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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ballast 204-071-566-3
Seal Retainer Assy 206-011-130-1
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 114D1200-11
Transmission Assemb 114D2200-13
Tip Cap, Assy, Rotary 65153-00009-042
Coupling, Female 214-040-658-5
Plate, Shim 214-040-739-1
Liner And Stud 65355-12051-043
Liner And Stud Assembly 65355-12048-043
Tip Cap Assembly, Rotary 65153-00009-043
Retainer Assembly 65102-11054-047
Gear Box 65357-07000-052
Fitting, Jet Metering 65355-12133-102
Fitting, Jet Metering 65355-12144-101
Transmission, Helicopter 114D5200-8
Clamp-segment, Collective Frictio 214-010-483-1
Cap Washer, Scissors, Rotor Contro 209-010-503-1
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 114D6257-2
Hub Assembly, Main R 204-012-101-031
Hanger Assembly, Dri 204-040-600-011
Blade, Rotary Rudder 65160-00001-048
Casting, Housing S6135-20638-013
Forging, Housing S6135-20639-015
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 114D6200-6
Forging, Cover Subassembly S6137-23009-012
Holder, Rotary Rudder 206-011-802-105
Weight, Drive Shaft, 204-040-621-3
Weight, Drive Shaft, 204-040-621-5
Weight, Drive Shaft, 204-040-621-7
Nut, Alternator, Tran 209-040-076-1
Sleeve, Wear, Alterna 5368336
Pitch Link Assembly 206-010-355-7
Support Frame Assy 17165-1
Kit, Bolt, Flight Control 7738689-10
Kit, Bolt, Flight Control 7738689-30
Shaft Assembly, Tail Gear Box 65358-07035-042
Carrier Assy, Transm 206-040-140-13
Cover, Splice 204-015-011-1
Nut, Alternator, Main 209-040-075-1
Splice, Cover 204-015-011-3
Cap, Quill Assembly 50869-550
Stop, Rotary Wing He 65102-11054-111
Spindle Assembly, Sl 65102-11064-046
Arm, Flap Restraint 206-011-139-1
Transmission Assemb 212-040-001-107
Transmission Assemb 212-040-001-111
Swashplate, Controllable 206-010-450-7
Rotary Wing Head, Af 114R2004-5
Strap, Tension, Main 206-011-154-101
Strap Assembly 204-310-101-103
Strap Assembly 2606650
Fairing Assembly, Blade 65161-00011-043
Fitting Assembly, Rotary Wing A02R1710-3
Fitting Assembly, Rotary Wing A02R1710-5
Fitting Assembly, Rotary Wing A02R1710-6
Adapter Assembly, Blade A02R1727-1
Blade, Erosion Strip A02R1708-1
Adapter Assembly, Blade A02R1727-8
Blade, Erosion Strip A02R1708-2
Block 65150-00050-103
Bracket Assembly 65150-00050-041
Bracket, Rotary Wing, Head A02R2491-20
Weight, Stabilizer 212-010-306-001
Fitting Assembly, Rotary Wing A02R1710-4
Blade Assembly, Aft A02R1702-4
Parts Kit, Damper 61071-10001-011
Parts Kit, Damper 61071-10001-012
Cylinder, Blade Fold Rotary Wing 65102-11154-101
Receiver, Tie Down Fitting A02R1741-2
Weight, Tip, Rotor Blade A02R1720-3
Weight, Tip, Rotor Blade A02R1720-4
Weight, Tip, Rotor Blade A02R1720-5
Weight, Tip, Rotor Blade A02R1720-1
Weight, Tip, Rotor Blade A02R1720-2
Tip Cover Assembly, Rotor Blade OT-1001-1
Light Module Assembly, Tip Cover OT-1001-3
Nut Assembly, Rotor Blade A02R1730-1
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing SKCP2281-103
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 70351-08001-043
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 70358-06600-041
Mixer Assy, Control 70400-02300-044
Stabilizer Bar Asse 212-010-300-1
Blade Assembly, Main 70150-09100-041
Extension Assy, Main 70351-08186-043
Gear Box Assembly 70357-06300-042
Plate Assy, Tail Rot 70358-06612-042
Cover Assembly 74979-11
Pin, Spindle 65102-11046-109
Transmission, Mechanical 70351-08100-053
Piston, Damper SGT1252-1
Endcap, Damper SGT1258-1
Weight, Tail Rotor Blade 209-010-723-21
Weight, Tail Rotor Blade 209-010-723-23
Weight, Tail Rotor Blade 209-010-723-17
Weight, Tail Rotor Blade 209-010-723-19
Tab, Trim, Aircraft A02R1737-2
Cover Assembly A02R1726-4
Blade Tracker 135M-10C
Skin, Fairing, Repair A02R1753-1
Weight Assy, Bilifarilar 70107-08404-043

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