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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shaft, Damper Assembly S6110-23320
Housing 212-010-717-1
Retention Pilot, Tail Rotor 70102-11008
Cover, Sump 70351-08235-101
Spacer, Planetary, Ge 70351-08181-101
Sump Ring, Sound Att 70351-08242-101
Housing Assembly, Ge 70351-08110-044
Lockring, Bearing, Pl 70351-08174-104
Jet Assembly, Lubricator, Gear 70351-08118-042
Cover, Duct 70361-03006-106
Duct Assembly, Fan 70361-03006-044
Blade, Rotary Wing 204-011-250-113
Radiator, Gearbox, Main 70361-03004-102
Damper Tube Assembly S6137-64329-002
Sleeve, Seal, Main Ro 70351-08132-101
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-106
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-108
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-110
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-111
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-112
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-113
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-114
Liner, Main Gearbox 70351-08166-116
Nozzle, Lubrication 70351-08224-101
Plate, Locking And Support, Main M 70351-08120-102
Liner, Seal Main Sha 70351-08133-101
Splashplate, Lubrica 70351-08124-101
Coupling Assy, Servo 70400-06100-041
Housing, Seal, Tail G 70358-06327-102
Housing Assy, Input 70351-08102-042
Drive Shaft Assembly 212-040-005-103
Retainer, Bearing 70351-08121-101
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 206-011-100-131
Terminal, Gust Lock, Main Rotor 70351-08403-101
Braid Assembly, Tubu 19693
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing 70361-08004-042
Coupling, Female, Drive 212-040-688-003
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-113
Parts Kit, Blades, Fiberglass A02RK172-21
Force Gradient Assembly 212-001-034-1
Retainer, Screen, Sum 114D1080-3
Adapter, Shaft, Trans 114D3059-6
Adapter, Shaft, Trans 114D3047-3
Adapter, Shaft, Engin 114D3204-3
Adapter, Splined, Sha 114D3049-6
Shaft Assembly, Synchronized 414D3213-5
Retainer, Pinion, Ass 114D6243-1
Retainer Assembly, G 114D6269-4
Baffle Assembly, Oil 145D0133-4
Baffle Assembly, Oil 010948479-02114
Pin, Aft Rotor Shaft 145D3304-2
Guard, Quadrant 70400-06667-101
Liner, Rotary Wing 70104-08012-102
Liner, Rotary Wing 70104-08012-101
Plate And Nut Assem 70150-09143-041
Block, Spar, Rotary W 70150-09117-103
Block, Spar, Rotary W 70150-09117-102
Retainer, Tip Seal 70150-09151-101
Trim Tab, Rotary Win 70150-09135-101
Pad, Rotary Wing 70103-08012-101
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 70150-09108-105
Weight, Rotary Wing 70150-09107-116
Abrasion Strip, Tail Rotor Blade 70101-11217-041
Bracket, Tail Pylon 70551-06140-104
Bracket, Mounting, Ap 70303-03029-042
Shaft Assembly, Fan 70361-03009-045
Retainer, Servo, Tail 2227091-1
Limiter, Right Contr 70400-02242
Limeter, Left Lateral 70400-02244
Support Assembly, Ta 70400-06681-042
Guide, Cable, Tail Rotor Control 70400-06704
Support, Mount Apu 70303-03003-101
Weight, Rotary Wing 70150-09026-103
Weight, Rotary Blade 70150-09136-101
Barrel-rotary, Contr 70301-02114-104
Barrel-rotary, Contr 70301-02114-103
Bumper, Bifilar Assy 70107-08404-104
Cone, Hub Assembly 70103-08025-103
Puller, Cone 70103-08025
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-116
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-115
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-110
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-106
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-105
Liner, Spindle, Rotar 70102-08002-103
Filler, Rotary Wing 70150-09141-103
Filler, Rotary Wing 70150-09141-106
Filler, Rotary Wing 70150-09141-105
Filler, Rotary Wing 70150-09141-104
Filler, Rotary Wing 70150-09141-102
Support Assembly, Sh 114D3058-6
Support Assembly, Pi 114D1045-8
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-119
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08002-118
Tab, Trim, Aircraft 70150-09147-041
Seal Tip, Rotary Win 70150-09155-101
Liner, Hub, Rotary Wi 70103-08003-102
Strip, Rotary Wing 70150-09113-101
Plate, Pressure, Hub 70103-08103-041
Counterweight, Rotar 70150-09118-101

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