
Cover, Oil Tank, Combining Transmi 114D5094-3
Blade, Rotary Wing 204-011-001-015
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 204-011-102-17
Retainer Assembly A02R4054-2
Retainer Assembly A02R4054-1
Arm, Balancing A02R4046-2
Static Stop, Main Rotor 204-012-105-5
Slider, Shaft, Rotary Wing Control 114R3052-7
Lockplate, Main Rotor 204-012-113-3
Indicator, Tracking K659620-11
Sleeve Assembled, Bushing, Tail Ro 204-040-250-11
Washer Assembly, Rotary Wing 114R2166-3
Shield Assembly 107D2414-1
Stop, Inboard Fitting 204-011-164-001
Jet 107D2283-5
Jet 107D2283-6
Jet 107D4403-1
Retainer A02D2507-2
Jet, Cover 107D2232-4
Adapter, Mix Box 107D3047-1
Adapter Assembly, Bl 107D2087-4
Jet 107D2283-11
Jet 107D4405-3
Jet Assembly 107D4404-8
Jet Assembly, Oil 107D2245-2
Jet, Bearing Gear A02D4401-1
Jet, Gear Mesh A02D4402-1
Retainer 107D2135-2
Cartridge Assembly, 02W156-231
Pocket Assembly, Main Rotor S1615-20136-1
Retainer, Shock Absorber 114H6828-2
Quill Assembly, Gear 204-040-003-35
Quill Assembly, Gear 204-040-003-33
Quill Assembly, Gear 204-040-012-11
Gear Sector Set, Spu 65102-11053-046
Planetary Assy 204-040-360-5
Coupling Set 204-040-716-5
Adapter, Shaft Assem 107D3068-3
Cap, Pin A02R2591-1
Arm, Balancing A02R4046
Shaft, Varying A02554-1
Adapter, Head A02R2492-1
Shaft Assembly S6135-64036-5
Shaft, Bushing Assem S6135-64036-4

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