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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Parts Kit, Tail Roto 47-1597-2
Quill Assembly 204-040-364-1
Quill Assembly 204-040-367-001
Universal, Control L 204-011-128-001
Weight, Rotary Wing Head 204-011-303-7
Weight, Rotary Rudder Blade 65160-00038-102
Weight, Rotary Rudder Blade 65160-00038-103
Weight, Rotary Rudder Blade 65160-00038-105
Oil Collector Assembly 204-040-510-013
Retainer, Screen, Sump 114D1080-1
Plate Assembly S1610-23007-5
Yoke, Dephasing Mechanism 114D5085-1
Arm Assembly, Dephas 114D5087-1
Adapter, Stabilizer 204-010-922-5
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 204-011-039-001
Link Assembly, Main 204-011-127-1
Bolt Assembly, Main Rotor 204-011-151-001
Static Stop, Main Ro 204-011-157-1
Lever Assembly, Stab 204-011-301-1
Fitting, Tie Rod, Sta 204-011-305-1
Center Frame Assembly 204-011-307-1
Tie Rod, Stabilizer 204-011-314-1
Link Assembly, Swashplate 204-011-407-1
Housing Assembly, Drive Link 204-011-421-1
Lever Assembly, Pylo 204-011-438-001
Jet Lubricator, Transmission 204-040-326-7
Tube, Oil Drain, Transmission 204-040-341-1
Cover, Hydraulic Pump 114D2153-1
Support Assembly, Shaft Bearing 114D3058-1
Quill Assembly, Tran 204-040-363-3
Cover, Rotary Wing 114R2164-1
Retainer, Cover, Rotary Wing 114R2167-1
Tank Assembly, Rotary Wing 114R2179-1
Coupling, Main Drive 204-040-687-3
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20627-003
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20627-002
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20627-001
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20630-004
Ring And Bus Bar S6165-20630-003
Shaft Assembly, Bala 61350-64134-045
Shaft Assembly, Balanced 61350-64147-042
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 369A1200-3
Hanger Assembly, Dri 204-040-600-9
Swashplate, Controllable 114R3305-8
Hub, Rotary Wing 204-012-101-5
Bracket Assembly, Droop Compensat 209-060-747-1
Arm Assembly, Droop Compensator 209-060-750-1
Support, Droop Compensator 209-060-743-1
Jet, Oil Feed Gearbo K674822-11
Housing Assy, Clutch K674736-1
Adapter Assy, Gearbo K674729-1
Housing Assy, Gearbo K674727-1
Spacer Assy, Gearbox K674779-1
Seal Assy, Gearbox 63-212-11
Spacer Set K674781-1
Cap Assy, Gearbox K674783-1
Gearbox Seal Assy 32-181-01
Adapter Assy, Gearbo K674728-1
Gear Assy, Gearbox K674713-1
Cover Assy, Gearbox K674726-1
Retainer, Gearbox K674788-13
Gear Assy, Gearbox K674710-3
Fitting Assy, Gearbo K672708-3
Retainer, Gearbox K674776-13
Retainer, Gearbox K674777-13
Retainer, Shaft, Gear K674782-13
Plate, Rigging 65102-11093
Plate, Vernier 65102-11093-104
Slip Ring Assy K1-14612-1
Rod Assembly, Droop 209-060-739-5
Pocket Assembly, Rot 6415-20210-041
Seal Assembly, Rotar 6415-20255-042
Cap Assembly, Rotor 6415-20209-041
Nut, Bearing Retaine 204-010-711-3
Adapter, Rotary Wing 65150-00062-101
Retention Block As 65150-00070-082
Ring Set, Split K674765-1
Retainer, Bearing K674769-13
Gear Assembly K674715-1
Spinner Assembly, Ma 209-060-400-5
Piston, Valve, Inlet 204-040-821-1
Piston, Valve, Return 204-040-822-1
Fitting, Valve, Inlet 204-040-819-1
Fitting, Valve, Return 204-040-820-1
Sleeve, By-pass Valv 204-040-828-1
Hub, Coupling Gearbo K674721-11
Parts Kit, Transmiss A02HK002-7
Spindle, Rotary Rudder S6112-33506-3
Quill Assembly, Gear 209-040-153-1
Spacer Assy K674849-1
Gear Assembly, Alternator Drive A07D2290-4
Shaft Assy K671382-3
Retainer, Boot 65104-11063-101
Sleeve Assembly, Gen 204-040-399-17
Clip, Oil Filter, Transmission 204-040-731-5
Tip Cap Assy 65152-00009-045
Strip, Abrasion 65151-00008-101
Seal Assy, Rotary Bl 65151-00055-041
Seal Assy, Rotary Bl 65151-00055-042
Tank Assy, Oil K678021-105

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