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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing, Input Seal S6135-20147-2
Cover And Liner Ass S6135-20619-1
Plate, Retainer Oil S6135-20787-1
Sleeve, Strainer S6135-20783-1
Shield, Gear Box S6135-20419-001
Guide, Swashplate S6135-20663-004
Parts Kit, Slip Ring 27056
Head Assy, Rotary Wi 65110-07000-011
Cushion, Slip Ring A 15824
Insulator Shaft Ass K1-15863
Spacer Set, Quill As 204-040-189-007
Filter Assembly, Coo X128152
Housing Part, Transmission, Mechan S6135-64002-2
Pitch Beam, Tail Gearbox S6137-66704-1
Plug, Seal, Gear Box S6135-66322-1
Plug And Breather A S6137-66507-1
Breather S6137-66507-3
Nut, Lock, Gear Assembly S6137-66707-1
Adapter, Detector Plug S6135-66658-1
Retainer Assembly, Bearing 114D3207-3
Cover, Rotary Wing A 65101-11021-106
Cover, Control Valve 114H6841-1
Plug, Rotor Shaft 114D1246-1
Retainer, Pinion Bearing 114D6268-1
Retainer Assembly, Gear 114D6269-1
Vent, Breather A8299
Deflector, Oil, Pinion Gear 114D6253-1
Baffle, Pinion Gear 114D5249-1
Deflector, Oil, Pinion Gear 114D5267-1
Tube, Oil Transfer 114D5261-1
Plug, Retention Bolt 540-011-119-23
Retainer, Grease, Drive Shaft 205-040-175-1
Driveshaft Assembly 205-040-004-3
Head, Rotary Rudder 65110-07000-014
Manifold Assembly, M 6435-20197-014
Sleeve, Cylinder 114H6821-1
Jet Lubricator, Transmission 204-040-262-021
Plug, Oil Cooler Bypass Valve 204-040-839-1
Coupling, Main Driveshaft 204-040-687-5
Damper Assembly, Tra SGT1270-1
Baffle Assembly, Shock Absorber 114H6813-1
Tip Cap Assy, Wing B 65152-00009-047
Guide And Bearing A 5520291
Plate Assembly 204-040-349-9
Cap Assembly K674036-1
Link, Rotating Scissors S6110-24051-1
Spindle Assy, Rotary 65102-11064-087
Retainer 65351-11246-103
Mirror, Main Gear Bo 65351-11291-101
Mirror, Main Gear Bo 65351-11292-101
Lockwasher, Transmission 205-040-236-001
Block, Droop Stop A02R2941-2
Block, Droop Stop A02R2941-1
Blade, Rotary Wing 204-011-250-5
Bracket, Accumulator 65106-11117-101
Sleeve, Hub Assy 65102-11000-088
Weight, Blade 65150-00009-113
Adapter, Shaft 107D3144-2
Adapter, Bearing 107D3152-1
Swashplate Assembly 107R3504-5
Swashplate Assembly 107R3504-6
Ring Assembly A02D3172-1
Slider, Swashplate 107R3553-5
Ring Assembly, Inner 107R3582-7
Adapter, Slip Ring A02D1066-1
Shaft Assembly 107D3340-1
Shaft Assembly 107D3341-10
Shaft Assembly, Driv 107D3341-12
Weight, Shaft, Transmission VS40702-1
Shaft, Varying A02R2554-3
Shaft, Blade Folding A02R2851-3
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 107C2613-6
Shaft, Blade Folding A02R2851-1
Retainer, Valve Check 114H6834-1
Retainer, Bearing A02R4054-4
Jet Plug 107D2214-4
Jet, Rotor Transmiss 107D4405-1
Jet Assembly, Bearin 107D4404-1
Adapter, Rotor Brake A02D1272-3
Fitting Assembly, Su 107E7131-1
Adapter, Transmissio A02D1062-1
Retainer, Bearing A02R4054-3
Flap Assy S10-10-5380-2
Mast Assembly, Trans 204-040-366-9
Bracket Assembly, Swashplate 209-001-347-3
Eccentric Ring And GA6121
Support Assembly 114D3058-4
Shaft, Transmission 114D3241-1
Rod End, Connecting Link 114R3423-2
Mount Assembly 204-031-275-001
Mount Assembly 204-031-250-6
Coupling, Main Driveshaft 205-040-178-001
Tank, Fluid, Shock Ab 114H6816-1
Support, Swashplate 47-150-257-7
Housing Assembly, Tail Rotor Driv 47-644-188-3
Plate, Tail Rotor 47-150-252-1
Link Assembly 47-641-163-9
Boot, Control Rod K611546-11
Restrictor Assembly 47-712-035-1
Sleeve Assembly, Sci 47-150-117-13

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